Megatrone Automatic Folding 4 Wheel Scooter


The Megatrone Automatically Folding Motorized Mobility Scooter

The Ultimate Mobility Scooter … We Dare You To Find Out Why

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    Would You Like To Add An Accessory (Includes 13 FREE Accessories) Package?

    Includes the Following - 1. Halogen Headlight with Dual Pitch Horn -- 2. All Weather Protective Nylon Travel Cover With ID Window -- 3. Cup Holder -- 4. Automotive Car Charger -- 5. International Household Charger -- 6.  Arm Bag -- 7.  Front Basket -- 8. Touch Up Paint -- 9. Flip Up Adjustable Arm Rest (Already Installed) -- 10. Orange Safety Flag -- 11. Cane Holder -- 12.Rear Basket with Mounting Bracket -- 13. Oxygen Tank Holder 


    *Would You Like A Second Battery For FREE?

    * Your Megatrone  comes with a total of TWO (2) Batteries when this option is selected. Both batteries are FAA Airline Approved

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Megatrone Automatic Folding 4 Wheel Scooter

Greetings, fellow adventurers of mobility! Now Introducing The Megatrone Remote Control Automatically Folding Scooter.

Megatrone Mobility Scooter Quick Facts:

  • 310lb weight capacity

  • Comes standard with a lightweight Lithium Battery PLUS A Second  Lithium Battery

  • Fully Automatic Folds & Unfolds

  • Keyed Ignition

  • Up to 16 Miles on a Single Charge (without reverse beeping)

  • Deep Treed Flat Free Tires Provide All The Traction Ever Needed Even On undesirable surfaces

  • Rack And Pinion Steering!

  • Easy to Drive with a Forward and Reverse Leaver (and Horn)

  • Perfect for Aircraft & Cruise Ships

  • Remote Control for Folding and Unfolding

  • Speed Control Knob – and FAST- Up to 8 mph

  • Can be fully charged in one hour.

  • Free Shipping & No Sales Tax

  • Electromagnetic Braking System!

  • Weighs Only 52 Pounds

  • Just 17″ Long – 17″ wide and 24″ High When Folded

  • *FREE Continental US SHIPPING  – Takes Just 7 days or less to be delivered almost all the time!

    *Comes with 13 FREE Accessories and a Complementary Second Battery ($1247 Value if purchased Separately)!

    *Drives Indoors, On Plush Carpet Solid Floors, Grass, Gravel Concrete Etc – Time To Regain Your Freedom!

Megatrone Owner Testimonial

Over the last several years I’ve driven and owned various mobility scooters. Some heavy and some light. In regard to one that folds with a remote, nothing can compare to the Megatrone. Tooling around is almost effortless and my boundaries have become greater, thanks to this innovation. I still enjoy my big bomber scooter, but find myself driving the Megatrone more and more because it’s just so easy to use. Thank you for a fast delivery and wonderful device.”

“Jim P – Bloomfield MI”

With the Megatrone Mobility Scooter, You can Step into a world where your independence knows no boundaries, where movement becomes a thrilling symphony, and freedom is at your finger tips! With the Megatrone Remote Control Automatic Folding Scooter – your gateway to a whole new level of mobility is Wide Open and waiting for you to Drive Through.


Let’s dive into the splendor of The Megatrone Portble Mobility Scooter:

Buckle up, because this Remote Control Automatic Folding Scooter isn’t your run-of-the-mill “senior scooter” – it’s more like your personal roadster. With a sleek, intuitive design, yet STURDY frame Megatrone introduces new meaning to the world of Portable Automatic Fold Mobility Scooters.  While the Megatrone may not be the cheapest automatic folding portable mobility scooter, once you drive it, you will understand that it Is One Of The Best!

