Electra7 Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair

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Welcome to Quick N Mobile! We are happy to offer GLOBAL SHIPPING on the Electra7 Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair – with Factory Direct Pricing! We’re sure you will enjoy learning about the brand new in 2017 Electra7 That is creating a BIG Impression!


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Lightweight, Bold, Powerful and Economical 

Introducing The Electra7 Lightweight Power Folding Wheelchair. Weighing just 41 lbs, the Electra7 gets you where you need to go! Designed to easily fold up in seconds, and narrow enough to fit through almost any doorway, the Electra7 is perfect for indoor use, outdoor adventures, and travel.

Not only does the Electra7 come with TWO Batteries standard (yes, we give you a free battery for a total of two batteries with every order) it also comes with accessories and much more. You can find all the facts about the Electra7 Portable Wheelchair on this page, including a frequently asked questions section, travel documentation, videos and even testimonials from satisfied customers.

If you have any questions about the Electra7 Folding Power Wheelchair, or would just like to speak with someone before ordering, please call our toll-free number at the top of this page or use the chat feature on this web page!

With the Electra7 You Don’t Ever Have To Miss Another Date

The Electra7 Is Perfect For:

Getting Around Inside of Your Home –

With a super small turning radius and the ability to go in all directions with the all new sensi-touch joystick, not only can you drive your Electra7 Wheelchair with just one finger, you can also navigate your Electra7 into tight spaces that require sensitive turning abilities!

Getting Around Outside –

With a durable weather resistant finish, driving the Electra7 outside is simple. Rain or Shine, you can get to where you need to go. The Electra7 is able to go up hills, go down hills at the speed YOU want (because of the smart electromagnetic braking system) and travel about twice as fast as an average person walks when the speed is full tilt!

Additionally, you can travel up to an impressive 26 Miles with the batteries on a single charge, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck far from home.

Traveling In Cars –

The Electra7 takes about 3-seconds to fold up into the size of a medium suitcase that can quickly and easily be stowed safely in the trunk of almost any car. At just 41 lbs, the Electra7’s easy-lift design makes it simple for even people who are moderately disabled to maneuver with ease into the trunk of a car.

Traveling and Going On Vacations –

Not only is the Electra7 light, easy to manage and perfect for trips that are long distance – it’s also travel approved! The Electra7 comes with TWO (one is FREE) 10ah Non-Spillable Lithium-Ion Batteries. You can take your Electra7 on airplanes, cruise ships, trains, public transportation and in taxi cabs (or with Uber or Lyft).

With the Electra7 you can easily get out and go places. Life is too short to stay indoors when family and other fun gatherings can literally be right at the tips of just one finger, which is all it takes to control the sensi-touch joystick controller.

Please Click Here to Download the Electra7’s Battery Travel Documentation UN38.3 24V 6AH Airline Shipping


The Electra7 Features:

* The Electra7 Folding Power Wheelchair weighs just 41lbs without the batteries.

* Each Battery weighs just 5 lbs (Just over 2kg)

* The Electra7 Needs Just ONE Battery to Function – It can easily store 2 Batteries, However 

* The Electra7 Holds Up To 265 Lbs!

* With the simple flip of a Red switch (located in the back of the chair, on the side of the motor) The Electra7 can instantly be transformed into a Manual Push Chair

* The Electra7 is constructed from 7003 Aerospace Aluminum Alloy, Making it One of the STRONGEST Lightweight Power Wheelchairs Available Today!

* The Electra7 is Powered by TWO 180 Watt Electromagnetic Smart Motors

* The Electra7 Comes with a charger that can handle international power supplies, so you can charge your Electra7 Anywhere in the world with electricity!

* The Arms of the Electra7 Easily fold up, even go completely behind the chair itself, so you can pull the Electra7 directly up to a table for eating or socializing

* The Electra7 Comes with Long Lasting Hi-Tech Lithium Ion Batteries that are designed to be charged up to 1500 times before needing replacement!

