Phoenix Video Operating Manual


IMPORTANT INFORMATION about Battery Life and Longevity:

The batteries that come with that chair are designed to last three to five years, with proper use.  The best way to get the longest battery life is as follows:

  1. The Batteries for the Phoenix are usually fully charged when the unit arrive at your home. If you turn the joystick on and see 3 Green Bars, 3 Yellow Bars and 2 Red Bars, the batteries are charged and will not need to be charged until the joystick shows only orange and red bars in the battery indication area.
  2. For optimal longevity, Do NOT charge the batteries until they are in the orange level, as indicated on the joystick.
  3. After you have fully charged and completely drained the battery the first time, charging the batteries will take between 2- 8 hours.
  4. At MINIMUM Batteries MUST be charged ONE TIME PER MONTH 
  • Please start SLOW with your new Phoenix! Turning the speed to the lowest setting and driving carefully in an open area of your home or a flat surface is a great way to practice and become comfortable with the way the Phoenix operates.   

Phoenix Quick Reference Video Manual:

Please read the description and click the link to see a Video Demonstration for each corresponding Part:

Folding and Unfolding Your Phoenix along with instructions on Freewheel and Power Mode
Charging The Battery
The Seat Belt Demonstration
Attaching the Cup Holder to your Phoenix
Attaching the Cane Holder To The Phoenix
Attaching The Oxygen Tank Holder to The Phoenix
Dual Pitch Horn / Light for The Phoenix
How to use The Car Charger
Attaching The Orange Safety Flag to your Phoenix
Attaching the Automatically Opening Umbrella to the Phoenix
Attaching the Arm Bag to your Phoenix Power Wheelchair
How to use the cover for the Phoenix Power Wheelchair
Attendant Controller Bracket To Folding Power Wheelchair Part One
Joystick to Attendant Controller Bracket Part TWO
How to SAFELY use the Joystick
Attaching the Joystick
How the adjustable armrests work
How to remove the batteries on your Phoenix