The Gladiator Electric Mobility Scooter

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The ULTIMATE Battery Powered Mobility Scooter


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POWERFUL On / Off-Road Electric Mobility Scooter


“With the Gladiator, it was love at first drive. I had been searching for a mobility scooter with enough power to take me “off-road” on the lawn and some of the trails that I don’t have the energy to walk on, that are near my home. I wanted a scooter that was powerful, easy to operate, can fold down and break apart into smaller pieces for storage, and most importantly is fun to drive! The Gladiator ticks all of those boxes. I Love the power and zippiness it has. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I am also grateful for turtle mode on certain days. I have had other scooters in the past, but this one is my favorite.”

Robert – Mount Clemens MI”

Please Press PLAY to Watch the Gladiator Overview Video:

The Gladiator has Safety Features Galore!

When selecting the best On and Off Road Electric Mobility Scooter safety should be a strong consideration. That is why the engineers who designed the Gladiator equipped it with a Full Light Package. Including right and left Turn Signals, Rear Tail Lights, Front Headlights, Front Running Lights, and even Reveres Tail Lights.

Good Looks, Great Driving Range, and Amazing Performance! — The Gladiator Mobility Scooter

Gladiator Testimonial Video:

Power, Grace, and Comfort

The Gladiator is equipped with a luxurious 18.5 18.5-inch wide Com-Fort-Fit seat with Memory Foam. The Com-Fort-Fit seat is standard, meaning you do not pay any more for this option. The robust flip-up armrests are HD (heavy-duty) reinforced, meaning they are fully load-bearing. That’s right, you can apply your entire body weight on the armrests when getting in and out of the Gladiator Mobility Scooter.

This full-size captain seat combined with a full suspension system allows the Gladiator Power Mobility Scooter to be used both On and Off-Road. Gladiator Mobility Scooter owners have praised its extremely comfortable ride and the ability to do easy stable transfers. The Gladiator comes standard with a fold-down seat making it highly portable. There is however a swivel seat option shown to the left that will then allow users to turn the seat from side to side.

The GLADIATOR is Known for Portability, Performance and Reliability

High Performance Four (4 ) Wheel Mobility Scooters Have Never Been Combined Into A Truly Portable Design — Until Now. The Gladiator Is Both Highly Portable And High Performance All In One. With its unique set of features, it’s easy to understand why The Gladiator can be considered the perfect Off Road Electric Scooter scooter. With the heaviest part weighing only 62 lbs, it is the world’s most Portable, Adjustable, and Comfortable “FULL SIZE” High-Performance scooter available. The Gladiator is only 24 Inches wide and has an efficient high-quality, high-torque motor with a strong ability to climb even steep inclines, ramps, and hills.

The Gladiator is equipped with contactless batteries that simply lift off and on the scooter without the need for plugs or wires making it even easier to transport.

Many Features Come Together to Make The Gladiator Mobility Scooter So Appealing:

High-Performance Suspension


The Gladiator Battery Operated Senior Scooter has Fully adjustable ATV quality suspension front to back. All Four Springs and shocks are easily adjusted to any user’s desired settings.

Full Automotive Quality Light Package

Research shows that mobility scooters with lights are far less likely to be involved in an accident than a mobility scooter without a light package.

The Gladiator Scooter is LOADED with Heavy Duty Performance Features

The Gladiator On / Off Road Electric Scooter Was Built With A Tough, Impact Resistant Front Bumper, Rack And Pinion Steering System, Heavy Duty Coil Spring Suspension (Front and rear) plus Thick Heavy Duty Solid Flat Free Tires That Deliver A Smooth, Stable, Safe Ride Even at the Top Speed Of 8.5 Miles A Hour. That’s Right The Gladiator Flat Out Moves When You’re Ready To Go.

The Gladiator Mobility Scooter is also Easy to Load!

The Locking Cargo Case is Included!

Keeping your personal items safe and sound under lock and key is an important STANDARD feature on your Gladiator Scooter. With the standard lockable cargo case that is included with every Gladiator, users now rest easier knowing their personal items are securely locked away.

The Gladiator Is Equipped With TWO (2) Personal USB Charging Ports

The Gladiator comes equipped with two USB Charging Ports. A 5v 1amp & a 5v 2.1amp. This means you can conveniently charge a Cell Phone, Tablet, or other device while driving the Gladiator!

The Gladiator Scooter has a Foldable Cup Holder 

A simple Fold Down Beverage holder is pre-installed on your New Gladiator Mobility Scooter. You can use it when you need it, and Fold it up When Not In Use.

Yes, the Gladiator On / Off Road Power Mobility Scooter comes with a Front Basket too!

The Gladiator Smooth Surface / Off-Road Mobility Scooter is Easy AND Fun to Drive!

