Pegasus Plus HD Foldable Remote Controlled Carbon Fiber Wheelchair

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You Do Not Need a Doctor’s Permission to Order the Pegasus Plus HD – You can Order When you are Ready! 




*Weighs Just 50 Lbs, (58 Lbs with Both Batteries In) Yet Holds up to 440lbs

* Accommodating 19.5″ Seating Area 

*CONVENIENT DESIGN: Armrests AND Footrest Folds Up for SIMPLE Entry / Exit


*GREAT DRIVING RANGE: Average Range is 12-22 Miles (Depending On Terrain)

*TRAVELS EASILY: FAA Aircraft Travel Approved! 

*Folds and Unfolds in just ONE SECOND!

*COMFORTABLE DRIVING: Comes with Energy Absorbing Dura-Shocks

*Lets You Stay Active With Quick Charging

*HIGH-QUALITY Lithium-Ion Batteries last up to 3-5 Years before needing a replacement!

*Just the Size of a Medium Suitcase when Folded!

*SIMPLE TO DRIVE with Pressure Sensitive Sensi-Touch Joystick!

*Weather Resistant Coating and Protection

*FREE Continental US SHIPPING  – Takes Just 7 days or less to be delivered almost all the time!

*Comes with 14 FREE Accessories and a Complementary Second Battery ($1067 Value if purchased Separately)!

*Drives Indoors, On Plush Carpet Solid Floors, Grass, Gravel Concrete Etc – Time To Regain Your Freedom!

Pegasus Plus HD Customer Testimonial


I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my newly found mobility and my new Pegasus Plus!  I LOVE this chair. It has plenty of power, the remote controller works amazingly and did I mention how fun the Pegasus Plus is to drive? Well, it’s a blast! I love being able to do things on my own that I was unable to do. Long walks, with the Pegasus as my legs, I really do feel like I have wings. Grass, Gravel, even hiking trails? easy peasy. I couldn’t be happier with this chair Frankie from Florida

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The Pegasus Plus HD Carbon Fiber Remote Controlled Motorized Wheelchair Uses Advanced Technology

  • The Carbon Fiber Pegasus Plus HD Power Wheelchair holds up to 440 Lbs, yet weighs only 50 Pounds without the batteries.

  • With comfort Dura-Shocks on the front casters, powerful 500w total motor power (TWO 250W Brushless Electromagnetic Motors), and large, 12″ Rear Wheels with Flat Free Tires, it’s easy to understand why the Pegasus Plus HD is a Natural Choice.

  • The Pegasus Plus HD Heavy Duty Portable Power Wheelchair Also Easily Folds Into A Small Compartment Allowing It To Fit In The Trunk Of ‘Any’ Car And May Be Taken On Commercial Airlines.

The Pegasus Plus HD Wheelchair has Many Notable Features

  • Adjustable Rear Anti-Tip Wheels, The Ability to be used as a push-wheelchair in Freewheel mode, and the ability to drive the Pegasus Plus HD using a Remote Control are just some of the safety features that make the Pegasus Plus HD Folding Wheelchair so unique.

  • The pressure-sensitive Sensi-Touch Joystick has been upgraded to an entirely digital interface with added technology for an even more enjoyable ride.

  • With a Pegasus Plus HD Wheelchair, you have options!

The Pegasus Plus HD Motorized Carbon Fiber Wheelchair is Simple to Drive and Easy to Love

Here’s an Up Close Look at the Pegasus Plus HD’s Features:

PICTURED ABOVE: The Footrest folds flush to the chair and armrests on the Pegasus Plus HD fold up for easier side entry using the chair for dining. 

PICTURED ABOVE: The Pegasus Plus HD’s footplate folds that completely flush with the frame of the chair.

PICTURED BELOW: The Footrest first folds up, then folds flush to the Pegasus Plus HD. This design increases the strength and pliability of the footplate. 

PICTURED BELOW: The Pegasus Plus HD with footplate in the down (driving) position.

Pegasus Plus HD Customer Testimonial

“WOW! It amazes me how far portable wheelchairs have come along. The Pegasus Plus HD is comfortable, FUN, easy to drive, and COMFORTABLE! Maybe it’s the programming that helps, but the Pegasus Plus HD is by far the most comfortable power chair I have driven. It has the comfort and smoothness of a larger, heavier power chair, yet it’s light, portable, and nimble. What a treat the remote controller is too! I could go on and on about how happy I am with the chair, but you get the point. Thank you for a great chair with great support” Aisee (Colorado)

The Armrests are Versatile. The Fold-Up and Lock-Into Place Automatically

With both a fold-up footplate and fold-up armrests, the Pegasus Plus HD Carbon Fiber RC Wheelchair has many uses. Pull it up to a desk, table, or even a place at your favorite casino table. Then, when you are ready, the Pegasus can easily become a power wheelchair!

