The Oracle – Ultra Lightweight Motorized Wheelchair

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“Super Space Saving Side Folding Design – RATED BEST IN CLASS”


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    Includes the Following - 1. Halogen Headlight with Dual Pitch Horn -- 2. All Weather Protective Nylon Travel Cover With ID Window -- 3. Cup Holder -- 4. Automotive Car Charger -- 5. International Household Charger -- 6.  Arm Bag -- 7.  Flat Free Tires (Already Installed) -- 8. Touch Up Paint -- 9. Flip Up Adjustable Arm Rest (Already Installed) -- 10. Orange Safety Flag -- 11. Cane Holder -- 12. Auto Open Umbrella With Mounting Bracket -- 13. Oxygen Tank Holder — 14. Weatherproof Under Seat Basket 

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Side Folding Space Saving Motorized Wheelchair

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” As someone who struggles with mobility, you can imagine how happy I was to be asked to be an evaluator for the Oracle. This chair is different than the other motorized wheelchairs that collapse to fit into a storage size space when not in use. It folds sideways, and in some ways looks similar to a traditional push wheelchair. In fact, I have used push wheelchairs that are heavier than the Oracle and don’t have a motor. Unfolding this chair is easy. Folding it is easier.  It drives perfectly. I can get around my house without problems because it goes in all directions. I told my friends that I feel like a genie on a magic carpet in this chair. Taking it outside is just as easy as driving it in the house. I just love that I can enjoy my neighborhood and break up my days with some me time. I wasn’t able to do that for a long time. It was just too hard to get outside and I never felt comfortable. I have even been able to do outings in the Oracle thanks to it being so easy to fold and maneuver. You have made me so happy to do things I thought I wouldn’t ever be able to do again.”

Carol in Michigan



– 265 Lbs Weight Capacity 

– Accommodating 18.5″ Space Between Armrests – Safety Belt Included!

– Both Arms Fold Up for Easy Side Entry / Exit

– Removable Footrests For Easy Storage

– Weather and Corrosion-resistant AIRCRAFT GRADE Aluminum Frame

– Weighs Just 41 Lbs without the Battery!

– Up to 28 Mile Driving Range on a Single Charge** Average Range is 12-18 Miles Per Battery

– FAA Aircraft Travel Approved! 

– Fits Inside The Trunk Of Almost ANY Car

 -Folds and Unfolds Sideways For Easier Storage

 -SUPERIOR Quality and BUDGET Friendly 

– Charges Quickly

– The Batteries last up to 3-5 Years before needing a replacement

– Adjustable Speed Simple Sensi-Touch Joystick

– FREE SHIPPING – Takes Just 7 days or less to be delivered almost all the time!

*Comes with 14 FREE Accessories and a Second Battery ($1067 Value if purchased Separately)!

  Freedom still means something.  MANY Small things make the Oracle Wheelchair Completely Unique.

The Oracle Motorized Wheelchair is Just 23″ Wide, Making it Perfect for Getting Around Inside and Through Doorways. But please don’t let the Space Saving Side Folding design fool you, the Oracle Battery Powered Wheelchair can turn on a dime, and go any direction you choose while you are driving.

Please Press Play to Watch This VIDEO Showing an Oracle Wheelchair Saving Space:

(PICTURED ABOVE) One of the unique features of the Oracle Side Folding Motorized Wheelchair is just that – It Folds Sideways! You can stand it up in the storage area of an SUV, Van, or Truck with room to spare for groceries, luggage, and additional storage items.

The Oracle Can Instantly Be a Dinner Chair, Push Chair, Powered Wheelchair, and Space Saver!

Not only do the Armrests Flip Up so you can mount from either side (or the front) – But the footrests are adjustable too! The footplates fold up, the footrests open, or they can be removed entirely. PICTURED ABOVE: The Oracle Battery Powered Wheelchair with armrests lifted. 

PICTURED BELOW: The Oracle with Leg Rests separated for easy front or side entry with armrests elevated. 

PICTURED BELOW: You can even pull the lever below to release the footrests to the side, or even remove them entirely, all in just seconds. 

