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The Eagle HD Folding Power Wheelchair Review

Power Wheelchair Review – The Eagle HD Bariatric Folding Power Wheelchair

If you were to go back in time about 15 years, the mobility based medical world was a completely different place. Although there were still power wheelchairs, they were far from what they are today. The heavy chairs of yesterday often required many concessions to be made to one’s home, vehicle and lifestyle much more so than the lightweight folding power wheelchairs on the market today.

First, it was folding power chairs, then lightweight folding power wheelchairs, and now bariatric power wheelchairs that fold up, fit in the trunk of your car and only weigh 50 lbs. Gone are the days of having to drive a van, modify the entire house and suffer through many other lifestyle changes just to get around, or out and about.

This particular review deals with the Eagle HD (Heavy Duty) Foldable Battery Powered Wheelchair. In our reviews section, we strive to give you just the facts, with only a slight amount of editorial commentary peppered in. We assume you are here to get an understanding of the different products available in order to make an assessment of what could work or fit most suitably into your lifestyle – so we keep it simple!

Chair Weight:

50lbs – without batteries. Only one battery is required to use the chair, each battery weighs 4 lbs and the Eagle HD comes with two batteries.

Battery Weight:

4LBS per Battery. The Eagle Foldable Wheelchair comes equipped with TWO batteries.

Weight Limit:

400 Lbs


Aircraft Quality Aluminum

Accessories Included?

Yes! The Eagle Includes the following accessories standard with the Wheelchair:

  • DX Halogen Head Light With Dual Pitch Horn $0.00
  • All Weather Protective Nylon Travel Cover With ID Window $0.00
  • Cup Holder $0.00
  • Automotive Car Charger $0.00
  • International Household Charger $0.00
  • Arm Bag $0.00
  • Flat Free Tires $0.00
  • Keep It New Touch Up Paint $0.00
  • Orange Safety Flag $0.00
  • Auto Open Umbrella With Mounting Bracket $0.00
  • Oxygen Tank Holder $0.00
  • Two Year Extended Limited Warranty $0.00 

Additional Accessories Available from Manufacturer:


You can purchase an independent battery charger for $98 which allows you to leave the Eagle in a separate location than where you wish to charge the batteries. The Independent charger is convenient and weighs just 2lbs.

There is also the Auto Controller Bracket which allows the joystick to be placed on the back of the chair so an attendant can walk behind the chair with and use the controller to drive the person in the chair. This is available for $178.

Money Back Guarantee:

Yes! return the Eagle for up to 30 days after receiving the Power Chair for a 20% restocking fee, first 15 days and 50% restocking fee on day 16-30.

Manufacturer Accepts Insurance: NO – This is common.

Adjustable Foot Rest:

Yes, the footrest flips up. 

Leg Guards:


Seat Belt:

Yes. A seatbelt comes standard with the Eagle HD Foldable Wheelchair.

Ability To Be Manual Push Chair:

Yes! The two red levers on the back of the chair allow the user to easily make the transition from a power chair to manual push chair. Please do keep in mind that when the motors are engaged, the manual push chair option will not work.

Motor Size:

TWO 250 watt brushless electromagnetic motors. That motor size is great for the user up to 400 lbs. Not only will this properly power the electric wheelchair, this will also conserve the battery and allow for more use with less charging. A plus for making the most out of the battery life!

Batteries Required to Operate:

One battery is required to operate the Eagle HD Power Wheelchair. The Eagle comes with two batteries.

Braking System:

Electromagnetic braking. This is both safe and easy to use with the joystick. Expect to be to a complete stop from top speed in approximately 3 feet or less.


The Eagle HD does not recline. This is only a negative for those needing a reclinable chair.


The Eagle HD folding bariatric power wheelchair is the ONLY power chair with a 19″ wide seat. No other power wheelchairs that fold up have that feature. Additionally, The Eagle Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair is rated to hold up to 400lbs, making it a cut above the rest of the competition. The Eagle Features Black Wheels that will not look dingy, dirty and like something you do not want inside after a couple days of use, unlike the power chairs that come with gray wheels. In addition to coming with accessories standard, the Eagle also comes with TWO batteries standard, proving up to a 28-mile range with one charge.

The Eagle Specifications:

ModelThe Eagle HD Power Chair
Unfolded Size863 * 609 * 914 mm (L*W*H)34″ * 24″ * 36″ (L*W*H)
Folded Size584 * 330 * 787 mm (L*W*H)23″ * 13″ * 31″ (L*W*H)
Weight Capacity180 kg400 Lbs
Width482mm19″ Inch
Depth421mm17″ Inch
Height457mm18″ Inch
Back height400mm15.75″ Inch
Typebrushless DC motor
Rated Power250 W*2pcs
Input PowerDC 24V
Brake Systemintelligent electromagnetic brake
Typelithium battery
Capacity6 Ah*2pcs
Output VoltageDC 24V
PCSStandard with two
Type/Plug Typeassist type/European standard, 2 core
Input PowerAC 100-220 V, 50-60HzInternational (Use Anywhere In The World)
Output Voltage/CurrentDC 24V, 2A
Front Wheel
Front Casters(180 mm x 45 mm)(7″ × 1.77″)
Typesolid tire
Rear Wheel
Outer Diameter/Tire Width(320 mm x 57 mm)(12.5″ ×2.25″)
TypeSolid tire
Number2 PCS
Without Battery23.5 kg50 Pounds
With two Batteries26.5kg58 Pounds
Maximum Grade12°14 Miles
Driving Range24km/ two batteries28 Miles
Max Speed6 km/h(3.75 mph)
Turning Radius835 mm32″
Highest Obstacle Capability40 mm(1.57″)