* The Electra7’s weather resistant finish protects your power chair from outdoor elements that would otherwise be corrosive to lower tech devices

* The comfort-ease Seat Cushions are made from memory foam and are easy to clean

* With the simple press of a button, the Electra7’s speed can be adjusted

* The footrest is simple to reverse so it folds under the chair for customers who prefer more space, more easily in front of the chair 

* The Electra7 hums quietly when being operated, you can even drive it in a library without making too much noise

* The Electra7 comes with several FREE optional accessories

** The Electra7’s motors are high-tech brushless motors, requiring virtually no maintenance 

* The Electra7 Power Wheelchair comes with flat-free tubless wheels as a standard FREE upgrade that are perfect for absorbing shock, staying clean (they are not gray in color, which shows dirt) and lasting up to 12 years without wearing out!

* The Electra7 has been given the highest rating for it’s unique, smart, user-friendly design by the prestigious Japanese Medical Merchant Association 

The Desirable Electra7 Folding Battery Power Wheelchair INCLUDES Several FREE Accessories:

FREE Second Battery:

If you have been shopping around for a lightweight foldable power wheelchair for a while you may have noticed that very few vendors make it a standard practice to include an extra battery without charge. The Electra7 comes with a second battery FREE of charge. All you have to do is click the box indicating that yes, you would like a FREE BATTERY.

Free Weather Resistant Tear Proof Travel Cover

The smart travel cover included with your Electra7 was designed specifically for smart use with the Electra7. What we mean by smart use, is simple and functional use! Not only can you protect your chair from wear and tear that sometimes happens with travel, you can also easily use the handle and pull your Electra7 through the airport, cruise ship or wherever you choose to travel with it, all covered up!!!

FREE Head Rest Bracket

You asked we listened! Now included with your Electra7 is a 3way, adjustable, removable headrest for maximum comfort. In just seconds, your Electra7 can have the extra comfort, support and peace of mind our customers have come to expect with a folding power wheelchair that is often a regular chair for multiple hours, every day. The headrests are packed with soft, yet firm memory foam for maximizing comfort and support. 

FREE Under Seat Basket:

Each Electra7 Power Wheelchair comes with an element resistant under seat basket that will not get wet. This valuable storage is useful additional space. When you are out and about, you never know what you may wish to hold and carry with your Electra7!

FREE Cupholder:

Your Electra7 comes with a sturdy, flexible cup holder that will hold cans, bottles, and cups of various sizes due to its insta-adjust feature. Hot coffee, room temperature water or even a cold adult beverage, your Eletra7 Cupholder can accommodate them all. Additionally, you can quickly and easily clamp your cupholder on various areas of your chair for your convenience. 


FREE Safety Belt:

The Electra7 now includes a FREE safety belt so you can strap yourself in for enhanced security. Bumps, sharp turns or even speedy driving can be done with a greater sense of comfort and control when you are safely buckled up in your chair. 

FREE Toolkit:

Now you can easily tighten, loosen and feel confident about your ability to always have the right tools on hand if you ever decide to tinker around with your Electra7. Please, note the kit pictured is different than the set of tools you receive with your chair. 

 Free Flash Light Holder:

Night or Day, your path can always be illuminated when you are operating an Electra7. The flashlight holder is a standard accessory that lets you attach a light to your chair and even holds it at just the right angle for you to easily see the road ahead or even focus on spaces you want to be illuminated. 

Optional Attendant Controller Bracket

The Electra7 is available with optional Attendant Control Bracket allowing a health aide or attendant to move the controller from the arm to the back of the chair. This provides the ability to operate the chair while walking behind the chair and patient or handicapped individual in the wheelchair. Some handicap individuals are unable to operate a wheelchair themselves. For that reason, the optional Attendant Controller Bracket is available. Price = $178.

Please Enjoy Viewing These Electra7 Pictures:

Folded Up!

At the factory, before the Electra7 is shipped out, each power wheelchair is tested to make certain it meets all the quality requirements.

Every chair MUST make it to the top of the slope without hesitating or showing stress.

Even Though Our Corporate Office is Located in the United States (Florida) We Ship The Electra7 GLOBALLY!

Once you order your Electra7 it takes about 14 -18 days until it arrives at your front door, Just about ANYWHERE in the world!

Each and every Electra7 is handled and packaged as if it were expensive, yet delicate fine China Dishes that were being shipped.

Silver, Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue or Black, Its ok to have a seat!

