Phoenix Video Operating Manual

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We understand that using your Phoenix Folding Power Wheelchair for the first time can be both complicated and somewhat confusing without someone showing you how things work and where things go. We hope your initial experience is both positive and uplifting with the assistance brief “show and tell” instructional videos contained within this Easy Online Phoenix Video Operating Manual.


    • PLEASE NOTE: You are receiving this manual (or should be at least) on the same day that you will receive an email indicating “Your Order Has Been Completed.” This means your order has been sent to the warehouse for processing. Please be aware that we will send your tracking information as soon as it is available to us, usually in 1-3 days from today.

  • IMPORTANT – Please keep all of your packaging materials in case the device needs to be repaired or sent back to us for any reason at all. 


Your Phoenix Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair is Shipped In TWO or THREE Separate Packages – Depending On The Contents of the Order:

  1. The Phoenix Power Wheelchair
  2. The Promotional (Free) Accessories
  3. Accessories you paid for (Headrest, Attendant Controller Bracket, Leg Extensions, extra charger etc) 


You will most likely receive the Phoenix Wheelchair up to a week before you receive promotional and paid accessories. This is perfectly normal. Your Phoenix and Accessories are shipped from two different locations. * IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN ACCESSORY YOU PAY FOR AT THE TIME YOU RECEIVE YOUR PROMOTIONAL ACCESSORIES, PLEASE CONTACT US. 


Your Phoenix Wheelchair is sent already assembled! By watching the videos in this manual you can familiarize yourself with the Phoenix, it’s accessories and how everything functions before receiving it!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about Battery Life and Longevity:


The batteries that come with that chair are designed to last three to five years, with proper use.  The best way to get the longest battery life is as follows:


  1. The Batteries for the Phoenix are usually fully charged when the unit arrive at your home. If you turn the joystick on and see 3 Green Bars, 3 Yellow Bars and 2 Red Bars, the batteries are charged and will not need to be charged until the joystick shows only orange and red bars in the battery indication area.

  2. For optimal longevity, Do NOT charge the batteries until they are in the orange level, as indicated on the joystick.


  1. After you have fully charged and completely drained the battery the first time, charging the batteries will take between 2- 8 hours.

  2. At MINIMUM Batteries MUST be charged ONE TIME PER MONTH 


  • Please start SLOW with your new Phoenix! Turning the speed to the lowest setting and driving carefully in an open area of your home or a flat surface is a great way to practice and become comfortable with the way the Phoenix operates.   

Phoenix Quick Reference Video Manual:

Please read the description and click the link to see a Video Demonstration for each corresponding Part:


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