Quick N Mobile offers financing through Time Payment for customers who would like to receive their orders immediately. However, there are some charges associated with financing. We now offer an attractive layaway program with 0% interest rates, outlined below. Please note with our Layaway program that we will not ship the item you order until it has been paid in full. This is a great program to take advantage of if you are not in immediate need and would like to make payments on your device!

Terms and Conditions of layaway orders:


Interest charge: $0.00

Interest rate: 0%

Administrative cost: $0.00

Early payoff penalty: $0.00

With a minimum of only $50.00 down, you can put your product on layaway at no additional cost or fees.

With a minimum of only $50.00 per month, you can pay it off which will be deducted from your account automatically.

The first deduction will be made on the day you placed the layaway order, then the next ones will take place in the first week of each month.

You will always be able to change the amount in the future.

To make any changes, you must send us an email with your new layaway amount or the request to pay off the balance at any time without any penalty within 12 months.

You will receive the product once it’s fully paid for.

We reserve the rights to change your order with the newer version of the chosen item at no cost to you.

* There are no refunds on layaway orders since there is no interest charges or early pay off penalties.

We will hold your item at the price offered when the layaway begins and ship with no additional administrative costs for 12 months.

* If the item is not paid off within 12 months, we will have to sell the product to somebody else, and you will forfeit your funds.

Once a layaway program has started (first payment has been made) we do not provide refunds or allow returns. Please note the TWO Year warranty begins when you receive the item!

If you have any additional questions or would like to start a layaway order, please contact our office, 888-701-8799.