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Start Listening with Confidence and Hearing Everything with CRYSTAL CLARITY

All Crystal Clear Hearing Devices use the latest, most recent cutting edge technology in Quality Sound Enhancement for your daily enjoyment and quality of life! Additionally, we (Quick N Mobile) strive to offer what no other company offers – which is peace of mind! We do more than just provide amazing products at phenomenal prices – 





  • *Please Let Us Know Which Ear You Need The Device For:

    All of our hearing devices come with free batteries, tubing and amplification cones. If you would like to save $30 please select Both Ears. By Letting us know which ear you will be using the device in, we are able to send you the appropriate extra tubing. If you decide to order TWO devices, we will send you TWICE the number of FREE accessories!

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Hear Life’s Miracles!

* The device on this page is rated for persons with MILD to Moderate Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss effects One in every Three people age 65 and over. With a recent breakthrough in technology, you can now own a device that used to sell for thousands for just hundreds!

Crystal Clear Hearing Devices are so Small You Will Forget You Are Wearing Them!

Hearing Loss can be confused with symptoms of more severe conditions, including dementia. At Quick N Mobile, we are focused on providing EFFECTIVE solutions to complex problems – and earning your referrals through OUTSTANDING Customer Service and Support.

We Provide MORE than Just Cutting Edge Technology – We Give You Peace of Mind:

When you purchase a device from “them” you get just a device. Nothing more. Then you have to purchase additional batteries, additional hearing tubes, cleaning supplies, hearing cones and much more. All of that comes with the price of additional shopping trips, stress, time and of course, money. With US, WE GIVE BRAND NEW HEARING TECHNOLOGY AND SUPPLIES THAT WILL LAST YOU UP TO AN ENTIRE YEAR!!! With our approach, in addition to substantial savings on a hearing device that uses the latest technology, you ALSO SAVE Time, Money and Reduce Stress because we GIVE YOU ALL OF THE SUPPLIES you will need to enjoy your New Crystal Clear Hearing Device for up to an entire year without shopping for accessories again! 


Our Crystal Clear Hearing Devices are in a Class Of Their Own:

There are several differences between hearing aids and Personal Sound Amplifiers (PAS) which are important to understand when you are thinking about and searching for the best solution to help you hear more clearly and better. 

From a financial perspective, in certain circumstances, Hearing Aids are covered in part by Medicare. Often, the customer is still stuck with financial burdens, doctor visits and the chore of consistently ordering batteries and more with a hearing aid. Additionally, hearing aids are designed to ONLY magnify the human voice.

Personal Sound Amplifiers, which are designed to amplify ALL sounds, are not covered by Medicare. With recent developments in technology – Personal Sound Amplifiers, which is what the Crystal Clear Hearing Device is classified as – deliver full, robust and complete spectrums of sound. When surveyed, 4 out of 5 Crystal Clear Hearing device customers feel the device is better than a hearing aid.

100 % feel the device restore their hearing beyond what they expected and would tell their friends about Crystal Clear Hearing Devices. 

With The Difference In Function, Maybe You Can Agree That Getting A Hearing Aid Does NOT Make Sense:

Personal Sound Amplifiers are devices you place into your ears that amplify ALL sounds. Hearing aids are programmed to differentiate between sounds and amplify them based on the characteristics of differing sounds. Hearing aids are typically programmed to make human speech easier to hear and decipher, while selectively not picking up on other sounds. Maybe you can understand how this can, in reality, create a dangerous situation if you are driving – or even outside in a public area. WOULD YOU RATHER HEAR ALL SOUNDS OR JUST VOICES?

Hear EVERYTHING More Clearly with your Crystal Clear Hearing Device!

Mild to Moderate Crystal Clearing Hearing Device Signature Features:

100% Digital Processing for Exceptional Sound Quality
FOUR Channels WDRC Amplifier
12 Bands Frequency Shaping
Wideband MPO
Open-Fit Design for Easy Operating
10 Bands LNR (Layered Noise Reduction
Quality Intelligent Directional Mic
AFC Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
Low Battery Warning
Designed For Low Power Consumption and High Performance
Multi-Function Rocker Switch
Auto Save Digital Volume Control

Experience The Quick n Mobile Difference! Each Mild to Moderate Package Comes with SEVERAL FREE Accessories:

In Addition to a Quality Device, You also Get FREE ACCESSORIES!