PICTURED ABOVE: The view with one footrest on and one off. You can see the footrest receiving port on the right side of the chair. When it comes to Use and Utility the Lightweight Oracle Side Folding Motorized Wheelchair connects the missing dots.  

Plush Carpet, Wood or Tile Floors, Threshold Ramps – THE ORACLE DOES IT ALL!

PICTURED ABOVE: Two Powerful 250 W E-Torque Programmed Electromagnetic Motors coupled with an Adjustable Speed Sensi-Touch Joystick make getting around indoors an easy task. The Oracle’s Flat-Free 12″ Rear Wheels and 6″ Wheels are made with Superior Quality Non-Marking, Versa-Grip Polyurethane. Not only do they stay looking new longer than the models with grey wheels, but they just feel better!


I love my Oracle!  I can accept not being able to do what I used to. It’s the small things that are the hardest. Not being able to do simple things like taking my small dog for a walk around the block and having to decline social invitations is difficult. Not being able to make it to my grandkids’ outdoor events is hard. I must admit, I was closing in and succumbing to a lonely existence enough that I was feeling depressed. I figured I’m not dead yet, so why am I acting like it? I decided to look around for a wheelchair that checked all the important boxes, which the Oracle did. As an evaluator, my hopes were high and expectations low. fast forward to the newly discovered activities I can once again participate in, I feel a missing piece of my life has been given back. Thank you!”

Clarance, FL

The Foldable Oracle Motorized Wheelchair is GREAT For Outdoors!
Please Press PLAY on the Video Below to see a test!

When it comes to Lightweight Folding Battery Operated Mobility Chairs, not all are created equally. Often, flat surface mobility simply won’t cut it. With yards to enjoy, ramps to climb, and plush carpets to travel over, getting the right chair is important. With the Oracle,  you have TWO (2) Powerful 250 W Motors TWO (2) Batteries (one of the Two is FREE) and a Sensi Touch Joystick to control the Oracle, and in turn, your Mobility! That is why the Oracle Power Foldable Wheelchair was designed to take you where life goes.


PICTURED ABOVE: The Oracle Side Folding Wheelchair has adjustable Anti-Tip wheels. For more cautious drivers, you can extend them all the way. For more adventure, and easier driving up curbs and other outdoor elements, you can remove them or keep them closest to the chair AS PICTURED BELOW. It takes just seconds to adjust the Anti-Tip wheels on your Oracle. 

Top Grade Electromagnetic Motors provide The Oracle Wheelchair with POWER. There are Comfort Features too: 

From grassy gathering areas, hiking areas, wood pathways, and riding around town, with an Oracle, you can participate and become part of the action when you want.  PICTURED BELOW: Both front casters are equipped with sought-after Dura Shocks for a more comfortable driving experience.

Both front and rear tires are Flat-Free, so you won’t ever need to worry about getting a flat. The Oracle’s tires are made from a Non-Marking, High-Quality Polyurethane / Nylon blend. The Black Tires tend to clean up easier and stay newer looking than the “Hospital Grey” tires found on different kinds of Medical Mobility Wheelchairs. PICTURED BELOW: Oracle Wheelchair front Flat Free tire. 

PICTURED BELOW: Tread on the 12″ rear wheels, up close. The rear tread has sufficient grip for different driving scenarios. 

Your Oracle comes with TWO BATTERIES, so you get the benefit of extended range (up to 28 miles with both batteries) The Non-Spillable 6.6ah Lithium Ion Batteries are FAA Travel Approved and Typically Last Between 3-5 years before needing to be replaced. 

PICTURED ABOVE: An Oracle Wheelchair folded sideways with the Battery Packs on the chair. 

  • The Batteries can be charged individually, outside of the Oracle Power Assisted Wheelchair, or Both At The Same time while in the chair, through the Joystick

  • It takes as little as 1.5 hours to charge the Batteries!

  • Both Batteries can be networked together for a longer, more convenient Range, Drive Time, and Ownership Experience. 

PICTURED ABOVE: The inside view of one of two batteries. You will receive a Battery Networking Cable with your Oracle that allows you to connect both batteries. 

