Airhawk Quick Reference Video Manual:

Please read the description and click the link to see a Video Demonstration of each corresponding Part:

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Receiving Your Airhawk – The Packages Your Will Get:
Unpacking Your Airhawk – Opening, and Unpacking:
The Airhawk Folding Wheelchair Unpacked:
Four Easy Steps To Opening Your Airhawk:
Attaching The Joystick To Your Airhawk:
Turning The Airhawk Joystick Off:
Assembling The Charger and Charging The Battery:
Folding your Airhawk –
The Airhawk Seat Belt Demonstration:
Attaching the Cup Holder to your Airhawk:
Attaching the Cain Holder To The Airhawk:
Attaching The Oxygen Tank Holder to The Airhawk:
Airhawk Wheelchair Touch Up Paint:
Dual Pitch Horn / Light for The Airhawk:
Free Additional Battery Pack with Airhawk:
How to Swap Airhawk Battery Packs On-The-Go:
How to use The Airhawk Car Charger:
Attaching The Orange Safety Flag to your Airhawk:
Attaching the Automatically Opening Umbrella to the Airhawk:
Taking your Airhawk through a narrow doorway: 
Moving the Joystick From the Right to the Left side of chair:
Maintaining The Latching Mechanism for The Airhawk Wheelchair –
Folding Power Wheelchair Joystick Tutorial and Review –
Attendant Controller Bracket To Folding Power Wheelchair Part One
Joystick to Attendant Controller Bracket Part TWO
Air Hawk Power to Manual Push Chair in One Simple Step –
Attaching a Headrest to your Folding Power Wheelchair – Part 1 –
Attaching the Headrest to your Folding Power Wheelchair Part 2 –
Reversing The Foot Rest Air Hawk – Part 1 –
Reversing The Foot Rest Air Hawk – Part 2 ––WuA
Attaching The Leg Extension Kit To An Air Hawk:

Just Received Your Air Hawk – Look Here –>Your Airhawk Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair is Shipped In TWO Separate Parts Containing:

    1. The AirHawk Power Wheelchair
  1. The Accessories

You will most likely receive the AirHawk Wheelchair a day before you receive your accessories. This is perfectly normal and just how the orders are shipped.

Your Air Hawk Wheelchair is sent already assembled. Starting the process of familiarizing yourself with the Air Hawk and how it functions now can help you understand how to more quickly and easily begin using your Air Hawk once you receive it!

Let’s Start With a Quick Guide To Battery Life Longevity:

The batteries that come with that chair are designed to last before they need replacement. The best way to get the longest battery life is as follows:

    1. The first time you charge the batteries, please charge them as indicated in the manual that comes with your power chair so they will be 100% full. Basically, charge them until you see THREE Green Bars on the Joystick Indicator, while the joystick is on. Note: Batteries for the Air Hawk are usually fully charged when the unit arrives at your home.   
    1. For optimal longevity, Do NOT charge the batteries until they are in the red level, as indicated on the joystick.
  1. After you have fully charged and completely drained the battery the first time, charging the batteries will only take between 4-6 hours.

You will also likely wish to start SLOW with your new Air Hawk. Please turn the speed to the lowest setting and drive carefully in your home or a flat surface so you can practice. The Air Hawk has very tight handling which can be surprising until you get used to the handling.