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At Quick N Mobile, we strive to do our best to be as resourceful and as helpful as possible to both customers and non-customers as it pertains to repairing devices that are out of warranty.  Our Support page is for warranty issues only. If you have a non-warranty issue that you would like our help troubleshooting, please feel welcome to use this section to request help. Our support team will answer one customer email of a non-warranty issue at no cost to you, which includes providing their expertise based on the content of the email you submit. This is considered Complementary Consulting. In order to maximize your complimentary consulting, we suggest providing multiple pictures, a video, and an in-depth description of your issue when submitting the initial email. If you feel that more consulting is needed, please select which option would work best for you on the form below. Please note, our rates are on par with the current national standard for professional consultation and repair in the FDA Medical Mobility device industry in the United States of America. 

If you elect to purchase phone consulting with a technician, we will provide you up to $250 off a brand-new Motorized Wheelchair at our discretion, if you choose to purchase a new device while on the consulting call. Please allow up to 24 business hours for a technician to follow up with you once you have purchased the consulting package of your choosing. 

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