The FALCON Reclinable Folding Power Wheelchair That Holds Up to 400 Lbs

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“If it’s not approved and certified by the FDA, just say NO WAY!”


* Reclinable Falcon is FDA and  FAA Travel Approved

* Weighs just 50lbs – Folds in second – Fits in the Trunk of almost ANY Car!

*Can be Fully Accessorized with  Elevating Leg Extensions, Headrest, Attendant Controller Option, and More.

* Ergonomic Design Holds up to 400lbs  – 18.5″ or 22″ Seating Area Width!

*Comfortable Enough to Fall Asleep In, Powerful Enough to Get You Mobile!

Please Enjoy This Falcon Intro Video:


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    *Would You Like To Add An Accessory Package?

    (Includes 14 FREE Accessories)

    Includes the Following - 1. Halogen Headlight with Dual Pitch Horn -- 2. All Weather Protective Nylon Travel Cover With ID Window -- 3. Cup Holder -- 4. Automotive Car Charger -- 5. International Household Charger -- 6.  Arm Bag -- 7.  Flat Free Tires (Already Installed) -- 8. Touch Up Paint -- 9. Flip Up Adjustable Arm Rest (Already Installed) -- 10. Orange Safety Flag -- 11. Cane Holder -- 12. Auto Open Umbrella With Mounting Bracket -- 13. Oxygen Tank Holder — 14. Weatherproof Under Seat Basket

    *Would you like a FREE Extra Lithium Battery Pack? (you will get two (2) Batteries Total

    You will receive a total of TWO (2) Batteries with this option. 

    *Would You Like To Include a Discount Vulcan Lift?


    *Would You Like To Include A Samson Hardshell Case?

    *The Samson Hard Shell Case is Non-Returnable. Weight is 47 lbs

    *Would you like to add an Armrest Extension Kit?

    * The Falcon has 18.5" of space between the armrests from the factory. This HD Extension Kit expands the armrests to 22 Inches of space. Perfect for additional comfort in the hip area. 

    *Would You Like An Attendant Controller Bracket?

    * This bracket allows you to mount the joystick to the back of the chair. 

    *Would You Like To Add An Adjustable Headrest?

    Great for neck support and comfort while reclining!

    Would You Like To Add An Elevating Leg Extension Kit?

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Introducing The Falcon Motorized Wheelchair

* You do not need a prescription from a doctor to order this chair. You can order whenever you decide to!


“Ordering was simple and delivery was fast. The chair was delivered fully assembled and the batteries charger. The Grandkids had the Falcon out of the box and ready for me to take a for a ride in less than 10 minutes. I really enjoyed watching them opening the package, their laughter and enthusiasm reminded me of the holidays. The chair is very comfortable and reclines easily. I haven’t been able to take my small dog outside for walks in months, now I can. Thank you for helping me get rolling along in life again! I love my Falcon!”

Hester P – Iowa

Falcon Ergonomic Reclining Wheelchair – Quick Facts:

  • Holds up to 400lbs

  • Ample 18.5″ Seating Area or 22″ With The Armrest Spacer Kit

  • Arms Fold Up for Easy Side Entry / Exit

  • The footrest folds up flush to the chair for easy front entry

  • STRONG! Built with Industrial #7003 AIRCRAFT GRADE Aluminum

  • Weight ONLY 50 LBS without the Batteries, Just 58 LBS with BOTH batteries!

  • Up to 22 Mile Driving Range on a Single Charge** Average Range is 12-18 Miles

  • Aircraft Travel-Friendly! 

  • Take your Eagle on Cruise ships, Trains, Taxis, Uber Rides, and More!

  • Folds and Unfolds in just ONE SECOND!

  • Energy Absorbing Dura-Shocks installed for your comfort

  • Charges Rapidly

  • High-Quality Lithium-Ion Batteries last up to 3-5 Years before needing a replacement!


  • Brand New Navigation Technology, Simple Sensi-Touch Joystick!

  • Weather Resistant Coating and Protection

  • FREE SHIPPING – Takes Just 7 days or less to be delivered almost all the time!

  • *Comes with 14 FREE Accessories and a Complementary Second Battery ($1067 Value if purchased Separately)!

  • Trustworthy and Reliable – RECLAIM YOUR FREEDOM WITH AN EAGLE!

Weather-Resistant Design (Video Below)

With the Falcon’s weather-resistant design, getting stuck in the rain, wind or snow won’t stop you! Get stuck in the rain or snow? Simply drive your Falcon to shelter without worries!

Folds Up Into The Size of a Medium Suitcase for Easy Storage and Convenient Transporting. 

The Falcon Fits inside the Trunk of almost ANY car, Taxi, Train, Bus, or Uber!

Look Below: That is FIVE Falcon Chairs in ONE SUV!

Falcon Owner Testimonial

“Recently I had surgery and needed a power wheelchair to help with my recovery. My leg needs to be extended for an extended period. Fun times, I know. Anyway, finding a chair that reclines was a big plus. I got the chair, the headrest, and the leg extension kit. Attaching the leg extensions was easy enough. The headrest is adjustable too, so that helps. In a short time, I learned to navigate the house and with legs out, reclined, and comfortable. The Falcon has helped me make lemonade from one of those situations in life where I got lemons. Thank you for the fast delivery.  

Frank T – MA

FDA registered and approved in addition to being FAA Travel Approved.

You get peace of mind knowing the device has been safety rated by FDA, and freedom to travel anywhere on the globe you wish!

When you are traveling, please keep in mind the Falcon has TWO (2) (One of the Two is Free to our customers) 6ah Lithium Ion Battery Packs. For added convenience, the Battery Information is on the side of each battery, and also available on a Scanable (by smartphone) QR code that is right on the battery. 

VIDEO: Falcon Facts and Features

Award-Winning Lightweight Construction and STRONG.

The Falcon weighs just 50 lbs without batteries, 58 lbs with batteries, and holds up to 400 lbs! The Falcon HD is Made from The Strongest, most durable #7003 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy. Your Falcon is able to Handle Life!

Go ahead and Recline!


Falcon Owner Testimonial:

“Over the past five years, my back has been worse and worse. First the pain, then the tingling and numbness. After a couple of years of that and being out of breath every time I walk more than 20 steps, I was feeling defeated. I used to be an athlete, so that was very difficult. A concerned friend sent information about the Falcon, which I resisted at first. I did not want to accept that I was not able to do what I was before. I couldn’t stop thinking about the Falcon. I was frustrated but wanted to be mobile more than I wanted to stay frustrated. So finally, I bought a Falcon. Even though there’s nothing that replaces a good walk, the Falcon has let me have a life back, and for that, I am so grateful. Thanks a million! Randy, Fort Lauderdale”

You CAN Regain Your Freedom by Regaining Your Mobility — 

Both Indoors and Outside, The Falcon is Light Enough to Easily Stow, Strong Enough to Get Up And Go


Let’s Look At The Details:

*The completely unique Infinity Reclining Mechanism lets you control the exact level of recline. When the back of the chair reclines, the arms raise making the Falcon a desirable one-of-a-kind.

The Falcon has what is called an “Infinity Reclining Lever” – meaning there are no preset levels or a sprocket with drilled holes defining the levels of recline. With the Infinity Reclining Lever, you can recline up to 40 degrees and find the spot that is absolutely most comfortable for you. Pictured above is the Falcon in the fully upright switch position, and below is the folly reclined position. 

The picture below shows the entire back of the Falcon Reclineable Wheelchair so you can get a better reference of the size of the Infinity Recliner Lever in relation to the size of the Falcon. Intelligent Engineering Practices were used for comfortable ergonomics and practicality. 

Falcon Owner Testimonial:

“Thank you Quick N Mobile for taking time to speak with me and answer all of the questions I had written down about your Falcon and other chairs. Choosing which chair would be best for me took quite a bit of planning. Finally, I settled on the Falcon. I chose this chair because it is sturdy and can recline. So far it has been a blessing in my life. Now I can get out of the house and enjoy sunsets in my neighborhood. My aid can also get the chair in and out of my van for doctor trips. 

Francine M – FL


BELOW: The Falcon In The Upright Position:

BELOW: The Falcon Reclined Completely:

As you can see in the above picture, the armrests on the Falcon elevate for ergonomic comfort when the Faclon reclines. The amount the armrests raise depends on how far the Falcon is reclined. With the enhanced comfort an optional headrest and leg extension kit offer, it’s no wonder how getting a Falcon becomes a no-brain decision. 


“After a long search which had me researching many chairs and watching many hours of videos, I felt the Falcon would best suit my needs. Your Falcon is the only chair I could find that is designed with ergonomics and the user’s comfort, in mind. The way the infinite reclining mechanism functions makes all the difference to me. The armrests slightly lift to balance the body when the chair is reclined. None of the other models have that feature. Even though I like to see, touch, and feel what I am purchasing, I decided to take a chance with this chair. I even had a few moments of second-guessing my decision. Once the chair arrived and I drove it, I knew I made the right choice.”

Anne M – California

Faclon’s Have: Powerful Motors – Dura-Shock Energy Absorbing Frame -Comfortable Drive

Enjoy the torque of Powerful DUAL 250-Watt Brushless Electromagnetic Motors and a smoother ride with the Dura-Shock Energy Absorbing Frame while operating the Falcon! The speed is adjustable and has a top speed of 5mph!