The Megatrone Mobility Scooter has Soft Comfort Grip Handles for an Enhanced Driving Experience

The Megatrone fully automatic folding four-wheel mobility scooter is made of STRONG lightweight aluminum alloy! With a respectable 310lb weight capacity, the Megatrone weighs only 56 Lbs, with a top speed of 8 mph and an impressive (up to) 16 miles driving range. Since the Megatrone was released to the market the comments coming from both the industry specialists as well as customers were consistent. – “The New Megatrone is extremely strong, durable, and super high quality.”

The World’s Best Designed Automatic Folding Scooter

The Megatrone is one of the World’s Most convenient fully automatic electric folding 4 wheel mobility scooters. Not only can the key fob be used to fold and unfold the Megatrone, but it also folds and unfolds all by itself, automatically with the simple push of a button. This makes it hard to dispute that the Megatrone is one the easiest and simplest portable mobility scooters ever made. You may also notice the abundance of space in the front of the scooter, directly under the adjustable height tiller. It’s flat with texture, so your feet aren’t constrained! That small detail, by itself easily justifies owning a Megatrone and experiencing the difference.  

Pictured Below: Look at the spacial options the Megatrone Electric Folding Mobility Provides: 

Freedom Means Something – The Megatrone Scooter Is A Ticket to Freedom Of Mobility

“Indeed, it’s true! The Megatrone effortlessly folds up and unfolds itself with just a simple push of a button. It couldn’t be any simpler than that. Gone are the days of bending over, risking back strain or muscle injuries. Now, all it takes is the press of a button on a convenient wireless remote, making the entire process effortless and hassle-free.”

The Megatrone Folding Power Scooter Folds Up and Unfolds With The Push Of a Button:

Imagine this if you will: You’ve just finished using your Megatrone Scooter and need to put it away. Instead of struggling to manually fold it or straining your back (and unfluxing your blood pressure) or dissassemble it to lift the “lightest piece” – all you have to do is reach for the wireless remote control (that comes with the Megatrone) and press a button. Then, the Megatrone starts to smoothly fold up all by itself, neatly and efficiently, without any effort on your part.

This saves you time while eliminating physical strain associated with manually folding or unfolding cumbersome, bulky equipment that is promoted to be “easy and simple” but is just dead weight in reality. That’s right, with the Megatrone Automatically Folding Power Scooter, There’s no need to bend over, wrench your back while fighting with latches, or worry about parts getting stuck. The automated process ensures that anyone who can push a button, regardless of physical strength or mobility, can easily handle the Megatrone.

When you’re ready to use the Space Saving Megatrone Power Scooter again, just press another button on the remote, and the Megatrone Mobility Scooter gracefully unfolds, ready for action. This user-friendly feature enhances the overall experience of using the Megatrone, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone, while prioritizing your comfort and safety.

The Megatrone Foldable Power Scooters Engineering Left No Stone Unturned When Designing This Award Winning Device: 

With SIX (6) Point Seating, your center of gravity is not hanging from a flimsy seat-on-a-stick. It is safely locked into place with 6 anchor points. Yes, Mobility Scooters have a longer wheelbase then a Motorized Wheelchair, and this is exactly why securing the seat properly was made a priority with the Megatrone Power Scooter. When you drive it, you can FEEL the difference. 

On the back of your Megatrone Folding Motorized Mobility Scooter is a “Quick Switch” allowing you to lock it into drive mode, of put it into Neatural (Push Mode) This is ewspacially useful when you just want to push your scooter into a stowing space once it os folded, or then you need to move it slightly when it’s unfloded. With the Megatrone, the Engeenering Team knew you needed a “Have It YOUR way Scooter” — and they delivered a BIG package in compact wrapping. 

Fast and SIMPLE charging. Youe Megatrone is equipper with FAA Travel Approved Lithium Batteries. Plus, you have charging options. You can plug the charger into the port on the back of your Megatrone (folded or unfolded) OR you can easily remove teh battery and plug the charger DIRECTLY into the battery, outside of the mobility scooter! This makes it even easier to say yes to the Megatrone. Leave the scooter in the garage, or somewhere elese convienient to you, and charge the battery easily away from your scooter. 

