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AH-XLS Folding Power Wheelchair Review

The AH-XLS – A folding power wheelchair rated for power, speed, and exceptional use:

The AH-XLS Folding Power Wheelchair is not considered an ordinary wheelchair by many users. For starters, the chair only weighs 56 lbs without its batteries. Considering the vast majority of power wheelchairs rated to hold weights more than 265 are rather heavy themselves, this is not a small feat in engineering – according to the Medical Merchants Association (who has given the chair a 5-Star design award).

The Video Below Shows Folding and Unfolding The AH-XLS:

In the not too distant past, power wheelchairs were not only heavy, but they had short ranges and came equipped with batteries that were not travel friendly and needed nightly charging. Not only that, the actual specifications of the older model of chairs made them rather prohibitive for use in the house because they were often wider than the average doorframe.

This Video Shows How To Charge The AH-XLS Battery:

Often times this meant the chair user would have to spend (literally) a small fortune on renovating the home, ramps for transporting, ramps for getting in and out of the house and a vehicle customized specifically for the power wheelchair. While that option is a more popular choice than not being mobile at all, it requires many concessions to be made that are not needed with modern technology.

The Video Below Shows The AH-XLS Stuck In The Rain:

As for key features, the AH-XLS is 56 lbs without its travel safe lithium-ion batteries, can fit through almost any standard doorway, folds up light enough to fit in the trunk of almost any car, has a 17″ x 17″ seat, boasts (up to) a 30-mile travel range on a single charge – and can be charged in just 30 min!  With two 250-watt brushless motors (with electromagnetic brakes) the AH-XLS Power Folding wheelchair can go up to 5-mph and up as much as a 25-degree slope.

Watch The AH-XLS Climb A Steep Hill, Starting In Gravel:

With 12″ rear wheels, the AH-XLS is well suited to be both an indoor and outdoor power chair. The design allows it to be easily driven indoors without marking up the floors or chewing up the carpet and easily driven over grass, gravel, pavement and more outdoors. With roll up ramps available that are also portable and lightweight, users of the AH-XLS have reported finding a new sense of freedom that was once not available due to insufficient technology.

With a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs, the AH-XLS is perfect for bariatric use as well. Please feel welcome to watch the review video below for a full recap:

The AH-XLS Product Information Page can be found here: