Travel Bag with ID Window

$199.00 $147.00

Order Your Travel Wheelchair and Scooter Bag Here


You can Order Travel Bags for Folding Wheelchairs and Tzora Scooters Here:

Our universal travel bag will fit the Airhawk, Eagle, AH-XLS and most Tzora Folding Mobility scooters. Unlike some of our competitors, we include travel bags at No Additional Cost when you purchase an Airhawk, Eagle, AH-XLS or Tzora Scooter at Quick N Mobile! We do realize that some were not fortunate enough to purchase their folding wheelchairs from a vendor who includes this valuable item – and sometimes you may just wish to have more than one travel bag on hand!

Whatever the reason, you can find your travel bag here. Please watch the videos included below for instructions on loading your scooter or wheelchair into our Travel Bag! You can also feel welcome to call us or chat with us if you have any questions.

Loading A Power Wheelchair into The Protective Cover:

Putting a Tzora Scooter into the Protective Cover: