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Streamsmart Media Box Review

Streamsmart Review: Television WITHOUT Commercials – or even the need to Fast Forward – Too Good To Be True?

Pros and Cons Explored:

This Steramsmart media box review covers use, function, and operation of the Streamsmart Media player. As a business operator, we are frequently solicited by various manufacturers with product offerings that are both desirable, unique and solve a problem. It is our job to evaluate which products are genuinely desirable, unique and really do solve a problem or provide a substantial benefit to the owner.

When we reviewed the Streamsmart television box – we evaluated both the pros and cons. Obviously, we feel the pros far outweigh the cons, so we decided to become distributors. The Streamsmart is very popular and we sometimes have a difficult time even keeping the item in stock, which we did not foresee when we became distributors.

In other words, for us, the Steamsmart TV box has exceeded our expectations. However, purchasing a streamsmart may not be the best choice for you – and we do not wish to mislead anyone considering the purchase of a streamsmart in any way shape or form.

While it is our job to continue to be successful as streamsmart distributors, false puffery, loud cheerleading and blowing a symphony of horns to “drum up business” isn’t how things are done around here.

During the course of this review, we will do the best we can to educate, explain and outline the details – in addition to providing Pros and Cons of Streamsmart Ownership. We just hope you find this review useful. If you do, please feel welcome to share this with your family, friends or on Social Media!

Thank you in advance!

Before we get into Pros vs. Cons, Let’s learn more about what the Streamsmart is and How it works:

If you have a Television and 4G or High-Speed Internet, You CAN use the Steamsmart.

To get a better idea of how the steamsmart works, it is first important to understand what the Streamsmart is and how it functions.

Think of your Steamsmart as a high quality (brushed aluminum, not plastic) device, about the size of your cell phone that uses your internet connection to stream both high and standard definition media to your television.

The streamsmart plugs directly into the back of your television using a USB / HDMI connector, which is included with the box (nothing additional to purchase). When you turn your device on for the first time you will be prompted to install the “Media Player” – which is both quick and easy to accomplish.

Once the Media Player is installed (this is where you will go for both live and on demand movies and shows) you will be directed to a page containing icons that have the appearance of apps on your phone. When selected (with the arrow buttons on the remote control that comes with the streamsmart box) they open with additional options about what you may wish to watch. These icons (what is contained within) are called “Repositories” – please see the picture below for a visual depiction:

Once a repository (of television show, live television, music, music video, documentary, adult television or movies) is selected, you then have the option and election to either browse for what you wish, depending on certain criteria (some displayed in the following picture) or search for what you wish to watch:

The picture above mainly pertains to movies and how your search or browse options are organized. The way you would browse, or search for television shows is similar in appearance.

If you are not familiar with this type of television experience, the concept may seem completely foreign, at first. However, from our experience, once you are used to finding a television show for the first time or two, you understand how the process works.

If you are reading this streamsmart review and classify yourself as “totally computer anything illiterate” yet have a facebook account, the folks at Streamsmart have thought about you too. Streamsmart has an official facebook group for streamsmart owners to ask any questions you may have, or that may arise that pertain to the steramsmart.

Questions are typically answered (by several people) within about 10-20 minutes – which can turn what you may think of as a complicated problem into a simple learn-to-operate-the-streamsmart experience.

Now that you better understand the Streamsmart Concept, let’s explore Pros and Cons:


On Demand Television IS available for just about any broadcasted show:

If you can think of the name of the show, and it has been on TV, chances are you will be able to find it using your streamsmart. This includes movies, television shows, documentaries, youtube channels, pay-per-view events, sporting events, crime documentaries, nature shows, adult shows (those are optional) and just about anything that has been broadcast on some sort of network. All you have to do is search.

Once you purchase the Streamsmart, There are NO ADDITIONAL FEES:

You read correctly. Once you purchase the streamsmart, there are no additional dues, fees or hidden surprise charges for its use. You don’t have to pay for anything, other than the box itself. Depending on what sort of cable, satellite or other unreasonably costly (cable television increases in price 50% more than the rate of inflation) viewing arrangement you may have, the Streamsmart literally pays for itself within the first two months.

On our PRODUCT PAGEwe have some detailed explanations of cost and pricing. The point here is, we consider is a PRO when you get access to more than you current provider allows for, and don’t have to pay additional fees.

The Streamsmart Media Box is Easily Transportable:

Weighing less than 3lbs and with size dimensions allowing the Streamsmart to easily fit in your suitcase, or even computer case, you can use it on any television. All you need in order for the streamsmart work is the internet.

