Factory Refurbished Heavy Duty AH-XLS Folding Power Wheelchair

$6,127.00 $2,587.00

Brand New Factory Refurbished AH-XLS Folding Power Wheelchairs – Holds Up to 400Lbs

  • The AH-XLS Weighs Just 50 Lbs and Folds Up Small Enough to fit in the trunk of almost any car!
  • Holds Up to 400LBS and Unfolds in just a second!
  • Travels with speeds up to 5mph!
  • Has two powerful batteries that deliver up to a 30-mile range
  • Comes with Accessories that you should expect!
  • Order the Brand New Refurbished Unit vs New AH-XLS and save $599 Instantly!

We now have hundreds of Brand New Factory Refurbished AH-XLS Heavy Duty Folding Power Wheelchairs. These chairs are Brand New, Freshly Refurbished and work perfectly! While supplies last, you can enjoy a Brand New Refurbished AH-XLS Folding Power Wheelchair for a Deep Discount!

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The Brand New Factory Re-Conditioned Heavy Duty AH-XLS Holds Up to 400lbs!

Worldwide Shipping Available

The AH-XLS foldable power wheelchair is durable, reliable and easy to manage. Weighing in at just 50 lbs (without batteries) and only 58lbs with easy-slide batteries – the AH-XLS was designed for all occasions. Thanks to a shipping mishap that caused units to sit in storage, we now have access to Brand New, Perfectly Working, Factory Reconditioned AH-XLS Folding Power Wheelchairs at Discounted Pricing

In addition to receiving a 5-Star Quality Rating, The AH-XLS takes just a second to unfold, is travel approved and great for both indoor and outdoor daily use! Just watch the quick video below to see how easy the AH-XLS is to fold and unfold!

A Simple Safety Latch Allows The Chair To Open and Close In Just Seconds:

Pictured Below, you can see the AH-XLS Securely Latched into place for operation

The award-winning design of the AH-XLS coupled with tried and proven use in “the field” has placed this desirable power chair on one of America’s most purchased lists for several years and running. See the Picture below to understand how easy it is to get the chair ready to fold up and stow away:

Unfolded the AH-XLS measures 39 in. x 25 in. x 35 in. – and folded up it’s just 25 in. x 29 in. x 12 in.

With the ability to fit in the trunk or back seat of almost any car with the need for a bulky lift or carrier not only is the AH-XLS convenient, it also saves money by not having to purchase additional equipment for transport. Even though the AH-XLS Chairs you are looking at on this page have been Factory Refurbished, they are brand new and work perfectly!

The Refurbished AH-XLS Can Handle Gravel and Hills Easily as seen in the quick video below:

There are many adventures you can take with your Refurbished AH-XLS! Whether it be family gatherings, outings with friends or exploring nature, you can do it all! – Just press “play” to see the Refurbished AH-XLS going to a waterfall!

High-quality aircraft grade aluminum gives the AH-XLS strength, durability and trustworthiness. If you can trust durable, lightweight, reliable aircraft grade aluminum with your life at 30,000 plus feet in the air, you can trust the AH-XLS with your daily transporting and travel mobility needs. Rated to hold up to 400lbs, the travel-approved AH-XLS is a lightweight folding power wheelchair for just about any occasion.

The Brand New Factory Refurbished AH-XLS is Equipped with TWO Powerful 250-Watt Motors – designed to conquer various terrains:

With TWO 250-Watt Brushless Hub Motors, the AH-XLS Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair practically races along with adjustable speeds up to 5mph. Additionally, the AH-XLS comes standard with two travel safe, quick charge lithium-ion batteries (one is free) delivering long range use, up to 30-Miles on a single charge! Additionally, The AH-XLS requires just 30 minutes for a recharge once the batteries are empty.

With the Flip of a Switch – The Brand New Factory Refurbished AH-XLS Heavy Duty Power Folding Wheelchair INSTANTLY becomes a Manual Push Wheelchair! Please view short video below to see the AH-XLS go from Push Chair to Power Chair in Seconds!

As you can see pictured above, on the side of each motor, there is a red light switch-like switch that lets your refurbished AH-XLS function “in gear” as a motorized electronic power wheelchair or a manual push wheelchair. The switches are located in easy to use convenient locations and work instantly. 