Free Accessories

Every Crystal Clear Hearing Device Order Comes With:

  • ONE (1) Crystal Clear Hearing Device

  • THREE (3) Additional Sensi-Thin Hearing Tubes (Five (5) Total Come With Your Order)

  • THREE (3) Additional  “Invisi” Ear Domes  (Six (6) Total Ear Domes come with your order) 

  • ONE Cleaning Brush With Magnetic Tip

  • One (1) Hard Shell Carrying Case

  • One (1) User Guide

  • SIX (6) A312 Hearing Aid Batteries  

  • One (1) FREE Stainless Steel Cleanable Ear Wax Cleaner

We make it so Easy to choose Crystal Clear Hearing:

Order a device for each ear and receive:

TWO (2) Crystal Clear Hearing Devices
SIX Additional Hearing Tubes (3 right and 3 left – Ten (10) Tobes come with the order) 
TWELVE (12) A312 Hearing Aid batteries!
TWO (2) Cleaning Brushes with Magnetic Tip
TWO (2) Stainless Steel Ear Wax Cleaners
TWO (2) Hard Shell Carrying Cases
SIX (6) Additional Hearing Domes!
TWO (2) User Guides

Priced at just $377 – Our Mild to Moderate Crystal Clear Hearing Devices are Thousands Less than Hearing Aids and More Efficient! We can Save You Thousands because Crystal Clear Hearing Devices use Supreme Hearing Technology at a Fraction of The Cost.

Crystal Clear Hearing should be affordable for Everyone!

Measuring Just About a Single Inch, Crystal Clearing Hearing Devices are almost not detectable when you are wearing them!

Technical Device Information:

Peak OSPL 90 (dB SPL)110
OSPL 90-HFA (dB SPL)103
Peak Gain (dB)29
HFA / FOG (dB)19
Reference Test Gain (dB)20
Frequency Range (Hz)500 – 4000
@ 500 Hz0.1
@ 800 Hz0.2
@ 1600 Hz0.3
EQ Noise Input (dB)24
Battery Size312
Battery Current (mA)0.6

Getting Used To Your Crystal Clear Hearing Device – What to Expect:

Based on customer feedback we have found it useful to future customers to outline what to expect with a Crystal Clear Hearing Device. For starters, these devices are much different than “in-ear” hearing aids. The only portion of the of a Crystal Clearing Hearing Device that actually goes into your ear is the Invisi-Dome, which is made from comfortable polymers that easily contour to the size of your ear, while the small amplifier sits snugly just above your ear, mostly hidden from view.

As mentioned earlier on this page, there are Hearing Aids, which are programmed to pick up on just human voices and there are Personal Amplification Devices, which amplify ALL sounds. When you are behind the wheel of a car, for example, it helps to hear ALL sounds more clearly, not just human voices. When you are watching television there exponentially more than just the sound of voices. Let’s keep music in mind too, with can be a tantalizing symphony of melodious sounds and rhythms. With a Hearing Aid, you are only supposed to hear just part of the complex spectrum of sounds. We think you should hear EVERYTHING.

With a Clear Hearing Personal Sound Amplifier, it is sometimes common to forget that a device is helping you to hear more clearly after a couple of days. The tubing that attaches the Invisi-Dome to the Amplifier is ultra light and comfortable to wear. Your mind has a distinct memory of sounds so it feels completely natural to hear clearly again.

Many of our customers have found themselves asking people to repeat themselves less, listening to the television at lower volumes, being able to hear birds chirp and crickets sing – even hear grandchildren whispering! Unfortunately, loss of hearing happens. Now, fortunately, you can give yourself the ability to hear clearly again with Crystal Clear Hearing Devices!

Quick Hearing Test – Answering These Questions Will Help You Determine Which Crystal Clear Hearing Device is BEST SUITED for YOUR Needs:

You might have MILD to MODERATE hearing loss if:

  • It is hard to hear children’s and women voices.
  • Following a conversation with TWO or more people is difficult.
  • It is difficult to understand a speaking in a large room, such as a meeting room or place of worship.
  • It is difficult to understand conversations in crowded areas, such as restaurants.
  • It is difficult to hear the television without turning the volume past halfway up.
  • It is easy to miss phone calls because you did not hear the phone.
  • It is easy to miss words when others speak.
  • It is sometimes difficult to decipher where sounds came from.
  • It is difficult to understand when people speak to you from a different room in your home.

You may have SEVERE hearing loss if:

  • MILD to MODERATE symptoms are present AND:
  • It is difficult to understand someone in even a quiet room, without looking directly at them when they are speaking.
  • It is easy to or you frequently misunderstand what others are saying when they are speaking to you.
  • Others frequently have to raise their voice or repeat themselves
  • Using the telephone is difficult
  • It is very difficult to hear people in crowded areas without hearing devices.

You may have PROFOUND hearing loss if:

  • Several items from “Mild to Moderate”  & “Severe” are present AND:
  • You often do not notice a person is speaking unless you are looking at them.
  • It is easy to miss most conversations entirely without the use of a hearing device.
  • You are not able to hear others unless they are speaking substantially more audible than normal, or even yelling.
  • Understanding others on the telephone is no longer possible without a hearing device.


Question: What is the Return Policy for your hearing devices?

We are pleased to offer a full 30 day “trial period” for all of the hearing devices that we stock. If you are not happy with your device for any reason, you are welcome to return it for a just a 25% Restocking Fee plus packing costs. You can keep the Stainless Steel Ear Wax cleaner that we send with your order as well!

