REFURBISHED USED Air Hawk Power Folding Wheelchairs

$3,899.00 $1,595.00

REFURBISHED Used Air Hawk Wheelchairs Now Available!!!

The Airhawk Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair has been named The World’s Lightest Foldable Electronic Wheelchair. Weighing Just 41 (without batteries, 46 lbs operating weight) LBS!

To anyone seeking a Quality Product, With a Warranty – WITH A ROCK BOTTOM PRICE TAG We are pleased to announce a LIMITED Quantity of Used, Reconditioned Air Hawk Folding Power Wheelchairs THAT COME WITH A WARRANTY!

All of our Used Air Hawks are reconditioned, tested and guaranteed to function as a New Unit would, with our 90 Day Warranty! PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. COLOR SELECTIONS AVAILABLE AS SUPPLIES LAST ONLY!

Our pledge is Always a Friendly Voice on the Phone, so please feel welcome to call!

Please, Scroll Past Order Form For Extended Description and Videos:

We Bring Factory Direct Pricing to The Customer! 

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    Sanson Hardshell Protective Travel Case:

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* LIMITED SUPPLIES –  Order a REFURBISHED Used Air Hawk Folding Power Wheelchair Today and SAVE! 

* Ultra Light Folding Power Wheelchair! – Weighs Just 41 Pounds (without batteries)

* Folds Up and Opens In just Seconds!

* Can EASILY Fit In The Trunk or Backseat of your Car, Truck or SUV

* Travel Approved – Take Your Air Hawk ANYWHERE!


ALL Used Air Hawks come with a STANDARD 90- Day Limited Warranty!!!

The AirHawk Travel Electric Wheelchair Is Easy To Travel With

The AirHawk Folding Electric Wheelchair is the perfect for travel because it collapses and folds small enough to fit on a plane as carry-on luggage. The Air Hawk electric wheelchair folds quickly and fits in small places. The Air Hawk Folding Electric Wheelchair is also travel approved.

The AirHawk Folding Wheelchair is Built To Last:

Built to be reliable and strong, The AirHawk Foldable Power Wheelchair is made from lightweight aircraft quality aluminum alloy which makes it both durable and ultra light.

*The Air Hawk Power Wheelchair weighs less than most parcels of luggage.



Size: 36.5″ X 26″ X 17″

Weight: 24 LBS

Optional: $487.00

The Airhawk Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair comes with Powerful, Maintenance-Free motors.

The Air Hawk Folding Electric Wheelchair is equipped with two High-Performance Hub Motors in addition to Anti Tip Wheels, allowing the AirHawk Folding Electric Wheelchair to drive up steep inclines and hills safely and effortlessly.

With the flip of a red switch on the side of the motor, the AirHawk Power Wheelchair also has the ability to freewheel or go into neutral, so it can be used as a manual push wheelchair too.

The Airhawk Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair has up to a 26-Mile Range when fully charged.

The Air Hawk Lightweight Power Wheelchair is the only portable, folding electric wheelchair with a built-in battery backup! You will never be caught out needing a charge and having to wait to complete what you were doing until your chair is charged with this system.

The AirHawk Foldable Power Wheelchair is Easy to Operate

The Air Hawk Lightweight Power Chair has a simple to use joystick controller. The controller can be mounted on either side of the chair (or on the back with the controller bracket) and moved easily and at will. The controller is intuitive and allows a user to navigate and drive The AirHawk with just one finger if need be.

Even though Lightweight Portable Mobility Scooters have been available for some time, they require strength and dexterity in both arms and hands. Mobility Scooters are also heavier and require more time to assemble and disassemble for transport.

Please see our Fact Sheet after Enjoying this SHORT VIDEO on the Air Hawk Folding Power Wheelchair:

AirHawk Lightweight Portable Electric Power Wheelchair Fact Sheet:

Weight41 Pounds (without batteries, 46 lbs operating weight)19 kg.
Max Capacity264.5 pounds120 kg.
Unfolded Dimensions (LxWxH)35 in. x 23 in. x 35 in.89 cm. x 59 cm. x 88 cm.
Folded Dimensions (LxWxH)27.75 in. x 23.25 in. x 12.25 in.72.7 cm. x 56.8 cm. x 31.1 cm.
Seat Dimensions (L x W)16.75 in. x 16.75 in.42.5 cm. x 39.7 cm.
Seating Height (from ground)20 in.50.8 cm.
Arm Rest Height (from ground)28.25 in.71.75 cm.
Turning Radius27.3 in.69 cm.
Maximum Speed4 miles per hour8 km per hour
Ground Clearance3.9 in.10 cm.
Front Wheels (diameter x width)6 in. x 2 in.17.1 cm. x 5.1 cm.
Rear Wheels (diameter x width)8 in. x 2 in.20.3 cm. x 5.1 cm.
Incline CapabilityADA Ramp Compliant and Beyond (Capable)
Wheel MaterialA mix of Polyurethane and Rubber (for smoother ride/shock absorption)
Motor TypeBrush-less Motor, 24V DC, 180W x2 Power Rating
BatteryLithium Ion Phosphate, 12Ah (Ampere hour) Capacity, 24V DC Output
Range 26 Miles
ChargerInput: AC 100V-240V~1.8A Max 47Hz-63Hz, Output: DC 29.2V – 2A
Brake TypeElectromagnetic Brakes
FrameLightweight Strong Aluminum Aircraft Alloy (Light Power Wheelchair)
WarrantyTwo Full Year (Limited Warranty)