By Popular Demand, The Gladiator Scooter has Rear Anti Tip Wheels 

The Gladiator comes standard with rear anti-tip wheels providing a second level of security and stability against tipping. You can feel better with the peace of mind and added security that this added feature provides.

The Gladiator Scoorer is Simple to Charge with the Easy Access Charging Port 

Now it is easier than ever to charge your Gladiator Battery Powered Mobility Scooter. The simple back access point eliminates the cumbersome need to contort your body into a difficult position, just to plug in your charger.

The Gladiator’s Fold-Down Captain Seat Is Amazing: 

The engineers did an amazing job designing this full-size captain’s seat with an adjustable headrest. The captain’s seat folds down into a compact space of only 4″! It’s Made of an automotive quality breathable pleather material with memory foam. Tie in the ergonomic design and experience a seat that’s ultra-comfortable and easy to sit in for several hours at a time.

Optional Craftsmen Carrier 

Although the Gladiator comes apart easily and is highly portable enough to put into the back of an SUV, some users prefer to transport their Gladiator using the Craftsmen Carrier. In the event you order the Craftsmen Carrier at the same time you order your Gladiator, you can benefit by getting the Craftsmen at half price!

Gladiator Owners Enjoy Easy-to-Use Slide In / Pull-Out Battery Packs 

The Gladiator Mobility Scooter has Battery Packs that can easily lift up to can be taken off the Gladiator in just seconds. Just as easy as the battery packs can be removed they can also be placed back in place in just seconds.

The Gladiator Has Carefully Though Out FLAT FREE Tires:

Large 13″ knobby High-Quality tires with polished aluminum mag wheels provide the Gladiator with excellent traction and a smooth ride without the worry about getting a flat!

A Smart Phone/Cell Phone Holder IS Included with your Gladiator Mobility Scooter

The robust cell phone holder keeps your phone secure even when driving on bumpy or rough terrain. You can easily use GPS to help you navigate lesser-known areas, more easily with a Gladiator. This holder is perfect for those wishing to utilize a GPS program, or simply to have a camera or phone ready within a few moments.

There are MANY reasons to LOVE the Gladiator Mobility Scooter:

The Gladiator on and off road electronic scooter truly shines above all others when on rough terrain. Automotive quality suspension gives you the ability to adjust the firmness of both the front and back wheels. The Foldable, Break Apart Design Of The Gladiator E Mobility Scooter Gives You A Portable Vehicle That Will Take You Just about Anywhere You Want To Go Regardless Of The Weather Or The Terrain!

Even Steep Hills And Inclines Are No Problem For The High-Performance Gladiator Scooter. With Full Suspension, Large Tires, And 18.5″ Wide Memory Foam Seat With 19″ Between The Arms The High Performance Gladiator Delivers An Amazingly Smooth Ride.

The Gladiator Has a Completely Adjustable Front Tiller For Your Most Comfortable Driving Position

With the simple toggle of a lever, the front tiller can be placed where you want it to be. Yes, it folds down for easy stowing – it also stands fully upright for easy entry and exit. It’s not just the big things that make the Gladiator the Ultimate Mobility Scooter, but there are small details that make a massive difference. That’s the Gladiator!

Impressive Controls are Part of The Gladiator Experience

Many features make the Gladiator shine bright.  In the picture above, you can see the digital interface – which has a battery gauge, speed indicator, turn signal indicators, and a headlight indicator.  Below that, you can the Turtle Button on the left, for when you would like to go slow. The L/H button toggles between Low and High Speed (so super slow speed would mean that you press the Turtle when you are in Low Mode, reverse is true for High Speed). The Rabbit Button is for unleashing a full-speed experience and is great for outdoor driving. On either side of the driving interface, (besides the turtle and rabbit buttons) you will notice the Tiller. The tiller is used for Forward and Reverse. How far you pull the tiller towards yourself determines how much power is unlocked from the Powerful 750W Motor! You can think of the Tiller Levers are a gas pedal. 

When you are looking from a different view, you can see the horn button (red on the left) the turn signal easy push button is to the right, the Hazard Lights button is directly to the right of the turn signal button, and finally to the far right is the headlights button. 

Even though the Gladiator is a Scooter that uses a Powerful Brushless Electromagnetic Motor (750w) that automatically applies the brakes when you take the pressure off the tiller pedal (similar to a gas pedal with built-in brakes) there is also a convenient handbrake for times you would like extra braking power. Remember, it’s the small things that make a big difference with the Gladiator!

