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The Electra7 HD WIDE Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair

Introducing The Electra7 HD 21″ SEATING AREA WIDE Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair

Both Arms Up

The electric 7 HD Wide lightweight power folding wheelchair is a remarkable machine that weighs just 50 lbs without the batteries. With the ability to fold up in less than a second to approximately the size of a medium suitcase and the ability to travel up to 28 miles with to travel approved batteries, one in each side of the chair, it’s hard to think of the Electra 7 HD as anything other than a useful companion for those who are either moderately disabled, or those who are having a more difficult time moving around.

Not only does the Electra 7 HD WIDE Power Folding Wheelchair come equipped with a Sensi-Touch weather resistant joystick controller, it also has a powerful smooth ride ensuring Dura shock system, in addition to two 250w Motors that power the unit sufficiently over smooth surfaces, inclines, and even rocky surfaces such as a dirt road. The batteries on the Electra 7 HD WIDE are both easy to charge in and out of the unit, in addition to being simple to remove from the unit. Unlike units that have batteries underneath the carriage or seat of the chair, the Electra7 HD WIDE is simple, easy, and convenient for anybody to use.

The ELECRRA7 HD WIDE is shipped at no additional cost anywhere in the continental US. Another wonderful feature is that the Electra7 HD Wide does come with multiple different accessories that are included in the price! Some companies choose to nickel-and-dime their customers, but not Quick N Mobile.

With a conservative purchase price of $3247, which includes door to door shipping, you also receive a free battery with your order for a total of two batteries, a free protective cover case, a free headrest that is adjustable and multiple points, a free cup holder, and a free powerful adjustable flashlight with a holder as well.

When ordering a lightweight folding power wheelchair, it is understandable to Value service once the unit has been ordered. It can be scary to downright frightening to think that after you place an order you may not even be able to get a hold of the company ordered from again. Not only does Quick N Mobile have a toll-free telephone number, we are very easy to get a hold of on Skype or our website based chat application for international orders or domestic orders, and the folks at Quick N Mobile are also very easy to reach by email with a very reasonable response time.

The Electra 7 HD WIDE folding power wheelchair comes with a 2-year limited warranty, but customers will rarely need to call in for any issues as the Electra 7 HD Wide has an excellent track record. Another feature that the Electra 7hd Wide has that many other chairs do not have is the quality of the tires!

Many customers have complained about units with gray tires either wearing out orally or looking dingy after the first few days of driving. That is quite understandable to not want to make a multi $1,000 purchase only to have it look dirty several days later. The electric 7 HD Wide has a unique polymer blend that will not only stay clean for longer or appear to be clean for longer but also will last for a substantial driving distance before even showing moderate signs of wear. With the worried of having to replace Wheels every 3 to 5 months from chairs that are made from an inferior quality, the Electra7 HD Wide can be a breath of fresh air because every last millimeter of the unit is built with quality in mind.

We have been praised by welders for the care to detail and the special attention to all of the weld points for the body of the Electra 7 HD Wide folding power wheelchair. We have been praised by customers for the easy ride the Electra 7 HD Wide folding power wheelchair provides.

We could go on and on about all of the features for the Electra 7hd Wide, with a 21in seating area, and the ability to hold up to 400 pounds, WHICH MAKES THIS CHAIR THE ONLY CHAIR IN THE INDUSTRY THAT HAS 21″ OF SEATING SPACE AND HOLDS UP TO 400LBS – but we are certain that you would like to do your own research as well. Purchasing a folding power wheelchair is a big decision, and we hope that by reading some of the text on this page or watching some of the embedded videos within, you have a better idea of how the Electra7 HD WIDE folding power wheelchair could possibly fit into your life as well!

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