New Invention Solves Mobility Issues The Portable Pullbar Footbar Walker

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New Award-Winning Invention! Introducing The Footbar Portable Pullbar Walker


Please Watch This Video To Understand The Genius and Necessity of the Footbar Portable Pullbar/Walker 

Make The IMPOSSIBLE into SIMPLE with the Footbar Portable Pullbar Walker”


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Introducing The World’s Only Footbar® Portable Pullbar Walker

* You do not need a prescription from a doctor to order this product. You can order whenever you decide to!

Your EASY Solution to Getting Up and Sitting Down Mobility Issues 

The Footbar® Walker / Portable Pullbar is a Simple to use, Ergonomically Designed Pullbar and Walker to assist your loved ones with more EASILY standing up and sitting down. The Footbar® resolves MANY issues and has MANY features. If you are currently in a mobility-challenged circumstance and wish to keep your loved ones home, under one roof, the Footbar® Walker and Portable Pullbar simply cannot be overlooked.  How could the Footbar make your life easier?

Now, Even a Petite Female can Assist a larger Person Standing Up and Sitting Down

If you are a caretaker as a profession or by circumstance, it has never been easier to put your foot down in order to help someone stand up (or sit down). By stabilizing both the top and of crucial importance, the bottom of the Footbar® – someone who is much smaller can assist someone who is much larger standing, sitting, and becoming mobile. Perhaps the best part of using a Footbar® is the mutual comfort shared by both parties using the device. Getting around and living daily life doesn’t have to be stressful. Especially with the Footbar Portable Pullbar / Walker by your side!

With the Footbar Portable Pullbar / Walker, Keeping Your Loved Ones Home has Never Been Easier!

Please press PLAY on the Below VIDEO to see the Footbar® Portable Pullbar Walker in Action

The Footbar® Portable Pullbar Walker Can Help You Stand Up and Sit Down Just About Anywhere. Use the Footbar® to assist you at:

– Attending Family Events and Gatherings
– Easily Getting Into and Out of Cars!
– Making it to your place of Worship
– Making Doctor Appointments Simple
– Getting Outside for Fresh Air and to do Small Things
– Getting In and Out Of Bed
– Getting In and Out of Wheelchairs or Mobility Scooters

– Keeping the Furniture that YOU want because Sitting and Standing is Easy and Simple with the Footbar™ Portable Pullbar Walker

Take Your Life Back – Do The Small Things Again!

Being stuck in one location for long periods can be difficult for the mind, body, and human spirit. How often do we take for granted our mobility? If you, a loved one, or someone you care for has been mobility challenged and stuck in a rut, Please consider the Footbar® Portable Pullbar Walker. Give yourself or those you truly care for the gift of mobility. Just a little bit of fresh air goes can have such an uplifting effect on the human spirit – and it can be so simple. With the Footbar®, you can do! 

 The Footbar® Portable Pullbar Walker Is Spectacular for Therapy

With the Footbar, Physical Therapy and Getting Exercise just became much more simple. By using a device that puts both physics and leverage into action, not only does this make PT easier, it makes getting around easier for both user and caretaker! You can spend more time doing and less time dreading tasks of daily life with the Footbar. By turning something difficult into something basic, even simple, the quality of your life can almost instantly change. 

The Footbar® Folds for Easy Storage and Transporting

Weighing just 13lbs, the Footbar® Pullbar Walker is both simple to use and easy to store. It will fit in the trunk of almost any car, allowing room to spare for a folding wheelchair. Now you can have a comprehensive mobility solution that is portable enough for you to take anywhere. No fancy vans are needed. Just a Footbar and maybe a Wheelchair, all that can be folded for easy transporting! 

The Footbar® Portable Pullbar and Walker can Easily be Stored

* In the trunk or back seat of almost any Car
* Folded up in the closet

* Folded and under the bed
* Fits against the wall in almost any closet. Store it behind your clothes
* Store it in your garage or shed when not in use

Footbar® Video Section:

We hope you enjoy these real-life videos that explain even more details about the Footbar®. The Footbar® is for EVERYBODY who is faced with mobility challenges. Most people don’t yet know it even exists. Please watch these videos and let us know how this could help you someone you love. If we’ve missed a valuable use for the Footbar, please write or call in and let us know how you are using your Footbar Portable Pullbar Walker.