Question: Can you please explain your warranty?

Every hearing device we offer comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Damage that is NOT the direct result of manufacturers’ defects is not covered under the warranty.

Question: What does shipping cost?

For Domestic Shipping you can select from:

  • 1-2 day Express shipping for a flat rate of $35.00 USD.
  • 2-8 Day Standard Shipping is FREE!!!

For International (Includes AK and HI) shipping you can select from:

  • $65.00 USD for Express shipping – Per Device
  • $95.00 USD for Priority shipping – Per Device

Please note that there are several countries outside of the United States and Canada that we do not currently ship to. If the country you are shipping to DOES NOT appear in the Country drop-down menu on the Shipping Information portion of the checkout process, then we do not ship to that country and we will be unable to process your order.

Question: What is an Ear Hook?

An ear hook is a clear plastic attachment to the hearing device that couples the hearing aid to the tubing.

QUESTION: What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards through our safe and secure server and Paypal.

Additionally, we also accept check and money order payments. Please contact us at (or call us at 888-701-8799) for complete details regarding ordering and non-credit card payments.

Question: Will there be a customs fee added to my international order?

We do NOT charge customs fees. Certain countries outside of the United States DO charge additional fees, such as customs fees and independent carrier fees. These fees are set by governmental agencies, beyond our control and subject to change without notice. We suggest contacting your postal carrier to inquire about international shipping fees.

Question: Where can I try the hearing devices you offer?

Due to our Factory Direct nature, You can try them in the comfort of your own home! We suggest reading through our Hearing Test questionnaire to best determine which hearing device will best suit your needs.

Question: How quickly will my order be shipped?

Once payment is received and processed, all in stock items will be processed and shipped within 1 – 3 business days. Our normal business days are Monday – Friday, excluding holidays. For shipments within the United States, we ship via USPS.

Once we receive your payment your order will be inspected for quality assurance, packaged then shipped! You will receive tracking information via Email on an as soon as possible basis, once the item is shipped.

Question: How often should I change my tubes and domes?

Tubes and Domes can be changed as often as you feel that it is needed. We recommend changing them every 3 months. Cleaning them on a regular basis can extend the useful use and utility of these parts too. On a side note, one of the reasons we provide FREE domes and tubes with all orders, in addition to other FREE accessories is so you can enjoy your device without having to worry about getting nickel and dimed while constantly ordering new parts!

Question: Do I need to clean these devices?

To get the most and best use from your Hearing Devices, we suggest wiping them down on a daily basis, using a swab rubbing alcohol. They will still work if you do not do this, but they will work better for longer if you are able to incorporate consistent cleaning into the process.   

We also suggest cleaning the tubes and domes every 2-3 days with a cleaning brush. The process is simple and should only take a few minutes.

Question: Is there someone I can speak with to help me get the right hearing device?

We are available by phone or email from 10 – 6 pm EST (sometimes later, please call). We will ask you some questions so that we can understand your specific circumstance and made recommendations. If you recently took a hearing test you can use your smartphone to send a picture to us by email, of you can send us a scanned result by email and we can make recommendations based on the results too.

Question: How do I eliminate feedback or whistling?

All of our Hearing Devices come with built-in feedback reduction and noise reduction technology.  Whistling can still be common with any hearing device. If you experience whistling there are several steps you can take to resolve it:

  • Make sure your ears are clean and free of wax.
  • Please use a dome that makes a seal with your ear. This step is very important!
  • Once the dome makes a seal with your ear canal, it is important that the hearing aid is resting comfortably behind your ear. You can also use slightly longer tubing, which does the trick almost every time!

You can also feel welcome to call us, 888-701-8977 and we are pleased to help!

Can I use insurance to pay?

The simple answer: Not at this time. Please keep in mind that insurance will pay for some costs of some hearing aids. We offer the latest Personal Amplification Devices which use cutting-edge sound technology to amplify the quality richness and tone of ALL sounds, not just some sounds, which is what hearing aids do! Personal Amplification Devices (similar to lightweight folding wheelchairs) are not items covered with and by insurance.

Question: How can I place an order?

We do everything possible to make the process of placing an order fast, simple and pleasant! If you prefer to place the order online, using a computer, tablet or smartphone please follow the steps listed below:

  1. On the order form located at the top of each product page, select which options you prefer, then Press the Add To Cart Button, located at the top of the page.
  2. You will be automatically directed to the Cart page, which has a summary of your order. Please review the order then when you are ready to checkout, please press the Proceed To Checkout button.
  3. Complete the billing and shipping information on the Checkout page for easy, quick, and secure payment processing! Once your order has been completed, you will receive an instant receipt by email – and also be directed to a page that contains your order number.

If you would prefer to call your order in, please feel welcome to call us – 888-701-8799 and we will be pleased to help answer any questions you may have and place your order for you.

Order ONE Device for Just $377 and receive:

Order TWO Devices for Only $677 and Receive DOUBLE!!!