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Lexis Light Mobility Scooter Review

Introducing The Lexis Light Folding Mobility Scooter:

The Lexis Light Folding Mobility Scooter is a popular choice for multiple reasons.  For starters, the device weighs only 54 lbs without the battery. The battery, which sits on the front column of the front wheel drive scooter is both reliable and simple to remove for charging and transporting. In addition to having a battery that is simple to remove and charge, the body of the Lexis Light itself is completely unique in the aspect that the frame separates into two pieces for easy lifting and storage!

The three pieces of the Lexis Light Folding Mobility Scooter are displayed below so you can get an idea of how the scooter looks when it is completely broken down into small, easy to lift pieces:

As it pertains to the picture above, the piece on the left weighs 28 lbs, the front steering column which has the motor weighs just 26lbs! The lead battery, that comes standard with the Lexis Light weighs 19lbs. There is also the option to upgrade the battery to a high power lithium-ion battery that weighs only 9lbs and is travel-friendly, so you can take the Lexis Light on both airplanes, cruise ships, trains, taxis and more. Please reference the picture below for a breakdown of pieces and weight:

 The Lexis Light Also Folds Into A Single Piece:

Another feature of the Lexis Light that gives you additional choices is the device’s ability to be folded up into a single piece that weighs just 54 lbs. This is convenient for simply folding the Lexis Light and putting it where you would like it to go. Folded up into just one piece, the Lexis Light is about the size of a medium-size suitcase!   Please reference the “cut sheet” below for measurements:

Unfolded Measurements are below:

This Video Provides a 7-Minute Overview of the Lexis Light and What It Is Capable Of:

As you may be able to see in the video above, the Lexis Light Break Apart Mobility Scooter is simple to work with. From the way the Lexis Light is controlled to the four-point seating cage, which is engineered for stability, the functional utility of the Lexis Light is apparent in the totality of the scooter. 

Although the Lexis Light is a Four Wheel Mobility Scooter, it has the ability to outmaneuver the four-wheel competition. 

With the front two wheels being closer together than the wide read wheels, driving and steering the Lexis Light may feel more similar to a three-wheel tricycle in terms of the ability to take sharp turns. For that reason, the Lexis Light can be considered an appropriate mobility scooter for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Larger four-wheel scooters, due to their physical structure are often better suited for rougher terrains and wide open spaces. While the beefier, less travel-friendly versions of the mobility scooter can serve their purpose – even earn their trusted space in the garage, they cannot maneuver like the less stable three-wheel scooters.

Assessing The Risk of Tipping with a Lexis Light

While the Easy Travel Lexis Light has four wheels, the spacing of the two front wheels makes the Lexis Light similar to a tricycle in some regards. Tricycles usually have the ability to take tight turns, but give up stability, or become easier to tip than the four-wheel versions. With that in mind, if you are considering getting a Lexis Light, there are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before purchasing. 



REASON: The steering column and forward and reverse control of the Lexis Light require both hands to use. On the right side, there is a forward control lever. The left side houses the other side of that lever for reverse – and in the center, there is the speed dial. If you do not have strength in both hands, or certain types of arthritis conditions cause discomfort, the Lexis Light may not be ideal. In those circumstances, lightweight folding power wheelchair may be a better option because of the use of a joystick that only requires a finger to drive. 


REASON: As with many mobility devices, there is a risk of tipping. The Lexis Light has the ability to take tight turns, which makes it suitable for indoors navigation, but also makes it LESS STABLE FOR THOSE WITH STABILITY ISSUES. There are circumstances where the lexis light could tip. A sharp turn if you are traveling horizontally across a driveway that is sloped is one example of how the Lexis Light could tip. If you have a history of tipping other scooters, the lexis light, or just about any other scooter for that matter, is likely not an appropriate choice. 


REASON: More of an answer than reason, the Lexis Light Scooter is in a much different class than heavier scooters that require a hydraulic lift to move – or a carrier to be installed on your vehicle. The Lexis Light can fold up and fit in the trunk of almost any car. Even though the Lexis Light is portable, the user still must be able to fold and unfold the device, in addition to picking both parts up and putting them in the trunk. Even the Lexis Light is absolutely the lightest scooter when broken down, the user still has to use pick the 28lb part up. 

Additional Features Of Note:

There are a few more things to note when contemplating the Lexis Light, which are explained below:

– The Lexis Light has electromagnetic brakes. This means when you take your hand off the drive bar, the device stops. This is typically considered both more safe and stable that scooters that use bicycle style braking systems. 

– With the Lead Battery, the Lexis Light has a 10-mile range. The wheels are 2×8″ – the turning radius is 28 degrees and the weight capacity is 270lbs. 

– The arms on the seat fold up for easy side mounting and dismounting. The seat is attached by four points, which makes driving more secure due to a more stable center of gravity. 


In Summary:

We think the Lexis Light Lightweight Folding Mobility scooter is a suitable decision if you enjoy travel, would like a scooter for going shopping or getting around, would like a scooter for in the house and doctor appointments. Because the Lexis Light can easily become three parts which are all simple to lift, this makes transporting it a non-issue. If you have additional questions about the Lexis Light foldable mobility scooter, please feel welcome to call us (Quick N Mobile) on our toll free number 1-888-701-8799. You can also click on the pictures below for a summary:

The Lexis Light Mobility Scooter:









The Electra7 Wide Folding Power Wheelchair:

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