About Us


Hello and Thank You for looking at our ‘About Us’ page to learn who you are doing business with and supporting when you shop at Quick N Mobile Inc. We are a United States-based (Florida) family-owned and operated small business that provides cutting-edge portable medical mobility equipment. Even though we are living in the digital age, we believe in providing our customers with “old fashioned” service. What we mean by “Old Fashioned” is simple. 

  • We make ourselves easy to get ahold of and provide quick follow-up service. This is accomplished with our phone support, email support, and online chat.
  • When you call, you will NEVER be put on hold. During busy times, you may be directed to our voicemail, but we call people back in order of the calls received. When you call us, you have our undivided attention!
  • All of the products you see on our website are stored right here in the United States!
  • In addition to US inventory, we stock all parts for replacement or repair to any of the equipment you can see on our website.
  • We do not have salespersons. When we answer the phone, we are here to answer YOUR questions so YOU can decide as to what is best for you on your timeline.
  • We are here to answer your questions before you become a customer and here to help you with questions, concerns, and more after you are a customer. We take service seriously!
  • We do not pester our customers with endless emails and asking for reviews after you become a customer. We allow you Quiet Enjoyment of your purchase, and if you choose to send in feedback, we are always happy, and never pushy!

Since 2016, Quick N Mobile has served tens of thousands of customers. Our team is highly organized and here to serve your medical mobility needs. Please feel welcome to browse our Product Pages, or look through our Video Operating Manuals and Video Comparison Pages. You are also welcome and encouraged to give us a phone call, or use our online chat to say Hi! How can we help you?