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Ironclad Return Policy!
“Expect an easy purchase, fast delivery, and friendly service!”
The purpose of our return policy is to ensure you are satisfied with your purchases from Quick N Mobile Inc. The terms and conditions below apply to your order and protect the transaction.

If you are unhappy with a returnable item for any reason, please return it within fifteen days (15) from the date received for an exchange, when applicable, or credit of the purchase price less shipping, tax, and twenty percent (20%) restocking fee. Quick N Mobile reserves the right to accept some returns, minus applicable fees up to thirty days and after fifteen (up to 30) days from the time received for a fifty percent restocking fee. Some items are non-returnable. Some items cannot be returned, such as:

� Special order or special request items.
� Free gifts and promotional items.
� Custom items we make for you.
� Items you customize for yourself.
� Used items no longer resalable.
� Used, Open Box Specials or Refurbished items of any kind
� Items missing packaging, parts, or instructions.
� Items specifically marked non-returnable.
� Streamsmart Streaming Media Devices

Refunds, store credits, and exchanges are given at our discretion after Quick N Mobile Staff and or affiliates or third parties have evaluated your return. Refunds are typically issued once a month by check or money order in U.S. currency but may be issued more rapidly when possible, via PayPal refund or credit card refund.

If you are returning returnable merchandise within the allowable timeframe, you must Request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Incoming packages without Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) numbers will not be accepted and are returned to sender at the expense of the sender. To request an RMA number, please call our office 1-888-701-8799 or send a detailed email to contact@quicknmobile.com if you are outside of the United States or Canada, and provide us with the details of the merchandise you wish to return. Please provide as much information as possible and we’ll issue an RMA number for the returnable product.

Where to ship your return: When you receive an RMA number, you’ll also receive the address of where to send your return. Some items are returned directly to the manufacturer when 1) the manufacturer prefers to handle returns directly; 2) the return would be delayed by returning it to us; 3) the return requires replacement parts or manufacturer refurbishment.

Please Note: If you purchase a used, open box, or refurbished item, these items may not be returned for any reason. At the sole discretion of Quick N Mobile Inc, some refurbished items may be considered for return at a rate determined by Quick N Mobile Inc. Items shipped uninsured may not be returned if damaged.

Please be aware that a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee applies to all authorized and applicable returns that comply with the fifteen day grace period. Please note that All Crystal Clear Hearing Devices come with thirty (30) day period to return the device once it is delivered, for a twenty-five (25) percent restocking fee. All oxygen concentrators must be in brand new condition if returned and are subject to a thirty-five (35) percent restocking charge in addition to a two hundred fifty dollar (250) refurbishing fee. Please also note that we do not credit shipping charges, insurance, tax, customs charges, or return shipping fees. Restocking fees are calculated from your purchase price of the returned items, minus any discounts received.

Should a credit card chargeback or PayPal dispute occur after an order is placed to Quick N Mobile, Inc., Quick N Mobile, Inc. reserves the right to take legal action including recuperation rights for costs for attorney fees, interest at 1.5% per month, and will assess a $1,000 fee in addition to reporting suspected fraud when such a chargeback occurs.

Does your return meet this checklist?

☑ Contains only returnable merchandise.
☑ Properly labeled, including your RMA Number.
☑ The package is insured and traceable.
☑ Returned within fifteen days of delivery date.
☑ Product must be unused, clean and not damaged.
☑ Original packaging and materials intact.
☑ Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
☑ We recommend that you insure your return because do not accept responsibility if damage occurs in transit.

If for any reason your return does not meet these requirements we, unfortunately, do not have any choice but to refuse your refund. Please note that returns with missing packaging materials will be assessed an additional twenty (20) percent charge.

Merchandise should be in unused condition, in its original packaging, and in sellable condition. We reserve the right to refuse, refund, exchange, or give a store credit for your return at our sole discretion.

Quick N Mobile Inc. offers free shipping on most all products in the continental the United States and free shipping on Electra7 and Electra7HD and Electra7HD Wide power wheelchairs internationally (outside of the USA). However, when an item is returned please understand that the original outbound shipping charges are deducted from your credit.