Electra7 Lightweight Portable Electric Power Wheelchair Fact Sheet:

Weight41 Pounds19 kg.
Max Capacity264.5 pounds120 kg.
Unfolded Dimensions (LxWxH)35 in. x 23 in. x 35 in.89 cm. x 59 cm. x 88 cm.
Folded Dimensions (LxWxH)27.75 in. x 23.25 in. x 12.25 in.72.7 cm. x 56.8 cm. x 31.1 cm.
Seat Dimensions (L x W)16.75 in. x 16.75 in.42.5 cm. x 39.7 cm.
Seating Height (from ground)20 in.50.8 cm.
Arm Rest Height (from ground)28.25 in.71.75 cm.
Turning Radius27.3 in.69 cm.
Maximum Speed4 miles per hour8 km per hour
Ground Clearance3.9 in.10 cm.
Front Wheels (diameter x width)6 in. x 2 in.17.1 cm. x 5.1 cm.
Rear Wheels (diameter x width)8 in. x 2 in.20.3 cm. x 5.1 cm.
Incline Capability23% slope (12.44 degrees)
Wheel MaterialA mix of Polyurethane and Rubber (for smoother ride/shock absorption)
Motor TypeBrush-less Motor, 24V DC, 180W x2 Power Rating
BatteryLithium Ion Phosphate, 12Ah (Ampere hour) Capacity, 24V DC Output
Range 26 Miles (13 miles each battery)
ChargerInput: AC 100V-240V~1.8A Max 47Hz-63Hz, Output: DC 29.2V – 2A
Brake TypeElectromagnetic Brakes
FrameLightweight Strong Aluminum Aircraft Alloy (Light Power Wheelchair)
WarrantyTwo Full Year (Limited Warranty)

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use my insurance to pay for the chair?

In the United States, Medicare WILL NOT pay for lightweight folding wheelchairs. Medicare considers a lightweight mobility device to be a recreational device – which is simply not covered. Not only that WE DO NOT WORK WITH INSURANCE. However, many of our customers have been able to have their insurance companies re-reimburse them for the Electra7

Do you offer financing so I can make payments?

If you live in the USA, yes. Financing is done through Time Payment. There is a green box just under the “Add to cart” button for each item we offer financing on. You can apply and get an answer instantly. Outside of the USA, you can select to use paypal, which may also offer financing. When you are on the checkout page and ready to pay for your order, you will have the ability to select paypal as a payment method.

What is your return policy?

You can find out return policy on the Terms page, but here is the simple version. You have 15 days from the date your chair is received, return your chair for a 20% restocking fee. In order to return your chair, you would be responsible for the shipping costs (to our United States location). You would also be charged for any shipping charges and customs fees we incur to send the chair to your location. If you want to return a device, you would need to contact us for an RMA number and then you will be provided additional details.

Is there anywhere where I can test drive the chair before I buy it?

In short, no. Not unless you wish to make an appointment to visit us in our Fort Lauderdale corporate office. We are a FACTORY DIRECT arrangement. When you purchase an Electra7, it comes to you directly from the factory. There are both pros and cons to this type of shopping.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that you get to cut the middleman with high overhead, and operational expenses out of the equation (The brick and mortar business) so you can save about $2,500.00 on your purchase. Brick and mortar stores will not stock Electra7 Wheelchairs because they are not able to mark it up as much as they would like.

When you think about it, if you could go to a local dealer who sold this chair with all the accessories that we give you for free, for around a $5,000.00 retail, and liked it, you would definitely purchase it from us and save the $2,500.00! For that reason, retail stores will not stock the Electra7. On the other hand, the biggest downfall of factory direct shopping is you make a purchase without getting the benefit of first doing a test drive.

What is your Warranty like on this chair?

Again, to keep things simple and basic, it’s easy – and all the details are on the Terms page. If the chair happens to break with normal use, we will honor it with a TWO-year limited warranty. Normal use is you are driving the chair and it decides to stop functioning as it should. On the other hand, if you abuse the chair, we will not buy you a new one. We consider abuse things like driving the chair into deep water, dropping the chair or running it over with a car. Assuming something happens as a result of normal use, we will send you a new part – as almost everything that could possibly go wrong is very easy to fix with the toolkit that comes with your Electra7 and about 10-15 minutes of time. There is nothing complicated about this chair when it comes to doing a repair or maintaining it.

How long does it take to get my Electra7 once I order?