Award-Winning Maneuverability Puts the Factory Refurbished AH-XLS Power Wheelchair In A Separate Class

With the ability turn on a dime, navigate tight and small spaces have never been easier. The Refurbished AH-XLS can easily climb slopes up to 25 degrees, go over grass, gravel, pavement and not chew up the carpet or mark up floors indoors. Additionally, both arms easily fold up for simple, convenient and comfortable mounting, however, you choose. 

The Award Winning Design and 17” x 17” seat cushion, 19″ seating space, fold up armrests and easy to fold footrest are all features that helped earn the AH-XLS Electronic Wheelchair a 5-Star Rating!    


Outside, Hills and Slopes are No Matches for the Refurbished AH-XLS as can be seen in the brief video below:

Drive your Brand New Factory Refurbished AH-XLS Power Wheelchair with Just One Finger:

The AH-XLS Folding Power Wheelchair comes with a simple-use joystick controller that can be mounted on either side of your power chair. From the controller, you are able to power your chair on and off, adjust the speed, quickly, see how much battery power remains and use the horn. All of this can be done with just a single finger!

When you order, your AH-XLS can go forward, backward, and to either side quickly, easily and with the simple touch of your finger. The AH-XLS comes FULLY ASSEMBLED and the controller is just another feature that makes getting around even easier.

Folded Up The Brand New Refurbished AH-XLS Is Easy to Roll and Pack

The Batteries Slide Out In Seconds – The Joystick Comes Off With a Simple Twist!

Taking the batteries out makes the AH-XLS as light as possible for easier stowing. Not to mention how quickly and easily the joystick is to both use and remove when you are ready to put the chair in the trunk of your car. Pictured above you can see the joystick and battery out of the chair.

With Quick View Batteries – You can Instantly See How Much Charge Remains:

In addition to having the instant ability to see how much battery life is left in each individual battery – you can also plug the charger directly into the batteries while they are inside the chair or outside of the chair! With the Brand New Factory Refurbished AH-XLS, you have several choices and options of how, when and where you charge your chair.

Charge The Batteries Outside of The Chair:

Non-Spillable Lithium-Ion Batteries are Standard – You can FLY with your AH-XLS!

Stuck In The Rain with the Refurbished AH-XLS? Don’t worry – See the video below:

As you can see in the video above, the Refurbished AH-XLS has great traction in the rain. Drive without slipping while maintaining full control with the simple-to-use joystick. The electromagnetic brakes work great, rain or shine and most importantly – you won’t get stuck either way!

Factory Refurbished AH-XLS Specifications:

Max Capacity400 pounds
Weight W/O Batteries50 Lbs
Weight With Batteries (2 batteries come with chair)58 Lbs
Unfolded Dimensions (LxWxH)39 in. x 25 in. x 35 in.
Folded Dimensions (LxWxH)25 in. x 29 in. x 12 in.
Seat Space Dimensions (L x W)19 in. x 19 in.
Seat Cushion Dimensions (L x W)17 in. x 17 in.
Seating Height (from ground)20 in.
Arm Rest Height (from ground)28.25 in.
Turning Radius27.3 in.
Maximum Speed5 miles per hour
Distance on Full BatteryUp to 30 miles
Ground Clearance1.9 in.
Front Wheels (diameter x width)7 in. x 2 in.
Rear Wheels (diameter x width)12 in. x 2 in.
Incline Capability25% slope
Wheel MaterialA mix of Polyurethane and Rubber (for smoother ride/shock absorption)
Motor TypeBrush-less Motor, 24V DC, 2 x 250W Power Rating
BatteryLithium Ion, 24V DC Output
ChargerInput: AC 100V-240V~2A Max 47Hz-63Hz, Output: DC 29.2V – 2A
Brake TypeElectromagnetic Brakes
FrameLightweight Strong Aluminum Aircraft Alloy (Light Power Wheelchair)

Every Factory Re-Furbished AH-XLS is Quality Tested before being packaged and Shipped:

* Please note that each and every Refurbished AH-XLS folding power wheelchair is thoroughly tested in the factory, prior to being packaged and shipped. The controls are tested, the batteries are tested, the ability to handle and climb is tested and more. We have been getting fantastic feedback from our customers. People are pleased with the weld points, quality of the finish, overall handling and ease of use. When you order, you are getting a new unit that has been tried, tested and passed with flying colors! 