The Falcon’s Dura-Shocks System is built with quality parts for maximum comfort. You may notice the care and quality craftsmanship of the weld joints holding your Falcon together. 

Each powerful 250W Electromagnetic Motor has a switch that allows the Falcon to be used as a manual push wheelchair or power chair. On top of the Weather Resistant motors, you will notice reflective materials that are carefully placed for being more visible and safer while you are driving your Falcon in lower light conditions. 

While looking at the Falcon’s motors, you may also notice the Tread on the Rear wheels of the Falcon. It is designed for anti-slip and maximum grip. Flat-free tires mean you don’t have to worry about getting a flat while driving. The Falcon is great for driving indoors, outside, on grass, gravel, cement, and wood decks. 

Both the front and rear wheels are constructed from High Quality, easily cleanable Polyurethane that is designed to reduce wear, absorb energy for a more comfortable driving experience and last a LONG time. The picture above shows the front wheel and high-quality front caster. If you would like, you can easily insert a Leg Extension kit post into the front caster of the Falcon. Adjustable, articulating leg extensions are an option for the Falcon. 

Falcon Owner Testimonial:

“Comfortable chair, great service. Reclining helps my back feel better. Thank you for helping me get mobile again.” 

Quincy M – OH

Long Range Batteries – Intelligent Design

Travel up to 22 miles on a single charge! Enjoy the intelligent In-Frame design, not the Under-Frame “backbreaker” battery location! Another great feature of the Falcon HD is that it uses Smart Power Technology. When both batteries are in the chair, it will draw power from both batteries simultaneously. When just one battery is loaded, the chair will still work perfectly. 

Both of the famous In-Frame batteries can be removed in seconds while sitting in your Falcon. The Sensi-Touch joystick is also easily removable and has the ability to be placed on the RIGHT or LEFT side of the Falcon Reclining Electronic Wheelchair. As pictured below, you can get a reading directly on each battery indicating its fill level! You can also charge both batteries at the same time by plugging the charger directly into the joystick, or each battery can be plugged directly into the charger for charging outside of your Falcon wheelchair. 

Falcon Owner Testimonial:

“Hi to the wonderful folks and Quick N Mobile! I just wanted to let you know that we purchased our Falcon for travel. Getting on the plane was simple and we had a great overseas vacation in France. The Falcon was able to travel everywhere. The batteries were great and charging the chair was simple. It was such a wonderful trip. Thank you again for helping me! Gretta”

The Versatile Falcon Wheelchair Does GREAT Indoors!

Equipped with the Sensi-Touch Joystick and just a 32” turning radius, the 23.5 Inch wide Falcon can travel in any direction in addition to fitting through narrow doorways. 

The Falcon is a versatile, easy-to-use Motorized Wheelchair. There are many small, carefully crafted features that make the Falcon both a pleasure to drive and a pleasure to own. 

With the flip of a switch, located on the outside of each armrest, the armrests can be liberated so they lift up, or locked securely in the down position. The armrest latch is constructed of heavy-duty plastic designed to last. Below, you can see the latch, up close, in the up position.  

Falcon Owner Testimonial:

“Chat was helpful. Ordering was easy enough. Came fully assembled, like indicated. Thank you. Gregory”

The Falcon Is Easy to Fold, Simple to Stow


The Falcon Does SPECTACULAR outdoors!

The Falcon is able to climb any ADA-compliant ramp and go over grass, gravel, also many hiking trails. With 12”x2” Flat-Free – Worry-Free Rear wheels and 8”x1.5” Solid, Enhanced Tread front wheels getting around outside is simple.

You get to Decide the Seating Area Width!

There are MANY Features that make the Falcon’s Seating Area Unique

Fit comfortably with 18.5” or 22” of Seating area width with the optional HD Armrest Spacer Kit! The Falcon Seat has a 17” depth. With an Optional Armrest Spacer Kit, Available for just $147 on the order form at the top of this page, you can increase the amount of space your Falcon has between the armrests to 22″

The Falcon includes a fully adjustable seat belt. You can attach the seat belt where you choose. It can be for your waist, upper or lower body. The Seatbelt isn’t automatically attached to the Falcon, so you have the freedom of choice to decide when, how, and where to use the seatbelt. 

The Falcon’s seat cushion is comfortable memory foam. The seat cushion cover, seen above, is washable, stain-resistant, and made from breathable moisture-wicking fabric. As you may see in the picture above, only quality fabrics are used for the Falcon wheelchair.

The back cushion is just as comfortable as the Seat cushion. Moisture-wicking Quick-Dry fabric is great for all occasions, warm, hot, and cold. 

As you may see in the picture above, the lumbar area is adjustable in the Falcon. The flap you see on the left side of the picture is secured in place by sturdy velcro. It sits below the east cushion and folds completely out of the way, or as far forward as you wish. Additionally, you can adjust the firmness of the seat cushion with the straps seen above. The Falcon’s seating area is not just reclinable, but fully adjustable for maximum comfort.

