Please save this Triton Video Assembly Manual in a location that is easy to find so you can use it as a simple reference when you have questions about your Triton Lift.  


Your Triton Lift is Shipped In TWO Separate Parts Containing:


  1. The Triton Lift
  2. The Actuator Arm
  3. (Fully Automatic Has Additional Parts) – Additional boxes will be shipped with the Fully Automatic Unit


You will most likely receive the Triton Prior to the Actuator Kit (and batteries with sling) or the other way around. This is perfectly normal and just how the orders are shipped.


There is some assembly required and our hopes are that this video manual can help to simplify the process of assembling and getting your lift set up and ready to go to work making your life easier!


Let’s Start With a Quick Guide To Battery Life Longevity:


The batteries that come with that chair are designed to last before they need replacement. The best way to get the longest battery life is as follows:


  1. The first time you charge the batteries, please charge them 12-14 hours so they will be 100% full.   
  2. Do NOT charge the LITHIUM batteries again until you run them out ALMOST COMPLETELY – which is approximately 100 lifts.
  4. After you have fully charged and completely drained the battery the first time, charging the batteries will only take between 4-6 hours.


Triton Quick Reference Video Manual:

  1. Receiving The Triton Lift – 
  2. Unwrapping the Triton – 
  3. Attaching The Battery Pack – 
  4. Proper Installation of the Battery Control Mechanism: 
  5. Assembling the Cradle – 
  6. Attaching the Cradle to the Boom – 
  7. Attaching the Boom to the Lift – 
  8. Connecting the Actuator to the Lift – 
  9. Attaching the Controller to the Lift – 
  10. The Completed Lift – 
  11. Demonstrating the Completed Lift –