PICTURED ABOVE: To lift the armrest, simply pull the black circular button on the outside of the armrest. This unlocks the armrest so you can lift it up. 

PICTURED ABOVE: The Armrest in the fully extended up position. You may notice on the top of the track, under the arm pad there is a groove that latches automatically when the armrest is in the down (driving) position. 

The Pegasus Plus HD Foldable Wheelchair has a Digital Joystick and Remote Controller

PICTURED ABOVE: JBH = Just Be Human! That is the message of the Digital Pegasus Plus HD’s Joystick.

  • The Joystick can be mounted on the Right or Left Side.
  • The Pegasus Plus HD has FIVE (5) Speed Settings
  • The Battery Indicator Changes Colors When The Battery Is Low
  • The Sensi Touch Joystick is Pressure sensitive, meaning the further you push it in any direction, the more power, torque, and speed you unleash.
  • The Joystick has a horn that sounds like a car horn.

PICTURED BELOW: The Remote Controller automatically pairs with your Pegasus Plus HD Motorized Wheelchair. When you are using the Remote Controller to drive the Pegasus Plus HD, you are limited to a Speed Level of 3. On the Upper Left of the joystick you can see the Bluetooth Illuminated. The Green Light on the Handheld Remote Controller is also lit up, meaning the RC is paired with the Joystick. 

Next to the Bluetooth icon is a LOCK. When it is unlocked, the chair is in drivable more. With the remote controller, you can lock the chair, preventing it from being driven. 

PICTURED ABOVE: By pressing the curved arrow on the Remote Controlled (left) the Green Lock is activated on the joystick. This means the Pegasus Plus HD Wheelchair cannot be driven, even though the joystick is on. By pressing the Power Button on the bottom of the Remote Controller, you unlock the joystick.  If the joystick is off, the power button on the remote controller (RC) can be used to turn both the RC and Joystick on. 

PICTURED BELOW: The button on the top of the remote controller changes the speed level of the Pegasus Plus HD Carbon Fiber Power Wheelchair. 


PICTURED BELOW: The Pegasus Plus HD’s joystick can easily be removed – and easily placed on the RIGHT or LEFT side of the chair. 

The Pegasus Plus HD Has FAA Travel Compliant Lithium Ion Batteries That  Conveniently Slide  Into the Frame of The Chair

PICTURED ABOVE: You can charge the Pegasus Plus HD batteries in or out of the chair. There is a charging port under each battery for out-of-chair charging.

PICTURED BELOW: Both Batteries can be charged at the same time when you plug the charger into the Joystick charging port with both batteries in the chair. 

PICTURED ABOVE: Each Pegasus Plus HD Battery is labeled so it remains in compliance with current FAA Regulations. Now, all you need to do is show the FAA authorities the actual battery in your Pegasus Plus HD (if asked) to allow access to airline travel.

PICTURED BELOW: The batteries are labeled R (right) and L (left) to avoid confusion, due to their similar appearance. The R (right) side battery is pictured. 

PICTURED BELOW: To release the battery, just press the Red Button located on the inside of each battery. The batteries easily slide in and out of the Pegasus Plus HD Power Wheelchair. 

The Pegasus Plus HD is Built for Indoor and Outdoor Driving

The front and rear wheels of the Pegasus Plus HD Heavy Duty Motorized Wheelchair are equipped with tires that have non-slip treads. Additionally, the Quality Polyurethane / Nylon Tires are Flat-Free so you can drive to more places on more terrains without the concern of getting a flat. 

PICTURED ABOVE: The Rear Tires are flat-free, non-marking indoors, and provide great outdoor traction. On the inside of each motor, you will see Safety Reflective material for better low-light visibility. 

PICTURED ABOVE: The front wheels have a wide, more squared-off profile for enhanced surface space and grip.

PICTURED BELOW: The front casters are heavy-duty and feature comfort ride Dura-Shocks. Both the front and rear wheel covers have coverings designed to prevent dirt, dust, and grime from entering the inner parts of the wheels. 

PICTURED ABOVE: A top view of the Heavy Duty Pegasus Plus HD caster. The Noble Grade Carbon Fiber Frame is built for living life so you can JBH or Just Be Human!

The Pegasus Plus HD was built for your Comfort, Storage, and Practicality

PICTURED BELOW: On the back of your Pegasus Plus HD, you will find a Snap-Shut storage bag. This is great for storing documents, an O2 Tank (We also include a FREE O2 Holder), and many other items you can think of (Sunscreen, Water Bottles, Maps Etc). Even gifts for the kids of grandchildren. 

