Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550XL Carrier

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Easily Transport Your Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair with The Craftsmen XL Carrier:

Craftsmen Carrier Becomes a Ramp in Seconds:

The Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier’s loading ramp is 36″ wide by 60″ long providing a gradual slope for easy loading of your scooter or wheelchair. A solid position handle on the ramp allows for easy folding and unfolding and tie down straps are included with rubber coated hooks which can be hooked onto any of the 10 tie down holes featured on the 4 1/4″ tall ramp sides. The ramp is easily attached even after the carrier has been attached to the vehicle making the installation very easy. The rear of the carrier has 2 reflectors for greater visibility at night.

The Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier wheelchair and scooter carrier features a 2 section ramp that folds up and out into 3 different positions. The first position keeps the ramp folded flat to the carrier surface and held down with a spring pull pin. The folded flat position is to keep the ramp self-stored and secured when the carrier is folded up. The second ramp position allows the ramp to stand upright when a scooter or wheelchair is on the carrier. The ramp is held vertically in place with a spring pull pin. The last position is the ramp unfolded. This position allows for scooters or power wheelchairs to be pushed or driven up the ramp. Please Note: Your Scooter or Wheelchair must be unoccupied when loading the Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier.

The Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier folds easily with a simple pull of a hitch pin and unlike most can be parked with the simple pull of hand plunger.This feature allow you to save space when parking in carports, garages, or parking lots! The Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier has a heavy-duty weight capacity of 550 Lbs. and is constructed of a high-grade steel with a superior powder coat finish to protect it from the elements.

The photo above shows the simple action of the pull handle positioned in an easy location allowing the Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier to simply fold upright flush against the vehicle as shown in the photo above.

The photo above shows the Gear And Plunger. This is the key that makes the Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier so simple to use. The Gear & Plunger provides an easy smooth lift when folding it flat against the vehicle. this plunger also removes any space, gaps and play that most all other carriers and trailers would normally experience.

The Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier is equipped with spring loaded quick locking pin lock’s for locking the loading ramp into its three different positions. The surface of the Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 Carrier XL is a heavy duty steel mesh with 1″ square support tubes underneath that will not bend or flex under the weight of your scooter or wheelchair. The Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier is built with the highest quality material resulting in the highest quality carrier for hauling your expensive mobility scooter/wheelchair.

The Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier has a ramp a full 36″ Wide and is made from a strong lightweight alloy and has a durable exterior finish that resists scratches and corrosion. This structure also offers an amazing 550-pound weight capacity, that is more than five times the weight of the Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 Carrier.

Note: Although the Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier comes with both class II and class III hitch it is important to note most class II hitch only has a ton weight of 100 to 250 pounds (Meaning if you intended on using the Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier on a class II hitch your scooter or wheelchair could possibly be too heavy for the hitch.

Your Craftsmen Carrier Includes (Set Of Four) Quick Set Ratchet Tie Downs

The Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL offers a (Set Of Four) Quick Set Fast Ratchet Tie Downs Set that has a capacity of 2,000 Pounds. The Quick Ratchet Feature allows you to secure your scooter/wheelchair in just seconds. There is also an instant quick release lever that removes all tension instantly when you are ready to use or remove your scooter/wheelchair off the Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL.

Your Order INCLUDES an All Weather Heavy Duty Durable Nylon Cover

The Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL also comes with an All Weather Heavy Duty Nylon Cover that is available in small, medium & large. This cover protects your Scooter / Wheelchair from rain, snow, road objects and even damaging uv rays from the sun. The large cover is ideal for covering large 3 & 4 wheel scooters. Rarely would you select the large cover for a wheelchair, although if you should have an abnormally large wheelchair then the large size would be most appropriate.

The medium is the most common use for most all power wheelchairs and mid-size scooters. The small is strictly for lightweight small portable scooters.

Supporting the carrier is the heavy duty 2″ hitch tube which features 4 bolts and a safety pin underneath to allow the hitch tube to be removed from the carrier. The hitch tube has a 5/8″ hitch pin hole for securing the carrier to your vehicle and will work on class I, II, III, or IV hitches. A bolt fitted underneath the folding hitch tube allows you to level the carrier so that the pin holes line up to secure the carrier in the unfolded position. The distance between the hitch pin hole and the carrier is 13 7/8″ unfolded and when the carrier is folded the distance is 4 3/4″.

Capacity 550 lbs.
Length 64.5″
Width 33.25″
Max. scooter width 32.5″
Max. scooter wheelbase 57″
Installed weight 95 lbs.
Hitch Height (range) 5″ – 19″
Hitch Class II or III

550-instalation Manuel

Craftsmen (2) in (1) 550 XL Specifications:

  • 60 in. center folding ramp
  • Ramp easily lock into a folded upright position with spring pull locks
  • The ramp can be removed and used to bridge 2 steps.
  • Carrier tilts up flush against the back of the vehicle when not in use.
  • Carrier comes standard with class II & III hitch insert.
  • Tough durable coat finish
  • The tray has a 63.75 in. x 36.75 in. of carrying area
  • Approx. Shipping Wt.: 120 lbs.
  • Carrying Capacity Unit: 550 lbs.
  • The length of carrier tray: 64. in.
  • The width of carrier tray: 37 in.
  • The height of carrier tray: 6.5 in.
  • The length of ramp: 60 in.
  • The width of ramp: 37. in.
  • Anti-tilt locking device
  • Ramp folds into a flat position when not in use

***60 in. center folding ramp.

***Ramp folds up and down easily.

***Ramp folds flat position when not in use.

***The ramp can be removed.

***Carrier tilts up when not in use.

***Includes both class II and class III hitch.

***14 slots for tie down straps

***Tough powder coat finish

***Tray 58 3/4 in. x 32 3/4 in. of carrying area.

The Craftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier is easy to use and flexible. Most all Lifts, Carriers and Ramps are limited to the class of hitch it was meant to attach to. TheCraftsmen (2) In (1) 550 XL Carrier Allows you the flexibility to attach to any and all hitch’s. Class II Or A Class III hitch. This now allows users to move the carrier from one vehicle to another freely without the concern of compatibility.