There are MANY Reasons to Choose A Falcon Reclining Wheelchair

The weather-resistant Sensi touch joystick allows you to easily drive in any direction you choose, with the touch of a single finger. The Falcon has positraction motors and several unique joystick features. For starters, there are several speed settings that you can adjust using the speed control buttons on the left side of the joystick. Additionally, the joystick is pressure-sensitive, meaning it can go slow or faster, depending on how far the joystick lever is pushed. You can think of it as being similar to a gas peddle in a car in that regard. 

With a Falcon, you can place the joystick on either side of the chair. As pictured above, with the turn of a knob, the joystick is removable. The picture below shows the buckle that attaches and locks the joystick in place. 

Just line the arrows up, twist, and secure! The joystick attaches or removes in just seconds. 

With the upgraded Quick-Release latch, folding your Falcon is simple. The Falcon just takes a second to unfold, and the latch will automatically snap into place, securing the chair in its driving position. 

The footrest folds quickly and easily flush with the Falcon, making getting in and out easier. With the fold-up armrests, you have multiple options for getting in and out of your Falcon. You may also notice the reflectors on the front castors of the chair. This helps to improve being visible from all angles in lower light conditions. 

The Falcon Recliner is Fully Customizable with Accessories

Our customers are delighted to be able to add a Headrest, Flexible Leg Extensions, and Attendant-Controller Bracket (for a caretaker to control the chair while walking behind it)

The Samson Case – Lockable, Rolls on Wheels, Has a Handle

The Samson is a Taylor-made (Hard Shell Case) specifically designed to provide the perfect protection for your Quick N Mobile Foldable Motorized Wheelchair when traveling. Now you no longer need to worry about whether the airlines will damage your Eagle HD, Electra7, Air Hawk, or Falcon Wheelchair when traveling. The Samson (Hard Shell Case) almost entirely eliminates the possibility of damage while providing peace of mind during your travels or storage. When not traveling, you may LOVE the wonderful storage capacity of the Samson Hardshell Case for your other storage needs!

Size: 36.5″ X 26″ X 17″

Weight: Just  47 LBS

Optional: $587.00

Warranty, Service, and Support

Your new wheelchair comes with a full One Year In-Home Service Warranty. (We Upgrade our Customers for FREE so a 2-Year Limited Warranty, with the Option to Add a THIRD YEAR) Stop worrying about who would repair your wheelchair or how you would get your wheelchair to them. This warranty has you covered! In the event of a validated warranty issue, We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home, or we will make arrangements to ship the chair to our location in the event your wheelchair should need repair. We cover the entire United States. Just Call Us, Or Submit a Trouble Ticket in the event of a need for service and we will take care of it for you.

The Falcon Comes with Multiple FREE Accessories

When you order a Falcon, you receive added value with useful add-ons that you don’t have to purchase later!

When you order a Falcon, you receive the following FREE Accessories:

* DX Halogen Head Light With Dual Pitch Horn
 * All-Weather Protective Nylon Travel Cover With ID Window
* Cup Holder
 * Automotive Car Charger
* International Household Charger
* Arm Bag
* Flat Free Tires
* Flip-Up Adjustable Arm Rest
* Orange Safety Flag
* Cane Holder
* Auto-Open Umbrella With Mounting Bracket
* Oxygen Tank Holder
 * Keep It New – Touch-Up Paint
* Weatherproof Under Seat Basket 
* Two-Year Extended Limited Warranty

From the above list of features or below, Which Would Convince You To Become a Falcon Owner?


Your Falcon can handle gravel, grass, dirt trails, ramps, and much more. Please watch the video above for a demonstration of the Falcon in difficult terrain.  The Above video shows dirt and grass, the Below video shows the Falcon driving through THICK grass while loaded with Leg Extensions and a Headrest!

Falcon Owner Testimonial:

“Your reclining power chair is very helpful to me. I can lounge in front of the TV and even get myself a drink. Thank you for helping us Vets. Gary”

Now that you know what to look out for, let’s discover some of the areas the Falcon excels!

There are Many Occasions To Drive Your Falcon Foldable Wheelchair

When you own a Falcon, you no longer have to sacrifice getting around, having fun, and seeing people.

Take it to family gatherings
Get out in your own neighborhood, and walk the dog.
Take it on cruise ships and airplanes
Getting to the Doctor can be easier in a Falcon
Going shopping is a snap. The Falcon is much easier to drive than “in-store” mobility devices.
Go out to dinner at your favorite restaurant!
Fits easily into an RV or Camper. Enjoy hiking trails and nature.
Use it indoors for getting around.
… and MUCH more. How do you plan on using your Falcon?