Welter Weight Portable Wheelchair and Scooter Lift

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Welterweight Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Lift

* Your car is NOT hardwired from the battery
* The Welterweight Lift Plug directly into your Scooter or Power Wheelchair
* Lifts up to 88lbs!
* Perfect Lift for Lightweight Folding Mobility Devices


  • *Would you like to include an Adjustable Hitch Adaptor? 

    (eliminates the need for professional installation)

    *Would you like a Battery Pack Option 12v 12ah with a 2 amp charger?

    *Please Acknowledge

    The Welterweight is designed to be plugged into the joystick or batteries of the Optimus and Megatron Mobility Scooters, The Oracle, Matrix, Air Hawk, Phoenix, Eagle, Falcon, Electra7, Tech 4, and Evolution wheelchairs. The Optional Battery pack also works. The Battery needs to be a "Pin 1 Positive Connection" battery. This is NOT designed to be used with unauthorized batteries. Use of this product with an unauthorized battery will void the warranty and create a potential fire hazzard for non Pin 1 positive batteries. 

    *Please Acknowledge that Welterweight Lifts are Not Eligible for Returns

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The Welterweight Wheelchair and Scooter Lift

*Without the Hitch Adaptor, Professional Installation is Suggested

If You Are Planning On Installing The Welterweight Lift In A Sedan Or Want Measurements for the Sedan Components, Please Watch The Video Below:


The Hitch Adaptor works with vehicles that have a Class II or III Hitch.

The Hitch Adaptor is height adjustable and allows for a full range of motion (swivels) – so you can use it with your Car, Truck or SUV with a Hitch Setup. Pictured Below:

The Optional Hitch Adaptor allows the Welterweight to become MUCH more versatile. Let’s Look At The Parts Provided With Your All New Tubular STEEL Welterweight Portable Lift. 

Pictured Above Is Everything you Will Need To Attach The Welterweight To Your Hitch. You Can See The Boom, The receiver, The Height Adjustable Swivel Bar, Safety O-Rings, and The remote Control. in Late 2022, The Welterweight Was COMPLETELY Redesigned. It is Now Made from Steel and has Additional Features, as can be seen in the Pictures and Videos on this Page. Please Scroll Down for More Information. If You Are Ready To Order, Please Use The Order Form at the Top Of this Page. 

Pictured Above is the Hitch Adaptor. This is made from Steel. There are Several Holes Available to Set the height of your Lift. You Can See the Safety Stop on the Left side that prevents your lift from Falling In The Hitch Adaptor. On The Right Side, there is a Lever that Locks Your Lift into Place. The Welterweight Swivels, so the ability to Lock Into Place is Important. Not A Single Stone Swas Left Unturned with the Welterweight re-Design. 

Above, You Can See the Swivel Bar that Holds The Power Boom Receiving Plate In Place. This too has the ability to Lock The Boom Receiving Bar Exactly Where YOU Want it to be. 

The Swivel Bar fits Right Into the Hitch Adaptor. You Can See that the Silver Colored Safety Stop is Adjusted to Make Sure the Swivel Bar is HIGHER than the Tailgate. This Helps Prevent Damage to Your Vehicle While Using Your Welterweight Lift. Let’s Take A Look At How The Boom receiving Plate Fits Into the Swivel Bar (Below). 

Above and Below – Two Different Angles of the Boom receiving Plate. 

Next, Let’s See How This All Fits Together …

As You Can See In The Picture Above – The Boom Receiving Plate fits Into The Swivel Bar, Which is Adjustable for your Best and Preferred Lifting Angle. Next is Attaching The Power Boom. Before We See It In Action, Let’s Understand Some if The Features:

The Power Boom Folds, Has Three Different height Settings (Notched into the frame) – and Allows you to use it with a Remote Controller, Or Manually by pushing the power lever on the Lift. This also Rather Easily Fits Into Your Trunk when the Lift is Complete. 

Here’s (Above) a Closer Look At the Height Adjustment notches In that Your Welterweight Lift Has. 

Every Welterweight Lift Comes With a Power Cord. You Can Plug The Power Cord Into the Optional Battery Pack – OR – You Can Plug the Power Cord Directly Into The Joystick of Your Foldable Wheelchair or the Charging Port On Your Mobility Scooter. You Can Even Detach The Battery On Your Wheelchair Or Scooter and Plug And Use That Battery As a Power Source. This makes your Chair or Scooter Lighter, and Easier to navigate. * PLEASE NOTE – THE WELTERWEIGHT COMES WITH A SMALL PORT ADAPTOR IF YOU ARE USING A 2022 OR 2023 MODEL AIR HAW, FALCON, EAGLE, PHOENIX, OR ELECTRA7 WHEELCHAIR. This Allows You To Plug Directly Into the Joystick Or Batteries. 


On The Side of the Motor on Your Welterweight Power Boom, There is a Port for the Power Cord. 

The Power Cord is Plugged Onto the Power Boom. The Next part of Using It To Make a Difficult Lift into an Easy Task that you Can repeat Many Times with Little Effort. Save Your Back, Use The Welterweight.

All The Pieces Are Together. If You Are Going to Be Lifting a Motorized Foldable Wheelchair, Let’s Get Your Chiar Ready For A Simple and Safe Lift.

The Safety Rings Come Apart, Then Attach To The Puch Bar on the Top of Your Wheelchair

Just 4 Screws. 

You Can Keep The Safety Rings In Place Once They Are Installed. The next step is Unfolding Your Welterweight. 

How Exciting! In Just a matter of Minutes, Your Welterweight Lift Can Be Installed, and ready To Work.

The Hook Lowers and Sites Securely In The Middle Of Your Safety Rings.

You Can Use The Remote or The Raise/Lower Switch On The Boom. 

With a Remote, A Swivel, and Gentle Guidance, Your Scooter or Wheelchair is Safely Stowed In The Trunk.

You Can Leave The Hitch Adaptor In, Then The rest of The Welterweight Easily Removes for Storage. Even Though the Seats Are Forward In the Above Picture, There is Room For Them to Be Upright and for a Privacy Trunk Partition to Cover Your Valued Cargo! 

VIDEO: Unboxing a Brand New Welterweight


VIDEO: How To Install The Welterweight On A Full-Size Pickup With The Hitch Adaptor

Welterweight Lift Specifications:

Lifting Capacity: 88LBS
Weight: 22lbs
Motor: 24V 60W


Welterweight Component Measurements:


Boom Arm:

Width:  33″
Height: 32.5″ (allow 1-3 Inch variance once installed into the base)

Rubber Boots:

Width: 3.5″
Height: 2″

Remote Controller:

Width: 1.75″
Length: 5.5″

Ratchet and Lever Bar: (needs length of trunk from back seat to the lip of trunk)

23″ Long
38.5 Fully Extended
* Boots can add up to 5″ to lift length.

Boom Base / Stability Bar: (Needs width of the trunk for stability)

35″ Wide 
Receiving Port 5″ Diameter

Strap Length = 100″ (just over 8 feet)


All measurements provided are from the manufacturer have been converted from metric system to imperial system and provided by the manufacturer and therefore approximate. We cannot be held liable or accountable for differing measurements of any product shown. Please be advised that measurements are contingent on where the product is measured and can vary depending on how the product is measured. All sales are considered final. Please reference our terms page for information about returns. We welcome any and all phone calls about any of our products, whether it be questions or concerns. Thank you for understanding. Quick N Mobile.