The Air Pro Alternating Pressure Mattress

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Air Pro Cloud Nine Series Alternating Pressure Air Mattress

6″ Alternating Pressure Mattress with High-Performance Pressure Control Power Unit. The Air Pro “Cloud Nine Series” Hospital Bed Mattress is for Bed Sores Treatment and is recommended by the HS Hospital Association as well as medical professionals across the globe.

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The Air Pro “Cloud Nine Series” (Alternating Pressure Air Mattress) includes a 6″ alternating pressure mattress and a high-performance adjustable pressure pump system that allows several custom settings for any & all patients comfort. The Air Pro “Cloud Nine Series” (Alternating Pressure Air Mattress) was designed to prevent as well as cure pressure sores (Bed Sores) that can be very dangerous as all pressure wounds can and normally do lead to infections. In the United States alone more than ( thirty-five ) people die each and every day due to infections brought on by pressure wounds.

The Air Pro “Cloud Nine Series” (Alternating Pressure Air Mattress). Alternates the pressure under a patient every 60 seconds allowing pressure relief to the patient’s whole body every two minutes. A normal able bodied person changes position more than one hundred and fifty times throughout eight-hour period during the night. This position changing offers pressure relief that is vital, Without this relief, the blood flow would be pinched off from the body tissue that is under pressure.  Normal healthy body tissue will begin to develop a sore in only 20 minutes and will begin to die in only 40 minutes without the normally required blood flow. Early detection of a pressure wound is almost imposable as the wound starts from the inside out. This means by the time it reaches the surface or by the time you can see the wound it is already a chronic problem and most likely a stage three wound. The Air Pro “Cloud Nine Series” (Alternating Pressure Air Mattress) is proven to not only prevent pressure wounds but also helps cure them.

Bed Sores Treatment

Product Weight:Mattress 8 lbs.
Control Unit 7 lbs.
Product Width:32 in.
Product Length/Depth:80 in.
Product Height:6 in.
Shipping Dimensions (box 1):36″w/ 27.5″h/ 20″d
Ship Method(s):Ground, Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day
Product Weight Capacity:400 lbs.
Shipping Weight:19 lbs.
Pump Dimensions and Weight:10″w/ 6″h/ 3.8″d and weighs only 4 lbs.
Cycle Time:2 minutes
Mattress Base:Dark Blue Nylon with a non-skid bottom
Comforter:Polyurethane, low-shear, water-resistant, vapor-permeable
Air Cells:17 cells, Thermal-polyurethane-coated, waterproof nylon
Electrical Rating:120 V, 60 Hz
Electrical Cord:12 ft.
Code Approvals:UL, CSA, TUV, CE, FDA
Air Flow Output:6 liters
Pressure Range:30 – 80 mmHG
Tubing:Beige PVC, 5 ft.

The Air Pro “Cloud Nine Series” (Alternating Pressure Air Mattress) controller & pump high capacity aircraft quality rayon pump requires NO Service. With adjustable pressure settings, the PF-3 rayon pump alternates the mattress pressure every 60 seconds. The Air Pro “Cloud Nine Series” (Alternating Pressure Air Mattress) is also for therapy is the successor to the Arrow Classic. A deluxe comforter and high-output control unit provide therapeutic benefit to patients suffering from or at risk of developing pressure ulcers. The Air Pro “Cloud Nine Series” (Alternating Air Mattress) is one of the lightest, most durable and easiest to use genuine alternating pressure systems on the market.

1) Provides maximum pressure relief by optimizing weight distribution over 2 zones.

2) A quick 7 minute. mattress inflation provides for quick set-up and easy patient transfers.

3) Heavy wall puncture resistant mattress.

4) Adjustable patient weight settings. Easy clinical use for optimal pressure distribution.

5) Minimizes heel interface pressure while maintaining proximal positioning of feet.


6″ Alternating Bed Sores Treatment Cell Depth
CPR valve allows for rapid deflation
Quiet user-friendly pump delivers air volume of 4 LPM
The Air Pro alternating pressure mattress system is used as a hospital bed mattress in several hospitals throughout the world and is the most economical 6″ therapeutic support surface in the market offering optimum pressure redistribution for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The removable quilted zippered top cover is low shear, anti-microbial, and fluid resistant.

When you order, you receive A Full Three Year Warranty On Everything. That’s Right Not Just The Pump!
The Air Pro “Cloud Nine Series” (Alternating Pressure Air Mattress) Comes With A Full Three Year Warranty The Pump, Hoses & Mattress. This Warranty Even Covers A Puncture To The Mattress. Everything Is Covered For A Full Three Years Under This Warranty. No Fine Print And No Exceptions.