PICTURED ABOVE: The MASSIVE underseat basket on the Pegasus Plus HD. The Weather Resistant basket is 17″ by 12″ by 6″. The Pegasus Plus HD Wheelchair has the most built-in storage compared to just about any motorized wheelchair.

PICTURED BELOW: The Pegasus Plus HD comes with a Remote Controller, an Adjustable Seatbelt, Toolkit, Extra Endcaps and User Manual.

PICTURED BELOW: The Pegasus Plus HD has adjustable Kickstand / Anti Tip Wheels. The picture on the top shows the wheels lifted up, the bottom picture shows the Pegasus Plus HD Folding Wheelchair’s Anti-Tip mode.

PICTURED ABOVE: In addition to the Anti-Tip wheels, you can see a RED LEVER. This lever, when pushed forward with the chair off allows the Pegasus Plus HD to instantly become a (manual) push wheelchair.

The Pegasus Plus HD Carbon Fibe RC Power Wheelchair is Ergonomic

PICTURED BELOW: A close-up of the 3″ Thick, Body Contouring Memory Foam Seat Cushion’s Breathable, Moisture Wicking Cover. If it becomes soiled, you can simply wash it in cold water and it’s as good as new! Using velcro straps under the seat of the Pegasus Plus HD, you can adjust the firmness of the seat too. 

PICTURED BELOW: The armrests are designed to contour to your arms when you are using your Pegasus Plus HD Carbon Fiber Wheelchair. 

Very Quickly, The Pegasus Plus HD Wheelchair Folds and Unfolds

PICTURED BELOW: Unlocking your Pegasus Plus HD is simple. Just press down on the Red Release Lever to fold the chair. 

The Pegasus Plus HD Powered Wheelchair Fits in The Trunk Of Almost Any Car

Please Press PLAY on the Video Below to See the Pegasus Plus HD Perform in the Indoor Gauntlet:


Pegasus Plus HD Specifications
Total Weight 50 Pounds Without Batteries, 58 Lbs With Batteries
Weight Capacity 440 Pounds
Seat Width 19.3″ Inch
Seat Depth 19.3″ Inch
Seat Height Back 20.9″ Front 22
Width Of Wheelchair (Unfolded) 23.5″ Inch
Length Of Wheelchair (Unfolded) 37.5″ Inch
Height Of Wheelchair (Unfolded) 37.5″ Inch
Width Of Wheelchair (Folded) 23.5″ Inch
Height Of Wheelchair (Folded) 31.5″ Inches
Thickness Of Wheelchair (Folded) 13.4″ Inches
Motor 250 Watt Brushless / 24v
Battery 24v Lithium-ion 6 Ah (4 Lbs) X 2, No Plugs / Easy To Remove
Frame 100% Carbon Fiber
Foldable Arm Rest Arms Fold Up for Easy Side or Front Entry-Exit
Front Tires 6.9″ Inch / Flat Free (Non Marking)
Rear Tires 12.8″ Inch / Flat Free (Non Marking)
Suspension Yes / Front & Rear Suspension
Seat Cushion 3 Inch Memory Foam
Seat Cushion Cover Nylon / Washable
Charger 24v / 2amp / Lithium-ion / International
Range (With Spare Battery) Up to 24 Miles
Range (Using One Battery) Up to 12 Miles
Turning Radius 23 Inches
Charging Time As little as 1.5 Hours
Airline Approved Yes
Cruise Ship Approved Yes
Charge Indicator Yes
Variable Speed Settings Yes
Top Speed 4.5 Mph
Horn Yes
Anti Tip Wheels Yes (Also Adjustable)
Controls Smooth Easy To Use Joystick, Use On Right Or Left (Arm Rest)
Weather Resistant For Use Indoors & Outdoors
Reverse Yes / Speed In Reverse Is 2 Mph (No Back Up Beeper)
Maximum Incline 8 Degrees
FDA & FAA Approved Yes

You Can Press Play to See a Pegasus Plus HD Comprehensive Tape Measuring Video Below:

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Our Warranty Protects Your Pegasus Plus HD.

With our Two Year Limited Warranty, you can drive your Pegasus Plus HD Motorized Wheelchair, worry-free!

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Your Pegasus Plus HD comes Fully Assembled!

Just take your Pegasus Plus HD Foldable Power Wheelchair out of the box and enjoy it! Simple as 1-2-3! You too can know that purchasing a Pegasus Plus HD Wheelchair was a Smart Choice!

The Smart Choice! – The Pegasus Plus HD Carbon Fiber Motorized Wheelchair


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** Battery range is based on total motorized wheel travel. Driving conditions for up to 30-mile range based on 60,000 steps total motorized travel time, level, flat surface, stop and go driving, turning radius and temperature not less than 60 F and not greater than 72 F.