The Airhawk is very simple to fold, unfold and get in and out of the trunk of a car, as can be seen in the short video below:

Please Enjoy Additional Full-Size Airhawk Folding Electric Wheelchair Photos. Further, Down The Page You Will Find Additional Options and a Description of FREE add-ons Included with The Airhawk Folding Power Chair:

The Airhawk Folding Power Wheelchair has Memory Foam Seat Cushions.

Airhawk Power Wheelchair Folded:

The Airhawk Power Wheelchair is Sturdy, Portable and Gets You Around.

The AirHawk Folds In Seconds for easy Transporting.

Find it easier getting to stores and gatherings or vacations with your loved ones with the Airhawk Folding Power Chair! – Quick Features List:

* Folds In just 5 seconds
* Adjustable Armrest
* High-Quality Aluminum Aircraft Alloy Frame
* Detachable Back And Seat Cushion
* Under Seat Basket
* Able To Drive In Rough Terrain
* Tight Turning Radius
* Ability To Charge Onboard Or Off Board
* Highly Recommended By Airlines & Cruise Lines
* Lightweight & Durable Based on Independent Lab Testing Folds Very Quick & Is Extremely Compact for Storage.
* Uses a Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery That Lasts up to 3-5 Years Before Needing Replacement. 
* Joystick Can Be Mounted on Left or Right Arm Rest
* Arm Rests Can Be Raised for Easy Side Access to the Seat
* Has a Removable Seat and Seat Cover for Easy Cleaning
* Stands Upright on the Rear Wheels When Folded, No Need to Lean It
* Has a Handle Under the Seat for Easy Lifting from Upright Position
* Has 4 Wheels Which Makes it More Stable Than a 3 Wheel Scooter
* Requires No Maintenance
* Save Money by Not Having to Purchase a Lift on Your Car
* Significantly Less Expensive than Older Electric Wheelchairs
* Several Free Accessories

The THREE BRIEF Videos Below Show How Easy It Is To Unpack and Use Your FULLY ASSEMBLED Airhawk When You Order One – Just Press “Play” To See:

1. Receiving:

2. Unpacked (Fully Assembled):

3. Easy Steps to Opening Your Airhawk:

The average power wheelchair weighs 421-pounds and must be transported with a hydraulic lift. Not The AirHawk Folding Wheelchair:

With The AirHawk Lightweight Power Electric Wheelchair weighing only 41-Pounds (without batteries, 46 lbs operating weight), you can now have the freedom to take your AirHawk Lightweight Electric Wheelchair anywhere, and in any vehicle you need. Any car, minivan, SUV, or truck is suitable to transport The AirHawk Lightweight Power Wheelchair.

With The AirHawk Foldable Wheelchair Traveling Has Never Been Easier!

The AirHawk Traveling Electric Power Wheelchair is recommended by many major Airlines & Cruise Lines throughout the world. Even though there are many types of portable scooters, many are not able to easily operate a scooter and need a traveling wheelchair with a simple-to-operate joystick controller.

The Air Hawk Lightweight Power Wheelchair features a Universal Joystick Control that can easily be moved from Left Arm To Right and back again in under a minute.The Lithium Batteries And The Air Hawk Traveling Wheelchair Are Both FAA Approved In Addition To Being UN Certified.

You can Click On the Air Hawk Power Wheelchair Manuals Below to View or Download:

Air Hawk Owner manual



Battery Specifications: UN38-3

The AirHawk Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair is available in six durable automotive quality high gloss colors.

*Jet Black

The AirHawk Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair has a five-star accreditation with four different international organizations including Medical Merchants Union and has won both first place engineering as well as construction awards.

AirHawk Folding Power Wheelchair Customer Testimonial:

Every year my mother and I take a trip to Japan. It has been harder for my mother to get around and we did not want to miss out on our trip. After several months of evaluating light battery power wheelchairs that fold we decided on the Airhawk Power Wheelchair. Reading about it online and watching the review videos helped, but I was nervous about buying it and it not working. Ther person I talked to on the phone was very nice answered all my questions. I took a risk and ordered because I really wanted my mother to be able to go on our trip. When we got the chair, it really does fold up easily and was great for my mother. I would recommend your company to others to. My mother is very happy with her airhawk battery power wheelchair and now uses it almost every day to be more active.

