Headrest for Folding Power Wheelchairs


Folding Power Wheelchair Headrest

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Our Removable Head Rest Is Simple To Use and Easy to Install!

If you would like to add an adjustable, 3-Point headrest to your lightweight folding power wheelchair, you are in the right place!  With a Slider Bar Base, YOU DECIDE how high or low the anchoring mechanism is attached to your chair – you also decide if you would like the headrest to be centered, off to the right, or off to the left. Quick N Mobile is totally unique in that regard! 

Our headrests consist of the anchoring mechanism, pictured below and the 3-point adjustable headrest itself, pictured further down on this page. 

This is the mechanism that your headrest sits inside of. The next picture shows it expanded:

This is how the J-Hooks that connect the anchoring mechanism to your chair:

In addition to a 3-Point Comfort Adjust Feature, Our Headrests can also be adjusted to fit snugly on the back of your head!

Installation is a snap! This two videos below demonstrate just how simple it is:



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