The 26lbs Titanyon Hybrid Carbon Fiber Portable Motorized Wheelchair

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Just 26 Lbs


Titanyon Hybrid Carbon Fiber Portable Motorized Wheelchair



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    The Titanyon is currently on Pre-Order. We expect the Titanyon to ship to our customers in July of 2024. If you order, you can cancel for a full refund any time before the device ships. Pre-ordering is a great way to make sure you receive a Titanyon once we receive them. 

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It Weighs Just 26 Lbs! You can Order Now, You Don’t Need Permission from a Doctor for this Chair!

Suppose you want a foldable lightweight wheelchair ideal for indoor and outdoor surfaces. In that case, the 26 lbs Titanyon is perfect for Doctor’s visits, parks, shopping, malls, around the block, outings with grandkids, theme parks, family reunions, and so much more. The Titanyon weighs just 26 lbs, so it isn’t designed for all-terrain use. Flat surfaces, plush carpets, grass, gravel, and just about any indoor surface are ideal for your Titanyon.

Quick Facts:

  • Holds up to 270lbs

  • Sufficient 17.5″ Wide Seating Area

  • Arms Fold Up and Beyond The Chair for Easy Side Entry / Exit

  • The footplate folds up flush to the chair for enhanced utility

  • STRONG! Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Aero-Grade Noble Carbon Fiber

  • SUPER LIGHT! 26 LBS without the Battery, Just 29 lbs Driving Weight

  • Up to 18 Mile Driving Range on a Single Charge (both batteries)** Average 7-9 Miles per battery

  • FAA Aircraft Travel Approved! 

  • Take your Titanyon on Cruise ships, Trains, Taxis, Uber Rides, and More!

  • Folds and Unfolds Quickly and Easily!

  • Energy Absorbing “Flexi-Frame” Frame Design

  • High-quality lithium-ion Batteries last up to 3-5 Years before needing a replacement!

  • Just the Size of a Medium Suitcase when Folded!

  • Simple Sensi-Touch Joystick!

  • Weather Resistant Coating and Protection

  • FREE SHIPPING – Takes Just 7 days or less to be delivered almost all the time!

  • The Titanyon Comes Fully Assembled!

  • All You Need To Do Is Open The Box, The Batteries Already Have A Partial Charge So You Can Take It For a Spin As Soon As You Get It Out Of The Box, Simple as 1-2-3!

  • Two (2) Powerful 190 Watt Motors for 380 Watts of Total Power!


Please Press PLAY to View a Comprehensive Overview Video Below:

The Titanyon is LOADED with Great Features and The Titanyon is more than just a 26 lbs super light motorized battery-operated foldable wheelchair. It’s a carefully planned key to mobility! PICTURED ABOVE: The Footrest folds flush to the Titanyon for easy entry/exit. The armrests can easily be folded behind the wheelchair too, for easier access to dining and more. 

The Titanyon Power Wheelchair is a HYBRID. It’s constructed from Aircraft Grade Aluminum Allow and Noble Grade Carbon Fiber. 

PICTURED BELOW: The Titanyon is so light, that lifting the chair is a task even a child can do without straining! 

The Titanyon folds in just seconds and fits in the trunk of almost any car!

The “Secret Sauce” is in the Design and Technology 

The Titanyon Power Wheelchair is LOADED with technology and comfort-enhancing design features. 

PICTURED ABOVE: The Titanyon has a Quick Release bar that sits just under the seat of the chair. This serves two purposes. To fold the Titanyon simply pull up on the bar (when not seated in the chair) and it easily folds forward. This bar also latches the Titanyon into place when unfolded. In what we consider a Genius Feat in Engineering, the frame becomes slightly flexible when the chair is unfolded. This helps to absorb energy from the ground and makes for a more comfortable driving experience. PICTURED BELOW: A closer look at the Quick Release bar and latch. 

PICTURED ABOVE: When folded, The Titanyon is the size of a medium suitcase. It is FAA Travel Approved, so taking your Titanyon on your next adventure is more simple.