Carla J – CA

I got the ez fold airhawk wheelchair for my husband. Yours was the only wheelchair that folds up to have an attachment so I can control the chair walking behind it. It’s light enough for me to operate and fits perfectly through all the doorways in our home. I had all but given up on looking for a light folding wheelchair that I did not have to push everywhere. The airhawk was the only power wheelchair that is light and lets me drive my husband. I’m very happy with everything and how nice everyone was on the phone with me was a bonus. Thank you for helping!

Linda S – PA

A few years ago I had an accident and now I need a wheelchair to help me get around most of the time. It was very hard to accept at first but that’s life. Dealing with manual wheelchairs in my house was frustrating because it’s hard for me to get out of a wheelchair from the front and the arms on my folding manual chair didn’t move. I was also tired of scraping my knuckles and the wall just about every time I would go through a doorway. At first, I thought a power wheelchair that I can drive in my house would make me lazy, but it’s made my life better and lets me do much more. Myself, knuckles and walls are very happy with your Airhawk power wheelchair. The arms fold up, the chair folds and it does what you said it would do. 5 stars from me.

Andy L – AZ

Dear Quick N Mobile,

I wish I could tell you my body is still doing what my mind wants it to do, but I can’t so instead I will tell you what your Airhawk Wheelchair lets me do. Three days per week I can go to work and see patients without getting tired. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t practice medicine anymore. For over 40 years I have been a physician. I feel especially lucky to have such a long career doing something I just love. Now that I can make it down the long hallways without needing a nap or to take breaks, I am able to continue to do what I love to do. Your kindness, consideration, and patience with my many questions prior to ordering my airhawk power wheelchair made me comfortable with your company. Thank you for helping, I’m a very happy customer.

Robert H – FL

Finding functional mobility equipment as an amputee has always been a challenge and thankfully not this time. After looking at many different fold up power wheelchairs for sale online, I chose the airhawk. I wanted something with a long range and that I can use both indoors and outside that I can easily use to get around. I was expecting to pay more for a totally inclusive package and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the accessories I needed were actually included with the chair and that there were no hidden fees. Your service could not have been any better, the only hiccup in my order occurred because some of the accessories that came with the chair had sold out and were on back order. Art first I was worried that you would forget, or that I was duped, but just as you said, they arrived about two weeks later. Not only that, someone always picked the phone up, even when I called after hours. I am very pleased with my order and your service. Especially for an internet based company. Keep up the great work!

Aizee J – FL    

To Quick N Mobile:

When I first called in to inquire about the Airhawk electronic wheelchair I was expecting to be placed on hold or talk to an answering machine and surprised a real and polite person answered. I was really hoping to you would have a payment plan available so could have ordered right away but was happy that your company helped with suggestions of where I might go to get financing. My local bank gave me a loan so I could get your chair. When it arrived I thought it was almost too good to be true. There was almost no setup, it worked and I can now get into every room in my house. I had a power chair before that didn’t fit into every room. Just that helped more than you know.

What I am also happy about is that I do not need to purchase another van with ramps and make payments forever. The airhawk folds up so easily, fits everywhere I need it to and is fast! I can feel the breeze in my hair with your chair. It’s also great for getting around outside of my house too. I live on several acres and just as you said, the chair has no trouble outside in the grass and even on hills. I love my airhawk wheelchair and have told all my friends about your company too. Thank you again.

Evilyn M – IA

R.I.P Malcolm. We are so happy we were able to add a bit of ease and convenience to your life during your time in need. May your beautiful memory live on forever!

Thank you so much!! I recommend you to everyone that asks about the AirHawk. I absolutely loved the convenience of the foldability and compact design, plus the durability and long lasting battery packs. You really made mine and Malcolm’s lives and travel so much easier.  Thank you for your beautiful and kind spirit along with your incredible patience and sense of humor. I am so honored that he touched your life and his memory made such a lasting impression. God bless you and please keep in touch. Kalie Tolbert.

With an Airhawk, Your Possibilities are Virtually Limitless. You CAN Easily Get Out and About to See Things and Do Stuff – Just Press “Play” In The Video Below To See The Airhawk Go To The Beach in Sunny South Florida!


Extended Used Airhawk Video Review:

All measurements provided are from the manufacturer have been converted from metric system to imperial system and provided by the manufacturer and therefore approximate. We cannot be held liable or accountable for differing measurements of any product shown. Please be advised that measurements are contingent on where the product is measured and can vary depending on how the product is measured. All sales are considered final. Please reference our terms page for information about returns. We welcome any and all phone calls about any of our products, whether it be questions or concerns. Thank you for understanding. Quick N Mobile. 

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