Evaluation Evolution Fully Automatic Folding Remote Control Power Wheelchair


Evaluation Evolution Fully Automatic Folding Remote Control Power Wheelchair

The Incredible Evaluation Evolution Folds and Unfolds Automatically, Plus, It Can Be Driven With A Remote Control UP TO 100 Feet Away From The Chair!

(If It’s Not Certified By The FDA, Just Think NO WAY!)


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The all-new Evaluation Evolution Fully Automatic Folding Remote Control Power Wheelchair. The Evaluation Evolution is here and it has truly earned its name as this power wheelchair has evolved into the most technically evolved power wheelchair in the world. First and foremost it is extremely stable with a 400-pound capacity all while still having the ability to fold up automatically and utilizes a wireless remote control system allowing a user to drive the Evaluation Evolution from 100 ft away. The wireless remote control system also allows the user to fold and unfold the Evaluation Evolution remotely with the simple push of a button.

With front suspension and large rear pneumatic air-filled tires, the Evaluation Evolution delivers a super smooth ride even on rough terrain. The large rear knobby tires also provide plenty of traction even on slippery surfaces.

With the ability to easily move the joystick controller from left to right in just a few minutes giving user the ability to choose to have the joystick on the left or right arm. The unique wireless remote controller allows caregivers and family members to turn the Evaluation Evolution into an Attendant Controlled power wheelchair giving the user, caregiver or family member the ability to drive and navigate the wheelchair for a wheelchair user if ever needed.

Folds up by itself with the simple push of a button. No need to bend over twisting your body attempting to fold! Now you simply push the button and the Evaluation Evolution folds in just seconds.

All leisure contoured diamond pleated leather memory foam seat is incredibly comfortable and durable.  The fold-up “fold away” armrest are load bearing meaning a user can put the full weight of their body on the armrest to support themselves when getting in or out of the chair.

The Evaluation Evolution automatically folds up with the simple push of a button to a compact size of only 14″ X 31″ X 24.5″ 

The Evaluation Evolution is the only portable power wheelchair with full suspension. When driving the Evaluation you experience a smooth ride every time as the Evaluation is equipped four point coiled springs at each and every wheel.

Flip up armrest. However, these are not your normal armrest these are load-bearing armrests meaning a user can put the full weight of their body on the armrest and the armrest will support them when getting in or out of the chair.

Flip Up Foldable Arm Rest & Flip Up Foldable Foot Rest both fold up completely out of the way allowing a user to easily get in and out of the Evaluation Evolution power wheelchair

Don’t let the pink fool you the Evaluation Evolution has lots of power with two 250-watt motors proving a total of 500 watts of power. Users have all the power they need for going anywhere they wish to go.

Anti Tip Wheels provide yet another level of stability & prevent a user from flipping backward, especially when going up inclines, ramps, or steep hills. Large rear knobby tires provide a smooth ride and lots of traction.

The Evaluation Evolution is an engineering marvel and award-winning design. Industry Specialist stating “It Has It All” 

Fold it up by simply pushing a button and it fits in the trunk or hatchback of almost any vehicle.

Made of a very strong lightweight aircraft-quality aluminum alloy the Evaluation Evolution weighs a mere 53 lbs and has the capacity to accommodate a user weighing 400 Lbs.

Strong High-Performance Lightweight Aluminum Mag Wheels.

A storage pouch under the seat with a zipper allows you to keep personal items safe & secure.

Conventionally wheelchair and scooter users were forced to purchase big bulky lifts to transport their wheelchairs. As you can see the scooter to the right weighs 290 lbs that is just the scooter it does not include the weight of the lift and the power wheelchair to the right weights 320 lbs again does not include the weight of the lift. This scooter and wheelchair like many others are made of heavy steel or iron and they use heavy lead batteries.

The Evaluation Evolution is made of a strong aircraft-quality aluminum alloy and is powered by a strong lightweight lithium-ion battery with a total weight of only 53 lbs. The battery weighs 6 lbs and can be removed in just a few seconds prior to lifting, with no plugs or leavers (simply just pull it out) & when ready simply slide it back into place.

The Evaluation is arguable the easiest power wheelchair to fold up as well as unfold as the only thing required by the user is the simple push of a button. Remarkably the Evolution has remote features that allow it to be driven remotely making it the perfect attendant-controlled wheelchair. This combined with a 400-pound weight capacity and  weighing only 53 pounds is what makes the Evaluation Evolution a Revolution.


Model Name Evaluation Evolution
Size Unfolded 43″ Height X 24.5″ Wide X 37.5″ Length
Size Folded 14″ Thick X 24.5″ Wide X 31″ Length
Weight (With Battery) 59 Pounds
Weight (Without Battery) 53 Pounds (Battery snaps in & out easily)
Front Wheel (Caster) 8″ X 2″ Solid Flat Free (Shock Absorbent)
Rear Wheel Tire 12.5″ X 2.2″ Pneumatic (Air Filled)
Weight Capacity 400 Pound Capacity
Top Speed 4 Mph
Range 17 Miles
Motor X 2 24v 250 Watt
Turning Radius 23.5″
Battery Lithium-ion 24v 20ah  – (6 Pounds)
Brakes X 2 Intelligent Electro Magnetic
Anti-Tip Wheel X 2 2″ X 1″
Incline Ability 25 Percent
International Charger Input 100 – 240 Volts AC
International Charger Output 24 Volt DC 3 AMP
Frame Aircraft Quality Aluminum Alloy
Seat Cushion 18.5″ X 18.5″ (2″ Thick Memory Foam)
Upholstery Leather
Wireless Remote Driving Feature Yes
Wireless Remote Folding & Unfolding Yes
Arm Rest Foldable (Load Bearing)
Warranty (2 Years) 1st-year Parts & Labor / 2nd-Year Parts Only


Two Full Year Limited Warranty.

Never Miss Another Moment

Your new power wheelchair comes with a two-full-year limited warranty. The first year is an in-home service warranty. Stop worrying about who would repair your wheelchair or how you would get your wheelchair to them. This warranty has you covered! We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home in the event your wheelchair should need repair during the first year. The second year is parts only. We cover the entire United States. The map below indicates the location of our service affiliates.