The Evolution Automatically Folding Remote Control Power Wheelchair

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Introducing The All New Evolution Auto Folding / Unfolding Remote Controlled Power Wheelchair

The Evolution is a Remote Controlled Lightweight Power Wheelchair that Can Automatically Fold and Unfold with the Press of a Button. This FDA and FAA Travel Approved Portable Motorized Wheelchair Weighs Only 53 Lbs. yet Holds Up to 400 lbs. With Two Powerful 250 Watt Motors the Evolution Can Fit into the Trunk or Just about Any Car or SUV and is Easily one of the Most Powerful Portable Wheelchairs Available Today. 

(If It’s Not Certified By The FDA, Just Think NO WAY!)



    *Would You Like To Add An Accessory Package?

     (Includes 14 FREE Accessories)

    Includes the Following - 1. Halogen Headlight with Dual Pitch Horn -- 2. All Weather Protective Nylon Travel Cover With ID Window -- 3. Cup Holder -- 4. Automotive Car Charger -- 5. International Household Charger -- 6.  Arm Bag -- 7.  Threshold Ramp -- 8. Touch Up Paint -- 9. Flip Up Adjustable Arm Rest (Already Installed) -- 10. Orange Safety Flag -- 11. Cane Holder -- 12. Auto Open Umbrella With Mounting Bracket -- 13. Oxygen Tank Holder — 14. Weatherproof Under Seat Basket


    *Would You Like A Second Battery For FREE?

    * Your Evolution comes with a total of TWO (2) Batteries when this option is selected. Both batteries are FAA Airline Approved

    *Would You Like To Include A Discount Vulcan Lift?



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Evolution Customer Testimonial

“I was on the fence for a while about getting this chair. Not because I didn’t want to become more mobile again, but for other reasons. Chiefly, my lack of acceptance. I told myself for a few years that things would be “back to normal” and finally, I accepted this was normal now. So I wanted a chair that I could manage. I really loved the idea of a Remote Controlled chair, so I chose the Evolution. Boy, I sure am glad I did. Once the chair was unpacked, it was off to the races! I love getting outside and rolling around the block a few times per day to break things up. I wish I had ordered it long ago. Thank you Quick N Mobile for a speedy delivery.”

Ray – Tampa Fl


*Weighs Just 53 Lbs, (59 Lbs with Both Batteries In) Yet Holds up to 400lbs


*CONVENIENT DESIGN: Armrests AND Footrest Folds Up for SIMPLE Entry / Exit

*STRONG! Built with Industrial #7003 AIRCRAFT GRADE Aluminum

*GREAT DRIVING RANGE: Average Range is 14-20 Miles (Depending On Terrain)

*TRAVELS EASILY: FAA Aircraft Travel Approved! 

*Folds and Unfolds WITH THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON!

*COMFORTABLE DRIVING: Comes with SIX (6) Energy Absorbing Dura-Shocks

*Lets You Stay Active With Quick Charging


*Just the Size of a Medium Suitcase when Folded!

*SIMPLE TO DRIVE with Pressure Sensitive Sensi-Touch Joystick!

*Weather Resistant Coating and Protection

*FREE Continental US SHIPPING  – Takes Just 7 days or less to be delivered almost all the time!

*Comes with 14 FREE Accessories and a Complementary Second Battery ($1067 Value if purchased Separately)!

*Drives Indoors, On Plush Carpet Solid Floors, Grass, Gravel Concrete Etc – Time To Regain Your Freedom!

When You Experience The all-new Evolution Fully Automatic Folding Remote Control Power Wheelchair You Can Appreciate:

The Evolution is here and it has truly earned its name as this power wheelchair has evolved into one of the most technically advanced power wheelchairs in the world. First and foremost it’s extremely stable with a 400-pound capacity all while still having the ability to fold up automatically. Additionally, it utilizes a wireless remote control system allowing a user to drive the Evolution from up to 100 ft away! The wireless remote control system also allows the user to fold and unfold the Evaluation Evolution remotely with the simple push of a button.

New 2023 Evolution Wheelchair UPDATES Are Outlined in the VIDEO Below:

The Evolution is Available in Silver, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Pink!

There are MANY Details in the Evolution

 Large rear Flat-Free tires allow the Evolution to deliver a comfortable, smooth ride even on rough terrain.

The large rear knobby tires also provide plenty of traction even on slippery surfaces.

The Evolution Auto-Folding Wheelchair has SUSPENSION GALORE!  Two Dura-Shocks on the front wheels can help make obstacles and bumps into quick and smooth work. 

Just Under the Seating Area, on the Front of the Frame, there are TWO MORE dura shocks. The more impact from the ground the frame absorbs, the less you are jostled around while driving an Evolution.

Large Dura Shocks (2) On the Back of the frame make the Evolution One of the Most Comfortable Chairs on the Market Today. Our Engineers had YOUR comfort in mind, with the Evolution. 

Evolution Customer Testimonial

“I chose the Evolution due to its ability to fold and unfold using a remote. I often drive the chair with the remote too. That way when I get tired of using the joystick, I can have my arms where it’s most comfortable. The Evolution came fully assembled too, so that was a plus.”