With Your Gladiator, you can choose the Optional Lithium-ion Battery Packs 

The Gladiator Smooth Surface and Off Road Electric Scooter comes standard with lead-acid batteries. However, there is an option to upgrade to lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have several advantages over lead acid. For example:

  • Lithium-ion batteries can be fully charged in two hours vs 8 hours for lead acid.
  • Lithium-ion batteries last 10 times longer before going bad and requiring replacement.
  • Lithium-ion batteries provide full power to the Gladiator during the full output of the batteries whereas lead batteries can cause a scooter to become sluggish during the final 30% of use between charges with lead acid batteries.
  • Many people like that the Lithium-ion batteries a far lighter than lead acid batteries.

The Gladiator Mobility Scooter comes with a Wireless Key Fob Remote 

The Gladiator Off Road Electric Scooter comes standard with a keychain wireless remote start. This wireless transmitter allows users to both turn on & off the Gladiator with no need for the keyed ignition when using the wireless remote.

With a Gladiator, you Get One Full Year In-Home Service Limited Warranty

Your new Gladiator Off Road Electric Scooter comes with a full One-year In Home Service Warranty. Stop worrying about who would repair your scooter or how you would get your scooter to them. This warranty has you covered! We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home in the event your scooter needs a qualified repair. We cover the entire United States!

Gladiator Power Scooter Specifications:

Length From Locking Cargo To Front Basket: 60″
Length Without Locking Cargo-Front Basket: 53″
Overall Width 25.5″
Height With Headrest: 46″
Front Section 40″ x 24.5 x 24″
Back Section: 21″ x 25.5″ x 20.5″
Seat: 18″ x 23″ x 4″
Floor to seat height: 25.5″
Ground Clearance: 6″

Specification Metric Imperial
Model Gladiator On / Off-Road Electric Scooter
Fully Assembled Un-Folded Size 1346 * 635 * 1168 mm (L*W*H) 53″ * 25.5″ * 46″ (L*W*H)
Length With Front & Rear Basket 60″
Fully Assembled Folded Size 1346 * 635 * 660 mm (L*W*H) 53″ * 25.5″ * 26″ (L*W*H)
Length With Front & Rear Basket 60″
Front Section 1016 * 614* 609 mm (L*W*H) 40″ x 24.5 x 24″ (L*W*H)
Rear Section 533 * 647 * 520 mm (L*W*H) 21″ x 25.5″ x 20.5″ (L*W*H)
If Ordered Optional Swivel Seat (Folded) 457 * 584 * 101 mm (L*W*H) 18″ x 23″ x 4″ (L*W*H)
Weight Capacity 181 kg 400 Lbs
Seat (Memory Foam)
Width 469 mm 18.5″ Inch
Depth 431 mm 17″ Inch
Height (From Ground) 609 mm 24” Inch
Height (From Floor Board) 431 mm 17″ Inch
Back Height (From Seat) 424 mm 16.75″ Inch
Type Brushless DC Motor
Rated Power 750 W
Input Power DC 24V
Brake System Intelligent Electromagnetic Brake
Type Lead Acid X 2
Capacity 12v x2 = 24v 26 Ah*2pcs
Output Voltage DC 24V
PCS Standard
Type/Plug Type Assist Type/USA & European Standard
Input Power AC 100-220 V, 70-120Hz International (Use Anywhere In The World)
Output Voltage/Current DC 24V, 5A
Front Wheel & Tire
Tire Height & Width / Flat Free (2028 mm x 83 mm) (9″ × 3.3″)
Type Solid Flat Free Tire  Mag Aluminum
Material PU
Rear Wheel & Tire
Tire Height & Width / Flat Free (330 mm x 79 mm) (13″ × 3.1″)
Type Solid Flat Free Tire
Material PU
Number 2 PCS
Total Weight Without Battery 78 kg 173 Pounds
Total Weight With Battery 93 kg 207 Pounds
Front Section 35 kg 79 Pounds
Rear Section With Folding Seat 28 kg 62 Pounds
Locking Cargo Case: 4 kg 9 Pounds
Battery Pack: 17 lbs each x 2 = 34 lbs: 15 kg 34 Pounds
Optional Swivel Seat (Below)
Rear Section Without Folding Seat 20 kg 46 Pounds
Optional Removable Swivel Seat 12 kg 27 Pounds
Maximum Grade 28%
Driving Range Up to 36km Up to 22 Miles
Max Speed 12.8 km/h (8.5 mph)
Turning Radius 1879 mm 74″
Highest Obstacle/Ground Clearance 104 mm (4″)
Owners Manual Gladiator User Manual

ALL measurements provided are from the manufacturer and have been converted from the metric system to the imperial system and provided by the manufacturer and therefore are sometimes approximate. We cannot be held liable or accountable for differing measurements of any product shown. Please be advised that measurements are contingent on where the product is measured and can vary depending on how the product is measured. All sales are considered final. Please reference our terms page for information about returns. We welcome any and all phone calls about any of our products, whether it be questions or concerns. Thank you for understanding. Quick N Mobile.