Removing The Oracle Side Folding Wheelchair Batteries is a Snap:

PICTURED ABOVE: There is a Grey Quick Release Button on the bottom (outside) of each battery.  This button unlocks the batteries for easy removal.
PICTURED BELOW: The Batteries are secured with a Ridge and Groove setup. Once you release the battery, you can just lift it right off the Oracle. Each battery weighs less than 4 lbs. 

PICTURED BELOW: An up-close look at the Ridge and Groove system for removing and installing Oracle Wheelchair batteries. It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

Rather watch a 16 Minute Comprehensive Oracle Wheelchair Overview VIDEO? Then Please Press PLAY on the Video Below:

Continuing the Oracle’s Unique Features: The Versatile Joystick

PICTURED ABOVE: The Oracle is Equipped with A Pressure Sensitive “Sensi-Touch” Joystick. There are SEVEN (7) Different Speed Settings for your Oracle Power Wheelchair. Within each Speed Setting you can control the speed. When you push the joystick just a tad bit in any direction, you only use minimal power and go slow. When you press the joystick controller knob (all the way) in any direction, you unlock the maximum power within your speed setting.

  • The Oracle goes up to 4mph

  • The joystick provides the ability to pivot 360 degrees or any direction you want to go.

  • The Joystick is equipped with a horn and a Digital Interface

  • The Joystick can be mounted on the Right OR Left Side

  • It just takes One Finger to Operate the Oracle’s Joystick

  • The joystick has a 3″ adjustability range. You Can keep it Close to your Oracle, or Set It Further Away.

The Oracle Wheelchair’s Enhanced Seat Cushion is Soft and plush. It Works Great for Long Periods of Sitting. PICTURED BELOW: The Oracle Wheelchair has an additional Comfort Seat Cushion for both the seat and back of the chair. You can easily remove them, or add them when you want an extra soft seat. 

PICTURED BELOW: Under the Extra Comfort seat cushion you will find handles for Folding your Oracle and picking it up. To fold the Oracle, just lift up on the handles. The Oracle Wheelchair folds to the side in just a second. To unfold your Oracle Wheelchair, just push down on the Seat Support Bars on either side of the folding handle. 

PICTURED BELOW: The Oracle Power Wheelchair has perfect handles for when you would need to use the Oracle as a pushchair. Their design allows the chair to be pushed in a way that is comfortable for everyone. They also fold down for Space-Saving storage

PICTURED BELOW: To fold the Rear push handles down, just press the Quick Release button to unlock the handle (located on the outside bottom of the handle) and fold it down. 

PICTURED BELOW: A top view of the high-quality rear folding bracket on the Oracle. Folding the handles down allows the Oracle to save a significant amount of space – and stand up in the storage area of almost every SUV, van, or truck. 

When Folded, The Oracle Stands Upright and Takes Very Little Space. It can Even Fit Upright In Various SUV Models, As Pictured Below. This is Great for Leaving More Room for More Luggage, as opposed to a Traditional Folding Power Wheelchair. One is Wide, while the Oracle is Narrow. 

PICTURED ABOVE: In the back of this SUV you see two lightweight folding power wheelchairs. The one on the left side folds forward, which takes more trunk space. This is because the front folding wheelchair would be too tall to stand upright in most SUV models. However, the Space Saving design of the Oracle Side FOlding Power wheelchair allows it to stand upright, in almost any SUV. Of the two Wheelchairs in the picture above, which one would give you more space for packing other items? 

Warranty, Service, and Support – Your Oracle has a Full Year In-Home Service Limited Warranty

Your new Oracle Side Folding Motorized Lightweight Wheelchair comes with a full One Year In-Home Service Warranty. Stop worrying about who would repair your wheelchair or how you would get your wheelchair to them. This warranty has you covered! In the event of a validated warranty issue, We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home, or we will make arrangements to ship the chair to our location in the event your wheelchair should need repair. We cover the entire United States. Just Call Us, Or Submit a Trouble Ticket in the event of a need for service and we will PROMPTLY resolve the issue and take care of it for you.


FOLDED DIMENSIONS: 27.1″ H x 21.6 L X 8.25″ W
WIDTH: 21.7″