Take It Anywhere Portable Grab Bar


If you have challenges standing and sitting, you NEED the Footbar!


Please Watch This Video To Understand The Genius and Necessity of the Footbar Portable Pullbar/Walker 

Make The IMPOSSIBLE into SIMPLE with the Footbar Portable Pullbar Walker”


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What is a Portable Grab-Bar and Why Would I need one? (Press Play on Video Below)

If you answer YES to any of the following FIVE (5) Questions, owning a Portable Grab Bar can substantially help: 


  1. Can you stand up and sit down easily, without assistance?
  2. Do you own and use a walker currently?
  3. Does a family member act as your caretaker? (Or are you a caretaker?)
  4. Do you currently have to use Grab Bars in public access areas, or in your home?
  5. Is the way you are standing and sitting creating discomfort to yourself, or those assisting you?

Before explaining the Portable Grab-Bar, and how it works (in text, pictures, and video) – let’s make sure we are on the same page about terminology used here. 

Grab Bars, also known as safety rails, handrails, shower bars, etc., are secure rails, typically mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor, to help weakened, disabled, or elderly individuals safely access and navigate rooms and facilities. This typically refers to the act of standing, sitting, or walking with the security of something steady and stable to steady yourself.

Although Grab Bars are required by the ADA in public areas, there are many areas where a grab bar is needed, but not available. Grab bars are attached to walls, making it necessary for people who need them to be near a wall in order to have the ability to stand up, sit down, or maneuver into a wheelchair, seat, or bed. 

For those who are able-bodied with the assistance of a mobility device, the Grab Bar is an absolute MUST in terms of mobility and being independent.  

While a grab bar will typically be found in many washrooms, which certainly allows a person their dignity, how many other times have you found yourself wishing there was something to grab onto to help?

There are many places a grab bar can be of critical importance.

The following examples highlight mobility and independence ending challenges faced by those who are in need of a grab bar for more than just the washroom. 

Getting out of bed on your own.
Getting in and out of a car.
Getting in or out of a wheelchair. 
Sitting down on a couch to watch television.
Moving from one room to another. 
Standing up or sitting down to eat
What areas can you think of?

Before moving towards a universal solution, let’s think about how these difficult challenges are typically handled. For the most part, they are handled with discomfort and disappointment. Discomfort in the regards that they are being pulled on to get up and down, often resulting in discomfort for all parties involved. Disappointment in the regard that in many circumstances, staying put is easier for all involved than having assistance in the process of standing or sitting. 

But, what would happen if you could more easily stand and sit, whenever you wanted, wherever you wanted? How could this change the lives of all parties involved?  What if the issue of standing and sitting could be resolved so simply that a senior citizen could assist their husband or wife with their mobility needs – without getting a 3rd party involved? 

 The act of standing and sitting, made simple again, has kept loved ones at home, where they feel most loved and comfortable instead of a rehab or nursing home. By being able to stand and sit with the help of a simple, light, portable grab bar, life can completely transform. 

How the “Footbar Walker” portable grab bar works is easy. Simply one foot on the swing down foot bar to stabilize the device, and yourself. With one arm, grab the middle of the pull bar at the top of the device with an overhand grip. One foot should be on the ground, off the footbar, and one on. The person wishing to stand or sit just grabs the bar on top of the device with both hands, and either pulls themselves to a standing position or sits down at a comfortable pace with the help of their pull bar. 

If you are using the Footbar Walker to stand up, you simply take your hands off the grab bar on the top of the device, and use the walker handles on the sides. The device is also a height-adjustable walker! 

The device itself weighs just 11 lbs, is FDA approved and folds up for both easy stowing and transport when not in use. The Footbar fits in the trunk of just about any car, directly on top of a wheelchair! The Footbar Walker Portable Grab Bar solves crippling mobility issues and is so easy to use. 