Geraldine – Flagstaff AZ

Seating and Joystick Features Make The Evolution Unique and Desirable:

In just a matter of seconds, the joystick can be mounted on the left or right side of the Remote Controlled Evolution.

Above: You are looking at the Joystick Slide. One is located under each armrest. You can slide the joystick in and out of each one. Another comfort feature, you can adjust how far the joystick is from the back of the seat. 

The unique wireless remote controller allows caregivers and family members to turn the Evolution into an Attendant Controlled power wheelchair giving the user, caregiver, or family member the ability to drive and navigate the wheelchair for a wheelchair user if ever needed. Of course, you can always use the Remote to drive the chair yourself or send the chair away when you are done using it. 

Evolution Customer Testimonial

“When I was ready I ordered the Evolution. It arrived quickly and I was even sent tracking by email. The chair was easy enough to set up and has given me a lot of freedom and confidence back. Too often I felt lonely and told myself negative things. I figured if there was a way for me to do more it would help. It did and does. Thank you for a well-made wheelchair. I use it daily”

Henry – CA

The Evolution Wheelchair is Designed for Comfort, Ease, and Convenience 

The leisure-contoured diamond pleated pleather memory foam seat is incredibly comfortable, spill-resistant, and durable. 

The fold-up “fold away” armrests are load bearing, meaning a user can put the full weight of their body on the armrest to support themselves when getting in or out of the chair.

When you want to Fold Up the armrests, the Quick-Release button located just under the arm pad has an easy gray button on each side to release the arm rest. 

The Evolution Can Be A Manual Push Wheelchair or Power Chair, Or Remote Controlled Power Wheelchair:

the Evaluation Evolution has lots of power with two 250-watt motors proving a total of 500 watts of power. Users have all the power they need for going anywhere they wish to go.

With the simple flip of a switch, pictured above on the inside of the motor (red lever) Your Evolution can become a push wheelchair of power chair. 

Pictured above is the release lever for the Adjustable Anti Tip Wheels. When you want an added safety measure, the Anti-Tip Wheels can be extended. (pictured below)


Flip Up Foldable Arm Rest & Flip Up Foldable Foot Rest both fold up completely out of the way allowing a user to easily get in and out of the Evaluation Evolution power wheelchair

It’s been said before and it will be said again. It’s the combination and culmination of the Small Details that make the Evolution a truly unique, best-in-class Motorized Portable Wheelchair

Fold it up by simply pushing a button and it fits in the trunk or hatchback of almost any vehicle.



A storage pouch under the seat with a zipper allows you to keep personal items safe & secure.

The Evaluation Evolution is made of a strong aircraft-quality aluminum alloy and is powered by a strong lightweight lithium-ion battery with a total weight of only 53 lbs. The battery weighs 6 lbs THE EVOLUTION NOW COMES WITH A SECOND BATTERY FOR FREE! NOW YOU GET A TOTAL OF TWO (2) BATTERIES WITH YOUR EVOLUTION THAT CAN BE NETWORKED TOGETHER FOR ADDITIONAL POWER AND RANGE! The Battery can be removed in just a few seconds prior to lifting, simply just pull it out and when ready simply slide it back into place.

There are Reasons to Do Things Today! Life Can Be Wonderful When You Seize The Moments:

Model Name Evaluation Evolution
Size Unfolded 43″ Height X 24.5″ Wide X 37.5″ Length
Size Folded 14″ Thick X 24.5″ Wide X 31″ Length
Weight (With Battery) 59 Pounds
Weight (Without Battery) 53 Pounds (Battery snaps in & out easily)
Front Wheel (Caster) 8″ X 2″ Solid Flat Free (Shock Absorbent)
Rear Wheel Tire 12.5″ X 2.2″ Flat Free
Weight Capacity 400 Pound Capacity
Top Speed 4 Mph
Range 17 Miles
Motor X 2 24v 250 Watt
Turning Radius 23.5″
Battery Lithium-ion 24v 20ah  – (6 Pounds)
Brakes X 2 Intelligent Electro Magnetic
Anti-Tip Wheel X 2 2″ X 1″
Incline Ability 25 Percent
International Charger Input 100 – 240 Volts AC
International Charger Output 24 Volt DC 3 AMP
Frame Aircraft Quality Aluminum Alloy
Seat Cushion 18.5″ X 18.5″ (2″ Thick Memory Foam)
Upholstery Leather
Wireless Remote Driving Feature Yes
Wireless Remote Folding & Unfolding Yes
Arm Rest Foldable (Load Bearing)
Warranty (2 Years) 1st-year Parts & Labor / 2nd-Year Parts Only

The Evolution is a SMART CHAIR – Smart Choice

“We LOVE Smart Chairs and Choices! We LOVE The Evolution”

Two Full Year Limited Warranty.

Never Miss Another Moment

Your new power wheelchair comes with a two-full-year limited warranty. The first year is an in-home service warranty. Stop worrying about who would repair your wheelchair or how you would get your wheelchair to them. This warranty has you covered! We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home in the event your wheelchair should need repair during the first year. The second year is parts only. We cover the entire United States.




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