The Tiller on the Megatrone Auto Fold Mobility Scooter is adjustable. Raise it up, or lower it down to the perfect driving or storage heaight in just seconds with the Quick Release knob. This way, your drive the Megatrone Mobility Scooter your way. Flea Markets, Around Town, Walking The Dog, On The Board Walk … You Name It, Your Tiller, Your Controlls, Your Height in just seconds!

The Armrests are adjustable in multiple ways. Raise them Up, Lower Them Down, Make them More or Less Wide, Or completely remove them. The Choice is Yours – And the Mechanism is Simple. Pictured above is the Simple Release Knob to easily adjust or remove the armrests to personalize your Megatrone Scooter to your preferences. 

In additionn to Flat Free tires, an advanced steering system, and Safety ANti-Tip rear Wheels, the Megatrone Power Scooter Cart is equipped with Reflective Materials on the Font and rear. While a POWERFUL 2500W Motor Propells your scooter, the safety and security mechanisms are in place to give you peace of mind while you are doing what you want or need to do. 

The Megatrone is arguably the easiest, most portable mobility scooter in the world to transport. Move by car, bus, plane, train, or any other mode of transportation easily and simply!

“When we assert that the Megatrone is robust and resilient, it’s not just a casual claim; it’s a deliberate outcome. The creators of the Megatrone meticulously selected top-tier materials, beginning with the utilization of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This same discerning approach was applied to the Brake, Motor, Transaxle, and every other component integrated into the Megatrone during its construction. Every part was carefully chosen to ensure the Megatrone’s strength and durability, making it a product of intentional design and superior craftsmanship.”

Megatrone Mobility Scooter Stats:

Specification Metric Imperial
Model Megatrone
Unfolded Size 1020 * 510 * 870 mm (L*W*H) 41 * 20″ * 34″ (L*W*H)
Folded Size 432 * 432 * 774 mm (L*W*H) 17 * 17″ * 30.5″ (L*W*H)
Weight Capacity 123 kg 270 Lbs
Seat (Memory Foam)
Width 440mm 17.5″ Inch
Depth 380mm 15″ Inch
Height 450mm 18″ Inch
Back height 410mm 15.75″ Inch
Type brushless DC motor
Rated Power 2500 W
Input Power DC 24V
Brake System intelligent electromagnetic brake
Type lithium battery
Capacity 6 Ah*2pcs (One Is Extra Or Spar Battery)
Output Voltage DC 24V
PCS Standard
Type/Plug Type assist type/European standard, 2 core
Input Power AC 100-220 V, 50-60Hz International (Use Anywhere In The World)
Output Voltage/Current DC 24V, 2A
Tires / High Performance Deep Tread
Tire Height & Width / Flat Free (203 mm x 64 mm) (8″ × 2.5″)
Type solid tire
Material PU
Rear Wheel
Tire Height & Width / Flat Free (203 mm x 64 mm) (8″ × 2.5″)
Type Solid tire
Material PU
Number 2 PCS
Without Battery 25.5 kg 52 Pounds
With Battery 30.5kg 56 Pounds
Maximum Grade 12°
Driving Range Up to 31km Up to 16 Miles
Max Speed 12.8 km/h (8 mph)
Turning Radius 1400 mm 55
Highest Obstacle/Ground Clearance 52 mm (2″)

Front and Rear baskets are included with the purchase of the Megatrone. The front basket attaches and detaches very easily however the free rear basket requires users to be more creative in choosing their own method to attach and detach.


Two Full Year Limited Warranty.

Your new power wheelchair comes with a two-full-year limited warranty. The first year is an in-home service warranty. Stop worrying about who would repair your Megatrone Mobilkity Scooter or how you would get your wheelchair to them. This warranty has you covered! We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home for Qualified Repairs in the event your Scooter should need repair during the first year. The second year is parts only. We cover the entire United States.




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