Streamsmart Pro Ultimate On-Demand TV Box

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Watch Almost Anything, Anytime, With The Streamsmart Media Player – Without EVER Paying Additional Costs or Fees – Details Below:

  • Streamsmart Owners get INSTANT ACCESS to over 400 Television Channels.
  • Browse and watch literally Thousands of Movies, directly from your home television.
  • Watch Almost ANY Television Show That Has Ever Aired – ON DEMAND WITHOUT COMMERCIALS
  • Gain access to international Live Television!
  • Watch live, premium sporting events when you choose!
  • Enjoy instant access to all sorts of documentaries
  • Much, Much more!

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Instantly Watch just about ANYTHING with the Streamsmart Pro Television Box – Details Below:

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“It’s the Smart Solution for On-Demand Television”

For just one small payment of $449, you can enjoy:

  • 400+ Channels of TV on demand
  • On Demand Movies
  • On Demand LIVE Sporting Events and More.

Streamsmart is 100% Legal, simple to setup and easy to use! Just view the pictures below to learn how. Cable Television prices have gone up 4x the rate of inflation! Save yourself from price gouging – order the Streamsmart!

Details, Details and More Details, Keep Scrolling:

Now you can watch just about any television show, from just about any provider or channel just about any time you choose with the new Smartstream Pro television box! In addition to the ability to access just about any show at any time, you can also have access to live sports, documentaries and even on demand movies with the easy to use, simple to install Streamsmart Television Box.

Further down on this page, you will see how easy it is to install and use the Streamsmart, but first, you may be wondering about the costs involved and why you would even want to use an instant stream-on-demand device like the automatically updating Streamsmart television Box.

The Smartstream TV Needs just High-Speed Internet to work and connects directly to the HDMI port on your Television.


How the Streamsmart TV Box works:

Step One – Plug the Streamsmart into the HDMI Port of your Television. Turn the box on and Click OK.

Watch it boot up:

Once the Streamsmart boots up, you will see the screen pictured below:

As seen above, there are several choices on the screen to choose from. Select “Media Player to unlock your viewing potential.

First, the Media Player will Load, as pictured below:

Once the Media Player is loaded, you can choose what you want to watch:

You can use the controller to pick what you want to see. Once you select a choice, another screen will open with additional “Viewing Repositories” where you can search thousands of titles, in 1080 High Definition too! It looks like this:

Notice the “Streamsmart Video Tutorials” icon above? In addition to tutorials, you have access to online (internet) help, a special facebook group for support – even a toll-free 800 number you can call if you are stuck using your Streamsmart. Each icon above takes you into a “repository” where you can search for movie titles, TV shows and more. If you want, even adult channels are included without additional cost.

When you select a repository (icon pictured above) you have many additional choices – here’s what it looks like:

Now let’s select the Movies:

Another screen opens with plenty of choices, as you can see in the following two pictures. 

You can select “In Theaters” if you wish – and the picture below shows you what happens:

As you can see, there are pages and pages of new releases. Just select what you want to see and enjoy the viewing from the comfort of your own home!

Maybe you want to watch some Television on Demand:

Television is very similar. The two pictures below show the screen you will see when you select TV Shows in the repository:

Scroll to the next screen using your controller for the ability to search for your favorite show:

When you select “Search” a keyboard appears that you controller has the ability to navigate through. You can search for any TV show on any network you want, as pictured below:

Once you click “Done” the search results are displayed, as pictured below:

Just select the series you wish to see when search results show more than one series. The following screen shows what happens when your favorite series has more than one season:

Select which season you want to watch:

Select an episode – then you see this:

Last, select whether you want HD or SD and enjoy your show!

Streamsmart FAQ:

Am I able to download?

• We Do NOT support any Downloading!

How many TV’s will StreamSmart work on?

•   Each receiver works with one TV at a time but the unit is so small it can easily be moved into other rooms.

Where Can I use my StreamSmart TV Box?

•  StreamSmart works worldwide wherever internet is available.

Does StreamSmart work with a hotspot?

•  Yes, StreamSmart does work with hotspots. Try it next time you are camping.

Is StreamSmart safe to use?
•  Yes most definitely. Streaming media is the ability to view content that already exists on the Internet. Many people get confused between downloading, which is illegal depending on licensing, uploading copyright material, which is illegal without licensing and copying or selling material which is illegal. However, streaming and watching without downloading is legal. StreamSmart does not download, upload, copy or store any Media. In fact, it has no connection or association with the websites that host or store any media content. StreamSmart simply provides the navigation to connect with the websites and temporarily streams the data. The Data, Movie, or TV shows, passes through your Internet cables, through StreamSmart to your TV is watched by you but it is never stored, copied, or retained.

How do I watch 3D movies on StreamSmart?

•  Choose a movie from any 3D playlist. Click the movie. When the movie starts it will be in some sort of split screen.

•  Push 3D button on your TV remote

•  Match the split screen with the image on your screen. Either stacked vertically or horizontally.

•  Push ok and put your 3D glasses on and enjoy the movie
Projector’s you may need your manufacturer approved glasses to watch any video in 3D

Should I use WiFi or a Cable to connect my StreamSmart?

•  If Ethernet is available try running a speed test on the StreamSmart box using Ethernet and Wireless and select the one that has the best speed.

Can I watch Netflix exclusive shows on StreamSmart?

•  Yes. If it’s aired somewhere you can watch it on StreamSmart.

Should I cancel my existing Satellite or cable TV Provider?

•  That is entirely up to you. Your StreamSmart can provide all the same viewing material and much more, but requires a different viewing habit that network viewing provides. You can easily cut them back to the very basic service, everything else can be viewed on your StreamSmart as long as you have a good quality broadband Internet connections.

Should I turn my box off or leave it on all the time?
•  This is a user preference.   Each has its pros and cons, there is no right answer.  If you leave your box on all the time, its good practice to click the red KODI button on your remote twice to refresh KODI before using it for the day.

Streamsmart VS Cable – An Idea of How much you can save:

With Average Cable:
Savings after one Year $787.00
Savings after FIVE YEARS – $5,731.00

Premium Cable vs The Streamsmart Pro:

First Year Savings: $1,951.00

Savings after FIVE YEARS: $11,551.00!!!

When You Own A Streamsmart For Just FIVE YEARS – You Save Over $11,500 

In this comparison, we will look at the typical monthly cost for premium cable (with premium channels, drv and expanded sports packages) because you can get similar On-Demand access with the Smartstream TV box.

  • Monthly Cable Television Cost with Taxes = $200
  • Yearly Cost = 2,400
  • Cost for 5 years (assuming no increase in cost) = $12,000
    If you watch Netflix, that is an additional cost too!

Here’s what Fortune Magazine reported Americans spend on average for cable television – without the premium package on a monthly basis.

  • Fortune’s Average for Cable TV = $103
  • Yearly cost = $1,236
  • Cost for FIVE YEARS of Cable TV = $6,180

That is not a misprint, you buy the Streamsmart PRO just once and connect it to your TV. Then you decide what you are going to watch and when. There is nothing more to buy! Not now, not later. Just the Smartstream PRO Box for only $449.

This video shows you how easy it is to connect the Streamsmart TV Box and Get Started!!!

Order NOW and Save!

Every Streamsmart Box comes with a One Year Warranty. If the manufacturer deems a box is defective, it will be replaced.

* We normally do not accept returns on the Streamsmart. However, if after 15 days from the time you receive your Streamsmart, if you are not satisfied for any reason and your box in new condition, we will accept a return for a 50% restocking fee in addition to shipping costs.

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