This means you can easily take your Streamsmart on vacation with you, travel trips or even use it on different televisions in your own home! It takes less than 3 minutes to get the streamsmart entirely set up and transported from one location to the next.

The Streamsmart Automatically Updates:

When it comes to on-demand television, things sometimes change. To clarify, there are times that certain repositories (the explanation for repositories can be found earlier in this review) stop working without any warning. Streamsmart is the only streaming media box that not only automatically updates, but also provides news about repository closures and instructions about which repositories have been updated, or are new!

Watch Sporting Events, Television Shows, and Movies in HD:

With the streamsmart, you have automatic access to premium repositories and plenty of High Definition show options.

100% Legal!:

The way the streamsmart works makes it perfectly legal. In short, you are storing nothing on your hard drive, you are not downloading anything and you are not the one doing the steaming. You are (just as the name Steramsmart indicates) simply watching a stream.

As for pay per view, that is simple too. Often, live pay per view events, are free broadcast television events in other countries, shown on network television. You simply get access to a server (computer tech stuff if you do not know what this means) that will broadcast the event, so you too can watch live without having to pay an additional fee.


There are few petty things more annoying than television commercials. One of the primary benefits of watching episodes on demand, through the Streamsmart, is there are NO COMMERCIALS you have to endure. TV commercials rank right up there with red lights and high gasoline prices. Now, they are optional. Unlike devices that let you record your favorite show and watch it later (DVR) – you don’t even have to fast forward through the commercials. They simply don’t exist!

Streamsmart Cons:

Potentially Confusing Technology:

Even though the streamsmart does come with access to a Facebook group, video tutorials and entire website dedicated to support, you do need to be somewhat computer literate on a basic level to sort and filter through the process of finding what you want to watch on the device.

Sometimes, there are no streams available. Even though this is displayed visibly, some users can become confused that a movie or show title can be displayed on the TV screen, but still not work. Please reference the picture below to see how movie titles are displayed:

Potential Difficulty in selecting the correct stream:

As indicated in the picture below, once you select a movie or tv show, there are sometimes hundreds of options for which stream you can choose. There are several potential problems that can occur once you select a stream, as outlined below:

  • Sometimes you will select a stream that contains a pop-up suggesting you have to download or register for something.
  • Sometimes you will select a stream that “buffers” or does not play well.
  • Sometimes you will wish to watch a TV show or Movie where language is used that you would normally have subtitles used to translate – but those are missing from the stream you selected. 
  • Sometimes you will select a stream that is grainy, has poor sound quality or is just not pleasant to watch.

While all of this issues can be angering, frustrating and really work your nerves – the solution is simple. Despite what the stream says, you do not have to download anything. The solution for all of the above examples is to simply find a different stream.

In essence, what you are doing with the streamsmart, is using a streaming media box to watch streaming media (what does) on your television. When you can think about a stream that is not acting or behaving as you wish it would, as a bad internet page, simply go back and select a different stream.

This is listed in the CONS section because certain television shows or movies may require a bit of time and effort to watch. Usually, things are simple. Sometimes they are not. The Streamsmart (or any streaming media arrangement) does not function like network television does. If you are completely opposed to applying effort sometimes to watch your selection, this can be a problem.

The picture below shows you how streams appear:

You have to wait until the broadcast is over in order to watch Television on Demand:

The Streamsmart is an On-Demand Streaming Media Box. This means that you will typically have to wait 20 minutes – an hour after your favorite TV show has aired, in order to watch is on the Streamsmart (or any other on demand situation).

To figure out if this is a Pro or Con for you, which would you rather:

  • Watching the show at the original time of broadcast, with commercials.
  • Watching the show after the time of broadcast, without commercials.

To Summarize:

If you read this entire review, congratulations! Consider yourself more informed. Although the Streamsmart can both save you thousands of dollars in bills and provide you access to just about anything that has been broadcast on a major network (including Netflix) – we’re not pretending that it’s a magic box sprinkled with rainbow essence that comes with a free Unicorn. There are Pros and Cons to owning a streamsmart. For us, we tend to think there the Pros drastically outweigh the Cons.

Never having to deal with cable television “customer service” for billing errors and not giving them hyper-inflated buckets of money for making you miserable is perhaps, for us, the best part of owning a streamsmart box. If you too, decide to become a Streamsmart Media Box owner, we’re sure you will have your own reasons too.