We reserve the right to refuse credit, refund or a return of any item that was modified in any way shape or form and not in the condition in which it was shipped. This includes:

  • Removal of stickers or logos.
  • Tampering with weld points.
  • Any modifications or alterations made by the customer or third party at the direction of the customer.
  • Removal of any parts of any device received by customer other than the packaging used for shipping.
  • Any unauthorized repair.
  • Units damaged by improper use, including improper charging.

Please keep in mind these units are electrical devices and our return policy substantially more lenient than many major shopping outlets with electrical devices. If you have any questions about our policies, please feel welcome to contact us by phone, email or the chat box on this website for clarification or details.

Cancellations: If you cancel your order after it has already shipped or your order is a custom or specialty-built item to your color request and or size we consider it a return and the above policies apply. We regret when items are refused delivery and reserve the right to charge full shipping costs in addition to up to fifty percent restocking fees on the refusal of delivery items.

Wheelchair and Scooter Warranty Information:

Quick N Mobile provides a 2-Year Limited Warranty (unless noted on the product page) that is available to The New Airhawk, Brand New AH-XLS, Electra7, Electra7 HD, Electra7 HD Wide and Eagle Folding Power Wheelchair. This also applies to the Lexis Light Mobility Scooter and Pool Lifts. Please note used and refurbished equipment does not come with a warranty but in the event that you need help with a repair unless noted otherwise on the product page. Please feel welcome to contact us for help.

*** *** *** ***

  • The Main Frame is protected with a 2-YEAR Warranty – Protecting against normal use.
  • The Motors are protected by a 1-YEAR Warranty – Protecting against normal use.
  • The Battery Cables are protected by a 1-YEAR Warranty – Protecting against normal use.
  • The Batteries themselves are protected with a 6-month Warranty – Protecting against normal use.
  • The Joystick and Control System (CPU) is protected with a 1-YEAR Warranty – Protecting against normal use. Please note that if the joystick connectors have damages prongs, this is a result of improper use and will be considered on a case to case basis. Please note that physical damage is not considered to be normal use, and may be considered on a case by case basis.
  • A 90 DAY limited warranty is provided on the wearing parts such as latching mechanisms, rubber tires, armrest padding, joystick button covers and joystick control knob, protecting against normal use.
  • There is a 30 DAY limited warranty on soft goods, such as seat cushion and backrest padding, and the storage bag, protecting against normal use.
  • Please reference the manual that comes with the Triton Pool lift for specific warranty information.

*** *** *** ***

If your product covered under warranty has stopped functioning properly, please fill out the warranty form below. We will use the information provided to open a trouble ticket. In order to most expeditiously process warranty issues, we ask for your full cooperation in providing Quick N Mobile, Inc. information, including pictures and written or oral statements (mostly via email) when requested. We do everything in our power and ability to resolve warranty issues as quickly as possible but please understand that we rely on your cooperation in order to help us resolve issues you may encounter!

Please note, any parts under warranty will be replaced and shipped to your door by Priority Express Mail by USPS or UPS Ground or any applicable carrier of our choosing. At our discretion, Quick N Mobile may send a service technician to your home for repairs we deem complex, or we may ship to the unit to a location of our direction for repair or renovation. Our goal is always to resolve your issue in the least amount of time. Our goal is always to restore your device or unit to whole working condition and return it as quickly as possible. Sometimes field technicians to your home are not the fastest route.

Any service and labor fees to replace parts under warranty that we send you must be paid by the user, unless communicated otherwise. Please note, most parts can be easily exchanged by the product user, a family member, or friend using the toolkit included with your purchase.

Please note that folding power wheelchairs and scooters are not designed to be dropped or submerged in water. The term “weather resistant” indicates that units should function properly if caught in a rainstorm, but are not designed to be driven in water deep enough to partially or wholly submerge the battery area, electrical wiring or motors. Additionally, units are not designed to be dropped while being loaded, unloaded or otherwise. If you are unable to load or unload a power wheelchair or mobility scooter without gently setting it down, please ask us how a ramp or carrier could be used to assist the process of loading and unloading the unit.