AH-XLS Folding Power Wheelchair Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can these chairs be both new and refurbished at the same time?

A: The lot of chairs you are looking at here were sitting in storage for an extended time. They are brand new, never used. However, components on those chairs needed to be updated before they could be sold. For example, the batteries and joysticks needed updating, the motors were all quality tested and seat cushions updated to a larger size. That is the refurbishment they received.

Q: What sort of warranty or guarantee can I expect with these chairs

A: We stand behind all products that we offer. When you buy a refurbished computer, it typically comes with a dead-on-arrival clause for the first 15 days. We take things a step further. You get a full 30-Day Guarantee that your unit will work and function as it should. Please keep in mind you are receiving $599 in savings from a brand new unit with a one year warranty when you purchase a refurbished AH-XLS Wheelchair.

Q: Do I still get free accessories and an extra battery for free when I purchase the refurbished AH-XLS?

A: Yes, you do. All of the accessories available with brand new units that have a one year warranty are available with the Refurbished AH-XLS. That does include an extra battery (which means your chair comes with a total of TWO batteries.)


Q: I love the savings, but I’m concerned about purchasing a product with a 30-day guarantee. Be honest with me, how reliable are these wheelchairs?


A: Firstly, we (Quick N Mobile) will not stock chairs or other products that have a high ratio of complaints, returns, or mechanical issues. Stocking these types of products is bad for all parties involved. For those who have followed us, we have discontinued several products, including several folding power wheelchairs we feel are inferior quality products. The AH-XLS is a well-built chair that receives virtually no calls for warranty issues and repairs. We have rigorously tested the refurbished units and they work amazingly, as can be seen in the videos.



Q: If I do need a repair or maintenance, can you help me with the repair?


A: Yes. If your chair does encounter a problem, please call us. We will help you with a simple and easy solution.


What if I do not like the chair once I purchase it, can I return it?


A: No. All sales of refurbished items are final. If it does not work as a result of a manufacturer defect within the first 30 days, we will fix it. If that is deal-breaker, but you love everything else about the chair, you may wish to consider purchasing an Eagle, or Electra7 HD. Both come with Warranties and return policies.



Q: Is there anything else I should know about the AH-XLS before moving forward?


A: Yes, please expect a 12-18 day shipping period. The Refurbished AH-XLS comes FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready to use. The batteries only need 30-minutes to charge and the chair has a great driving range. It can go up steep hills, over gravel and will ok if you get stuck in the rain. The chair is a great bargain and very easy to own/operate.  

Refurbished AH-XLS Key Features:

  • Turns on a dime

  • Weighs just 50 lbs

  • Has a range of (up to) 30 miles on a single charge

  • Folds up (in just 2 seconds) and fits in small places easily.

  • Constructed from Lightweight Aircraft Quality Aluminum Frame

  • Perfect power chair for indoors and outside

  • Suitable for bariatric use holds up to 400 lbs and folds up

  • Comfortable Memory Foam seat with removable cover for easy cleaning

  • Will fit in almost any car

  • Stands up when folded up on its own. You don’t have to lean it against a  wall

  • Long Distance Power Wheelchair – Goes up to 30 miles on a single charge

  • Comes with TWO (One Free) travel approved Lithium-Ion Batteries.

Refurbished AH-XLS Wheelchair Testimonials

“I just can’t thank you enough for making the refurbished AH-XLS available to me. I have been shopping around for a heavy duty, yet lightweight folding wheelchair for months before receiving a special promotional email from your company with news of the refurbished AH-XLS wheelchairs. At first, I was slightly reluctant to purchase a chair without a warranty but felt much better knowing the chairs were brand new, factory refurbished and tested individually before being sold. My chair works perfectly, just as you said it would. Much better than my pride chair for getting around the house. I love the handling and have even started going outside more because my husband can fit this chair in the trunk of our car and it is light enough for him to manage. Thank you again!”