Video One – Introducing the Footbar Pull Bar Walker

This video explains what the Footbar Portable Pullbar Walker is, and what you should know about using it to turn difficult issues into afterthoughts. Mobility CAN be easy!

Video TWO – How to Use the Footbar Pull Bar Walker

There is a reason why the Footbar® Portable Pullbar Walker Excels at what others can’t even begin to achieve. There are reasons why the Footbar makes mobility so simple even a child could become a caretaker! Please press play and watch this video so you can understand what makes the Footbar® so unique and valuable. 

Video THREE – See The Footbar® Pullbar Walker Being Used

Sometimes, what we imagine can be different than reality. The Footbar® is reality! Go ahead and grab the bar, handles, or post. Recovering from multiple major surgeries and broken bones isn’t easy, or fun. Do you call it quits? Not if you have a Footbar Portable Pullbar Walker. Press play to see the Footbar being used in real life. 

Footbar Portable Pullbar Walker Specifications and Measurements Chart:

PartMeasurement In Inches:
Smallest Folded Dimensions:38″ H  x 20 1/4″ W x 4″ Deep 
Smallest Unfolded Dimensions:38″ H  x 20 1/4″ W x 19″ Deep 
Handlebar Height – Setting 132″
Handlebar Height – Setting 233″
Handlebar Height – Setting 334″
Handlebar Height – Setting 435″
Handlebar Height – Setting 536″
Handlebar Height – Setting 637″
Handlebar Height – Setting 738
Handlebar Height – Setting 839″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 138″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 239″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 340″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 441″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 542″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 643″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 744″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 845″
Space Between Hand Grips19″

Footbar® Pullbar Walker Editorial Section

This section is for our customers and potential customers who enjoy reading descriptive articles. Reading is not a lost art, its meant to be enjoyed! 

How lucky are those who can afford to take an activity that can be done without thinking, for granted? For example, standing up and sitting down. Although one could argue that there is medical technology in place to help with standing and sitting – one could not argue about the lack of useful devices that EASILY assists the process of standing up and sitting down.

The modern medical world has given us folding, portable motorized wheelchairs, mobility scooters that can be taken almost anywhere, transfer boards, all sorts of lifts for both persons and devices, straps, walkers canes, and more. Although there are many benefits of modern medical devices, there are still some significant deficiencies. Some deficiencies are even great enough to warrant a trip to the nursing home or an extended stay in a physical rehabilitation facility, no matter how bad seems. 

Depending on who you are discussing the topic with, the prospect of being in a nursing home away from family, or a rehabilitation center on a long term basis may as well be a trip to jail, with a forced labor camp. Before we go off to the races with that line of thinking, let’s examine some cracks in the foundation that creates significant mobility problems. 

Mobility plays a significant role in our well-being. Those of us who are able to move around freely, prepare food easily, and be mobile often have it made… until they have to care for someone who isn’t as mobile. Instead of thinking only of worst-case scenarios, consider how little it takes to be faced with major mobility issues.

For example, what would happen if you or someone you’re caring for had a stroke that affected just one side of their body? If it were you, chances are you would have to relearn and redo just about everything you knew about getting around. This could include learning how to stand, sit, walk, bathe, toilet, and prepare your food. What if you had the responsibility of helping someone with all of those things? There are many issues besides a stroke that can cause significant and prohibitive mobility problems.

If you had the responsibility of dealing with a fresh mobility condition, the first emotion may include feeling overwhelmed. Soon after, a new reality would set in. How is life going to be? What specifically are you going to do to resolve your mobility issues? How much is it going to cost, and are you able to adapt? When the issue of mobility is raised, strange things can happen…

Are you ready for a crazy number? This is real, and not intended to be shocking – although it may be. It has been estimated that up to 70% of the folks who are currently in nursing homes don’t need to be there. They are there due to a lack of knowledge and understanding more than for legitimate medical reasons. In other words, many people don’t realize that simple, inexpensive medical devices exist today, that could solve the mobility issues that make nursing homes a popular, yet dreaded and feared choice. 

