Comparative and Instructional Videos

This Page Provides Several Comparison Based Videos For Your Viewing:

If you are still in the shopping and comparing phase for a folding power wheelchair or mobility scooter, this page can provide useful information! Please click on the hyperlink for each video to enjoy.

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Medicare Wheelchair Compared to Lightweight Folding Wheelchair –
Vintage demo – Eagle Power Folding Wheelchair New Features –
 Sizing Guide for the Eagle and Air Hawk power Wheelchairs –
Comparison Review: Eagle and Air Hawk Folding Wheelchairs tape measurement version –
Folding Power Wheelchair Joystick Tutorial and Review –
Eagle Power Wheelchair Open Box Special Review –
Eagle Power Folding Wheelchair Review –
Air Hawk Power to Manual Push Chair in One Simple Step –
How to drive the Wide Electra7 HD Wheelchair through a Doorway –
Taking the Airhawk through a Narrow Doorway and Hall –
Folding and Unfolding the Electra7 Power Wheelchair –