It takes about 14 – 18 days to receive your Electra7, no matter where you are on the planet. After about 6-7 days, we will typically be able to provide you with shipping information so you can track your order.

Where is the Electra7 Made?

The Electra7, along with just about every other lightweight folding power wheelchair made on this planet, is Made In China. China is the Global Leader in Manufacturing Mobility Based Medical Devices. ANYONE who tells you otherwise (in terms of where the chair is made) is not being honest with you. In the United States, for example, we are aware of a company who deceptively leads people they are trying to sell chairs to into thinking that their chairs are “Made In The USA” – but the fine print indicates “Assembled In The USA” and what they mean by Assembled is that the chairs are imported, into the USA then distributed. We believe HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. We are proud to offer chairs from the world leader in QUALITY Mobility Equipment Manufacturing. Our first priority is customer satisfaction. If chairs from a different country surpass chairs made in China, we will be one of the first companies serving customers those chairs.



“I was so pleased when my Electra7 arrived. It came with the free accessories, just as the ad indicated. Even in my current state the chair was easy to use and transport. Thank you for a positive experience”

Gretta L, Denmark


After months of shopping around for power wheelchairs, I decided to take a risk and buy the Electra7. I say take a risk because I may be a bit old-fashioned, but I like to touch and feel things that I buy, before buying them. During the time the Electra7 was in transport, I was nervous, excited and hoping I had made the right decision. After about a week, they sent me the tracking information so I could see exactly where my chair was.  

Then just as promised, the chair arrived in exactly 14 days after the time I placed the order. Taking it out of the box was easy enough and it did come with all the promised accessories. Driving it around was easier than unpacking it! I will admit, there was a slight learning curve at first. I went slow and still bumped into a few things around the house. But I learned fast. After all these years I’m glad I can learn something new! Anyway, now I can go through the doorways at full speed without worrying. 

Getting old and slowing down has not been my favorite but at least I can still have a life, thanks to your demeanor on the phone, which really helped and especially because of the Electra7 which works just as you said it would. Thank you for being an honest company and treating me with respect”

Marve H, Ohio (USA)


I’ve been waiting for someone with chairs I like to finally ship a product to Australia. The transaction was easy and everything was exactly as your internet page outlines. It brings me joy to be outside and feel the breeze on my face again outdoors. The Electra7 works just as well inside as outside too. Charging and driving the chair is a cinch. I’m equally satisfied to take road trips without trouble with my Electra7 stored in the car. I have been getting stopped almost everywhere I go because there are not many devices like this one where I live. 

Flora J, Bellarat, AU


Oustanding service, great chair, now I can get around. Thanks mate”

Berit M, Dublin (Ireland)


“Part of the reason I ordered the Electra7 was because of the accessories you offer with that chair. Having extra neck support is very important to me because I have to sit in a wheelchair often for many hours per day. After reviewing several companies I decided to go with your company for several reasons. First, your company provides a lot of information on the website, so I was able to get a genuine feel for the Electra7 before deciding to make the purchase.

When I called you were very patient, polite and informative as I asked question after question. You seemed to understand what an important decision this was to me and not once did you make me feel rushed, or become short with me and I must have kept you on the phone for about 20 minutes with many questions. Other companies have not treated me that well and you were not pushy either. That was a big plus!

Of course I had my reservations but finally, I needed to settle on something so I went with the Electra7. You guys have really done your homework with this chair. There are several other companies I researched, some more expensive, some less, but none that offer the accessories with the chair. It takes me a long time to make a big decision and when I do, I hope for the best. This was one of the times things worked out and I thank you for that.

The Electra7 is manageable to move around and when I need help there is always someone who can help me. Driving it is easy, the batteries hardly ever need to be charged and the chair is always reliable. I have told several people about your company and I just hope you are as kind to them as you were with me.

Allison B,

Oregon (USA)

ALL measurements provided are from the manufacturer have been converted from metric system to imperial system and provided by the manufacturer and therefore approximate. We cannot be held liable or accountable for differing measurements of any product shown. Please be advised that measurements are contingent on where the product is measured and can vary depending on how the product is measured. All sales are considered final. Please reference our terms page for information about returns. We welcome any and all phone calls about any of our products, whether it be questions or concerns. Thank you for understanding. Quick N Mobile.