Time that is gone cannot come back for us to live again, or differently. It saddens me deeply to know, there are families who have been torn apart because of something so easily resolvable as a mobility issue with standing and sitting.  It’s terrible to think that during the timeframe in life when being with family and in familiar settings are more valuable than anything – that limited mobility in some areas can just take everything away. Being in a nursing facility can be lonely and frighteningBeing alone and knowing that your husband or wife is not with you because you may not be able to help them stand up and sit down can feel devastating. It does not have to be that way. 

I am not writing these things to encourage you to think about or dwell on negative circumstances. These are real issues that have had a direct impact on my family, and I am guessing the families of many others. With a portable grab bar, you can put that in the past and move forward with easier mobility. 

If I am able to help even just a small handful of people understand that with the right tools, almost anything is possible, I have done my job. With a portable grab bar that doubles as a walker, many issues having to do with standing and sitting (in other words, major mobility challenges) can be resolved so easily, to the comfort and delight of all parties involved, thanks to the Footbar Walker – Your portable grab bar solution. 

At this point, please consider yourself informed. Now you know about the Footbar ® Walker. 

If you continue to scroll down, there is product specific information. The Footbar is made in the USA and is delivered in the same timeframe our chairs are delivered, 4-8 Days. They are sent via UPS – FULLY ASSEMBLED, ready to just take out of the box and use immediately. 

It is height adjust adjustable too, as you can see in the chart below. If you have questions, please feel welcome to call us, 888-701-8799. We are here to help. Quick N Mobile is a small business, and we care about you. When you call you will never be put on hold. If the phone goes to voicemail during business hours, please leave a message and we will call you right back (without you having to hold).

I would like to personally Thank You for reading this page and learning about the Footbar Walker portable grab bar. 


Paul B



The Footbar® Portable Pullbar and Walker can Easily be Stored

* In the trunk or back seat of almost any Car
* Folded up in the closet

* Folded and under the bed
* Fits against the wall in almost any closet. Store it behind your clothes
* Store it in your garage or shed when not in use

Footbar® Video Section:

We hope you enjoy these real-life videos that explain even more details about the Footbar®. The Footbar® is for EVERYBODY who is faced with mobility challenges. Most people don’t yet know it even exists. Please watch these videos and let us know how this could help you or someone you love. If we’ve missed a valuable use for the Footbar, please write or call in and let us know how you are using your Footbar Portable Pullbar Walker.

Video One – Introducing the Footbar Pull Bar Walker

This video explains what the Footbar Portable Pullbar Walker is, and what you should know about using it to turn difficult issues into afterthoughts. Mobility CAN be easy!

Video TWO – How to Use the Footbar Pull Bar Walker

There is a reason why the Footbar® Portable Pullbar Walker Excels at what others can’t even begin to achieve. There are reasons why the Footbar makes mobility so simple even a child could become a caretaker! Please press play and watch this video so you can understand what makes the Footbar® so unique and valuable. 

Video THREE – See The Footbar® Pullbar Walker Being Used

Sometimes, what we imagine can be different than reality. The Footbar® is reality! Go ahead and grab the bar, handles, or post. Recovering from multiple major surgeries and broken bones isn’t easy, or fun. Do you call it quits? Not if you have a Footbar Portable Pullbar Walker. Press play to see the Footbar being used in real life. 

Footbar Portable Pullbar Walker Specifications and Measurements Chart:

Part Measurement In Inches:
Smallest Folded Dimensions: 38″ H  x 20 1/4″ W x 4″ Deep 
Smallest Unfolded Dimensions: 38″ H  x 20 1/4″ W x 19″ Deep 
Handlebar Height – Setting 1 32″
Handlebar Height – Setting 2 33″
Handlebar Height – Setting 3 34″
Handlebar Height – Setting 4 35″
Handlebar Height – Setting 5 36″
Handlebar Height – Setting 6 37″
Handlebar Height – Setting 7 38
Handlebar Height – Setting 8 39″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 1 38″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 2 39″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 3 40″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 4 41″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 5 42″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 6 43″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 7 44″
PULL-BAR & OVERALL Height – Setting 8 45″
Space Between Hand Grips 19″