Gertrude A – Chicago, IL

“When my refurbished AH-XLS arrived at the front door I was pleased with the appearance. If you would not have told me the chair was factory refurbished, I would have guessed it was new. Anyway, it works well and has let me get around both inside and outside much easier. I even go to the store without worries thanks to the long life batteries. I’m a happy customer.”

Dale P – Fort Myers, FL

“I bought the refurbished AH-XLS with the control bracket for my brother, who now lives in a home. Sometimes he is able to use the chair by himself and when he is not, the control bracket is easy enough to use. Thank you for helping to make my brother more mobile”

Emily B – Punta Gorda, FL

The Desirable Refurbished AH-XLS Folding Battery Power Wheelchair INCLUDES Several FREE Accessories:

FREE Second Battery:

If you have been shopping around for a lightweight foldable power wheelchair for a while you may have noticed that very few vendors make it a standard practice to include an extra battery without charge. The Refurbished AH-XLS comes with a second battery FREE of charge. All you have to do is click the box indicating that yes, you would like a FREE BATTERY.

Free Weather Resistant Tear Proof Travel Cover

The smart travel cover included with your Refurbished AH-XLS was designed specifically for smart use with the Refurbished AH-XLS. What we mean by smart use, is simple and functional use! Not only can you protect your chair from wear and tear that sometimes happens with travel, you can also easily use the handle and pull your Refurbished AH-XLS through the airport, cruise ship or wherever you choose to travel with it, all covered up!!!

FREE Head Rest Bracket

You asked we listened! Now included with your Refurbished AH-XLS is a 3-way, adjustable, removable headrest for maximum comfort. In just seconds, your Refurbised AH-XLS can have the extra comfort, support and peace of mind our customers have come to expect with a folding power wheelchair that is often a regular chair for multiple hours, every day. The headrests are packed with soft, yet firm memory foam for maximizing comfort and support. 

FREE Under Seat Basket:

Under Seat Basket Included Free!

Each Refurbished AH-XLS Power Wheelchair comes with an element resistant, under seat basket that will not get wet. This valuable storage is useful additional space. When you are out and about, you never know what you may wish to hold and carry with your refurbished AH-XLS!

FREE Cupholder:

YourRefurbished AH-XLS comes with a sturdy, flexible cup holder that will hold cans, bottles, and cups of various sizes due to its insta-adjust feature. Hot coffee, room temperature water or even a cold adult beverage, your refurbished AH-XLS Cupholder can accommodate them all. Additionally, you can quickly and easily clamp your cupholder on various areas of your chair for your convenience. 

FREE Safety Belt:

TheRefurbished AH-XLS now includes a FREE safety belt so you can strap yourself in for enhanced security. Bumps, sharp turns or even speedy driving can be done with a greater sense of comfort and control when you are safely buckled up in your chair. 

FREE Toolkit:

Now you can easily tighten, loosen and feel confident about your ability to always have the right tools on hand if you ever decide to tinker around with your refurbished AH-XLS. Please, note the kit pictured is different than the set of tools you receive with your chair. 

 Free Flash Light Holder:

Night or Day, your path can always be illuminated when you are operating a Refurbished AH-XLS. The flashlight holder is a standard accessory that lets you attach a light to your chair and even holds it at just the right angle for you to easily see the road ahead or even focus on spaces you want to be illuminated. 

Optional Auto Controller Bracket:

The AH-XLS is available with optional Attendant Control Bracket allowing a health aid or attendant to move the controller from the arm to the back of the chair. This provides the ability to operate the chair while walking behind the chair and patient or handicapped individual in the wheelchair. Some handicap individuals are unable to operate a wheelchair themselves. For that reason, the optional Attendant Controller Bracket is available.

Price = $178.

Please Enjoy Our In-Depth Overview of the Factory Refurbished AH-XLS:

ALL measurements provided are from the manufacturer have been converted from metric system to imperial system and provided by the manufacturer and therefore approximate. We cannot be held liable or accountable for differing measurements of any product shown. Please be advised that measurements are contingent on where the product is measured and can vary depending on how the product is measured. All sales are considered final. Please reference our terms page for information about returns. We welcome any and all phone calls about any of our products, whether it be questions or concerns. Thank you for understanding. Quick N Mobile.