To think about why this happens and how easy the solution could be may amaze you. Start by thinking of the devices we already have – that can make taking care of yourself someone else more manageable. Let’s go over just some of the devices that help us maintain our independence.

Bathing Aids. There are plenty of different inventions that make bathing simple when it would be otherwise impossible. Shower chairs, reaching poles, custom soap dispensers, custom towels, and custom tubs – even shower handles and nozzles make the act of bathing more available and accessible to both physically challenged individuals and caretakers.

Eating Aids. Even with limited dexterity, there’s an abundance of devices that assist with chopping, securing, and eating. There are devices for pureeing foods, staying clean, and much more.

Toileting Aids. Portable commode chairs raised toilets and bidets are designed to simplify toileting when there are physical challenges. There are even toilet chairs designed for the shower and wheelchairs that have commodes built-in.

Mobility Aids. Quick N Mobile specializes in mobility aids with our Portable Motorized Wheelchair selection. Beyond that, a person can get themselves just about any type of medical mobility device these days, including wheelchairs that have tank treads and can go almost anywhere outside.

But can you guess what’s still missing from this picture? It’s the dealbreaker – and the cause of much anguish, simply because it’s a problem that has had no simple solution. Until now. Although we haven’t touched on getting dressed (specialty clothing and assistive dressing devices can be found in abundance) it isn’t that either. What is that one element that we haven’t yet addressed? Maybe you guessed long ago. It’s so obvious despite being largely unresolved.


How can you use a bathing aid if you can’t stand up by yourself to get to the bath? What about if you can’t sit down at the table on your own to eat? How about not being able to get up on your own so you can even make it to a raised toilet? Or how about having the World’s best wheelchair but absolutely no way to get in or out of the chair without a painfully monumental effort involving more than one person. What about being in charge of helping someone get up and down multiple times per day when you don’t have the physical ability?

Perhaps this can lead to a greater understanding of why people go to nursing homes or stay in a physical therapy rehabilitation center for long durations. IF THERE ISN’T A SIMPLE WAY TO STAND UP AND SIT DOWN, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. It doesn’t matter because without that one crucial step, standing up and sitting down, nothing else is even possible

Now, there IS a device – The Footbar® Portable Pullbar Walker that SOLVES the standing up and sitting down issues. It’s the reason for this article you are reading now. Both designed and built in the USA, the Footbar® utilizes BOTH upper and lower leverage points to stabilize a portable pullbar that doubles as a walker. There’s simply no other device similar to the Footbar® on the market – in it solves the elephant-sized problem of standing and sitting. In fact, the Footbar Pullbar Walker has passed the test with flying colors!

Even a petite female can simply put her foot down on the stability bar that anchors the device to the ground, hold onto the top pull bar, and lean back. In a beautiful demonstration of physics and leverage, this allows a petite female to assist a person as large as 350lbs in the act of standing up and sitting down easily. The person standing or sitting can not only grab onto the pullbar, they can also use it to pull themselves up – all without putting a strain on the person stabilizing the Footbar Pullbar Walker! The design is PURE GENIUS and ONE OF A KIND Patended Medical Technology ONLY available here. 

It works the same way with sitting. One person puts their foot on the Footbar, causing it to swing down and create a stable leverage point on the floor. The hands grab the pullbar and a stable, virtually unmovable seating assistive device is instantly created from the walker. Both parties can relax as the Footbar Pullbar Walker is ergonomic and biomechanically correct for supporting proper form in the patient and caregiver. It works perfectly to help aging married couples maintain independence for longer, more easily. You simply cannot place a price on something so valuable as additional quality time with your family. This means no more strain on either party for the act of standing up and sitting down if you have a Footbar® Pullbar Walker and more time to appreciate and enjoy some of the more simple things in life.

Now that you have a better understanding of how the Footbar Pullbar Walker works and what problems it resolves, we wonder how the Footbar Pullbar Walker can enhance your life or the life of someone you know who needs help? Specifically, can you think of at least three different ways The Footbar Pullbar Walker could help improve your life? We hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading. Please feel welcome to call us with any questions you may have about the Footbar Pullbar Walker.