The Small Details Make The Titanyon The Preferred Choice for Portable Wheelchairs

PICTURED BELOW: While most portable wheelchairs have a small footrest (12″ or less) The Titanyon’s footrest is a ROOMY 16″ WIDE! This gives you plenty of space to situate your feet in the most comfortable position while you are using the chair. 

PICTURED ABOVE: The Titanyon STANDARD with a Sensi Touch Joystick and adjustable speed of up to 4 mph. The further in ANY direction you push the joystick knob (within any speed setting) the more power you unlock. When you just barely push the joystick forward, you can go very slow. Apply more pressure and you are going to to faster. You control where your Titanyon goes and at what speed to travel within its limits. DIRECTLY FROM THE JOYSTICK – You can turn off the backup beeping, put your Titanyon in FREEWHEEL MODE so it can be used as a manual pushchair and you can use the HORN to let people know that you are there!

PICTURED ABOVE: The Titanyon Wheelchair’s joystick comes with a WHOPPING 8″ OF ADJUSTABILITY!  This is more than almost any portable wheelchair available on the marketplace today. Additionally, the right or left side of the chair. To adjust the length of the joystick, just use the knob located to the right of the joystick.

When you Drive your Titanyon, you are actually CHARGING your Titanyon!

PICTURED ABOVE: The Titanyon has space for TWO (2) FAA Travel Approved Lithium Ion Batteries. You can see the battery on the right side of the chair. On the left (with the green light) is the CPU. When powered on, the chair is in driving mode. Inside of each motor is a generator that actually assists in powering the chair. This does WONDERS to improve the lift of the battery. There is not a single chair on the market today (besides the Titanyon) that we know of that uses this powerful technology. 


PICTURED BELOW: The Titanyon can be charged through the computer (CPU) in the back of the chair or (pictured further down) directly into the battery with the Pigtail Charger Attachment that comes with your Titanyon Wheelchair. 

PICTURED ABOVE: The Lithium Ion Battery on the Titanyon just clicks into place. It is simple to install and remove with the easy latch configuration. PICTURED BELOW: You can plug your charger directly into the Titanyon’s battery packs. This way, the power wheelchair itself can be stored in the most convenient place for you. The batteries can be charged almost anywhere there is a power supply, outside of the chair! 

The Titanyon Portable Battery Powered Wheelchair may be small, but it’s MIGHTY! 

PICTURED ABOVE: The Titanyon has sufficient 12″ rear wheels (7″ front wheels) with FLAT-FREE Tires. The tread on wheels is designed for maximum grip and minimal slippage. This is accomplished by using high-quality, high-traction polyurethane blends that grips the surface you are driving on and don’t mark up the floors!

PICTURED BELOW: The Titanyon comes with TWO (2) POWERFUL 190 Watt Brushless Electromagnetic Power Regenerating Motors. 380 Watts Total! Having good motors alone is nice, but not enough to make a spectacular driving machine. To go from good to spectacular, the correct power-to-torque ratio is an absolute must. Our engineers have calculated the ideal power-to-torque ratio for comfort, power, and enjoyable driving. When you own a Titanyon, you own part of the future.  

The Titanyon Foldable Motorized Wheelchair puts Safety First!

PICTURED ABOVE: The Titanyon comes with removable Anti-Tip (kickstand) wheels. Both safety and freedom of decision are important. Some customers don’t like anti-tip wheels, while others won’t purchase a Titanyon Electronic Wheelchair unless it has anti-tip wheels. Well, the Titanyon has the best of both worlds. In the above picture, you can see the Titanyon without the Anti-Tip wheels attached. You can also see the anti-tip wheels that EVERY TITANYON COMES WITH.  

PICTURED BELOW: In just a matter of seconds, with the Quick-Latch-Attach system, the prefabricated holes (on the frame and anti-tip wheels) can be lined up and latched. The latch quickly and securely snaps into place to secure anti-tip wheels when you want to drive with them on. Taking them off is just as simple. 

PICTURED BELOW: The Titanyon Power Wheelchair with anti-tip wheels installed. 

The Titanyon Folding Power Wheelchair has a Seatbelt and Seat Covers

PICTURED ABOVE: The Titanyon Wheelchair comes with an adjustable seatbelt. This is a standard issue! The seating is also unique in several ways. The Breathable moisture-wicking standard seating is comfortable, pliable, and easy to clean. Sitting in a Titanyon for several hours, even all day is easily comfortable due to the ERGONOMIC DESIGN. The front of the armrests and seat is an entire inch higher than the back of the armrests and seat, respectively. This makes the Titanyon ergonomic. PICTURED BELOW: The Titanyon comes with TWO (2) additional seat covers that can be attached and removed using the velcro strap on the bottom of each cushion. The Titanyon is one of the ONLY motorized wheelchairs that INCLUDES additional optional  MEMORY FOAM cushions for your comfort. 


The Titanyon is LOADED with Features Galore!

PICTURED ABOVE: The Titanyon Power Wheelchair with regenerating power motors, ergonomic design, 12″ rear wheels, 7″ front wheels, and Easy Push Handles for when the chair is in freewheel. When the Titanyon is being used as a Manual Pushchair it is comfortable for both parties due to the convenience of padded rear handles. Without rear handles, a portable wheelchair must be gripped at the top bar to be pushed. This requires the pusher to extend their body further forward (putting more pressure on the lower back). Additionally, the person being pushed has to contend with the knuckles of the pusher on their neck due to a lack of proper handles. 

PICTURED BELOW: Each armrest comes with a metal latch. When unlocked, the armrests can be lifted, or can be placed entirely behind the chair! 

PICTURED ABOVE: The 26 lbs Titanyon Portable Motorized Wheelchair with the footrest flush to the seat and armrests up. 

The Titanyon Has Storage and Tools

PICTURED ABOVE: Each and every Titanyon comes with a toolkit holder.
PICTURED BELOW: The tools that come with your Titanyon Power Wheelchair. 

PICTURED ABOVE: The Titanyon Wheelchair has a built-in storage pouch in the back of the seat for tools, or other items you wish to stow away. 

Titanyon Specifications Imperial
Chair Weight 26 Pounds 29 Lbs Operating Weight
Weight Capacity 270 Pounds
Seat Cushion Width 1st 16″ Inch | 2nd 18.5 Inch
Seat Depth 1st 16″ Inch | 2nd 18.5 Inch
Seat Height 19.5 Inch
Width Of Wheelchair (Unfolded) 24 Inch
Length Of Wheelchair (Unfolded) 35.5
Height Of Wheelchair (Unfolded) 34.5
Width Of Wheelchair (Folded) 24 Inch
Height Of Wheelchair (Folded) 29.5 Inches
Thickness Of Wheelchair (Folded) 12.5 Inches
Motor 190 Watt Brushless / 24v X 2
Battery 24v Lithium-ion 6.6 Ah (3 Lbs) X 2 –No Plugs / Easy To Remove
Frame Hybrid Carbon Fiber and Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Foldable Arm Rest Arms Fold Up for Easy Side Entry-Exit Note: (Also Enter-Exit From Front)
Front Tires 7 Inch / Flat Free (Non-Marking)
Rear Tires 12 Inch / Flat Free (Non-Marking)
Suspension Yes / Flexi Frame
Seat Cushion 1st 1 Inch 
Charger 24v / 2amp / Lithium-ion / International
Range (With Both Batteries) up to 18 Miles
Range (Using One Battery) up to 9 Miles
Turning Radius 21 Inches
Charging Time 1.5 Hours
Airline Approved Yes
Cruise Ship Approved Yes
Charge Indicator Yes
Variable Speed Settings Yes
Top Speed 4 Mph
Horn Yes
Anti Tip Wheels Yes (Load Bearing)
Controls  Easy To Use Sensi-Touch Joystick
Weather Resistant For Use Indoors & Outdoors
Reverse Yes / Speed In Reverse Is 3 Mph
FDA & FAA Approved Yes

Most Frequent Questions:

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