Warranty Form
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For orders where customs fees may apply:

Sometimes we are out of promotional items (cup holder, umbrella, safety flag, scooter cover, light, arm bag, basket, oxygen tank holder etc.) due to high demand and lapse in delivery time of stated items to the warehousing facility in which they are shipped from. It is our policy to ship these items immediately, once they are available and in stock. However, we cannot be responsible for broker fees and item fees for items the Canadian, or other governmental or regulatory agencies decide to keep in customs.

We know this is an inconvenience for all parties involved, but in the event that we are out of promotional items at the time of your order, please understand that the customer is responsible for paying any broker and item fees in order to receive promotional items, provided such fees are assessed, which often times they are not. At no time will Quick N Mobile Inc. be responsible for such fees.

Please note that our in-home service warranty applies to the continental US only and is performed at the discretion of Quick N Mobile Inc.,

This warranty specifically excludes reimbursement for labor to remove, repair, or install the product and any return Freight charges. The warranties do not cover any damages due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or failure to properly maintain any products. In the event that products are altered, repaired, or improperly installed or improperly used by anyone without the prior written approval by Quick N Mobile Inc., all warranties are void. In other words, in some cases we can and will help with shipping costs of a unit has to be sent back and other cases we may choose not to. All repairs are considered on a case by case basis. Please reference the terms of the warranty above to better understand which parts are under warranty.

If requested by a duly appointed distributor for inspection and or repair, Quick N Mobile Inc. will, at its own option, repair or replace the failed or defective item, and deliver the repaired product or replacement to the buyer of the product, Freight prepaid to the destination provided for the original order. Products returned to Quick N Mobile Inc. for replacement under this limited warranty shall become the property of Quick N Mobile Inc. In other words, if something is sent back and replaced by us, the part you sent back will not be sent back to you if a new part has been sent as a replacement.

A new warranty shall not be established for the repaired or replaced products. Additionally, warranty repairs in total are limited to and may not exceed the cost of the item purchased. Such products shall remain under warranty only for the remainder of the original warranty. On the original products purchased. This written limited warranty constitutes the final, complete and exclusive statement of warranty terms. No person or organization is authorized to make any other specific or implied warranties or representations on behalf of Quick N Mobile Inc.

Please note and understand that we will do everything in our power and ability to help you however we can! The legal mumbo-jumbo on this page is what happens when lawyers get involved in explaining something that is intended to be simple. Thank you for understanding! All of our customers mean the world to us and we do what we can to make sure you are happy with equipment that works and stays working.


All measurements provided are from item manufacturers have been converted from metric to imperial and therefore are approximate. Although we do everything we are able to verify the validity of measurements, we cannot be held liable or accountable for differing measurements of any product shown. Please be advised that measurements are contingent on where the product is measured and can vary depending on how the product is measured. All sales are considered final and subject to our return policy. We welcome any and all phone calls about any of our products, whether it be questions or concerns. Thank you for understanding. 

Governing Law, Jurisdiction, and Legal Notice.

These Terms of Use “Terms” will be governed and construed under the laws of the State of Florida, U.S.A., without regard to its choice of law provisions. You agree that any action at law or in equity arising out of or relating to this website and items purchased on or from Quick N Mobile, Inc., including these Terms, will be filed only in the state or federal courts located in either Brevard or Broward County in Florida, contingent on the decision and discretion of any Quick N Mobile, Inc. officer. By completing a purchase on this website or from Quick N Mobile Inc. you consent and submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purpose of litigating any such action.

We currently accept American Express Visa and MasterCard Discover and PayPal.

Please note that Quick N Mobile does not accept items used as promotional items (free accessories) as returns by themselves. Additionally, promotional items are shipped on an as soon as possible basis. There are times when we are sold out on a certain item and have to wait for shipment. Due to the nature of how some promotional items are shipped, there may be times when they are out of stock. Please ask us which promotional items are out of stock, if any, at the time of purchase. Thank you for taking the time to read our Terms page and we wish for you to have a positive and uplifting experience!