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Folds Up AirHawk Wheelchair Review

When I was asked to write a review for the Airhawk Wheelchair I was quite pleased because I think it’s an outstanding and innovative product. Mobility issues can be challenging to frustrating and angering if you’re not given enough information to make an informed decision that will enhance the quality of your life. I will do my best to keep this wheelchair review as straightforward and informative as possible by presenting facts, positives, and negatives.

The Facts:

The Air Hawk Easy Folding Wheelchair weighs just 41 lbs. It can support 264.5 lbs, it has a top speed of 4 mph and 26-mile range with both batteries. Unfolded, the Airhawk’s dimensions are 35 in. x 23 in. x 35 in. Folded the power wheelchair’s dimensions are: 27.75 in. x 23.25 in. x 12.25 in. The Airhawk’s seat is 20″ from the ground and is made with memory foam. The armrest is adjustable and there is space under the seat for a storage basket. There Airhawk’s uses a joystick controller and comes with a horn too.

Our Feedback:

The Airhawk Folding Power Wheelchair considered the “World’s Lightest Power Wheelchair” is a popular product. It’s manufactured from quality products in China. From our experience and what we hear, the airhawk can be driven hard, put away wet and still perform well. But, we do think this chair is perfect for certain profiles more than others.

Seniors who are slowing down but not eager to stop going out or being mobile tend to favor the Airhawk to other mobility scooters for several reasons. First, the Airhawk only weights 41 lbs. Not only that, it folds and fits nicely in most cars. The task of folding and unfolding the airhawk power folding wheelchair is simple and does not require more than one part to be used, like some of the folding mobility scooters do.

The average person walks at a speed of 3.1 mph and the Airhawk’s top speed is 4mph, which makes it suitable for travel to destination parks (Disney) – cruise ships and more. Point being, with a 26 mile range on full batteries and top speed of 4mph, the Airhawk Wheelchair will last a day at the park with family and friends.

The Positives:

Charges quickly, is sturdy, is light, is comfortable and is easy to use. Fits in the back seat or trunk of most cars. No additional lifts or other equipment needed and you can take this folding power wheelchair with you because the batteries are travel safe and documented.

The Negatives:

With a wheelbase of 23″ you will need to plan ahead and make certain you schedule your stay on the cruise line’s handicapped accessible rooms. The standard width is 21.5, which would not allow for smoothly driving in and out of the room.


The Airhawk Power Wheelchair is very popular right now because of it’s weight, ease of use, travel ability and performance.  We rate this product a “Thumbs up!”

Here is a clip of the Air Hawk Adventures in Pompano Beach. Come along for a ride here: